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A Young Girl's Yearning Card Story - Episode

Lost Little Kittens


Himari's Room

Himari: What should I do...?!
Himari: Oh no, what should I do?! I can't decide~!
Himari: Should I wear this? Ah, but what about this?
Himari: Ah! Maybe these two together would look cute!
Tomoe: Yeah, yeah, very cute.
Himari: Ugh, Tomoe-chan~! You didn't even look properly~!
Tomoe: You meet with Seta-senpai on a pretty regular basis, so you don't need to get that worked up about it.
Himari: What're you saying?! It's an important performance to Kaoru-senpai. Of course I have to dress nicely!
Tomoe: O-oh, is it?
Himari: You heard Kaoru-senpai talk about it, right? About how invested she is in the role she's playing today...
Himari: She's taking this role very seriously... Ngh, just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
Tomoe: You even cried when she told us about it.
Himari: It's the kind of story you can't hear without crying~. Kaoru-senpai was telling it with such passion, it really got me.
Tomoe: Yeah, I guess I felt her passion too.
Himari: Even Chisato-san will be there to support her today, so I think Kaoru-senpai will give a brilliant performance!
Himari: A brilliant performance of a brilliant part...! Ngh, I can't wait to see it.
Tomoe: You sure do like Seta-senpai~.
Himari: I do! And it's not just because she's cool, you know.
Tomoe: I know that. She's nice too.
Himari: And more!
Himari: Kaoru-senpai is the kind of person who puts her all into the things she does! Do you remember what happened on White Day?
Tomoe: On White Day? Ahh, when she made a musical as thanks for her Valentines?
Himari: Kaoru-senpai stayed behind by herself every day to practice... All because she wanted to give the best performance she could to all her fans that gave her Valentine's Day gifts.
Himari: What is that amount of sincerity even called? Like she's thinking about her fans from the bottom of her heart... Isn't that sort of thing so cool?
Himari: And I was moved that she wrote a message to each individual fan. And she didn't just receive chocolates from one or two people, you know.
Himari: I think the way she approaches things so sincerely is wonderful!
Tomoe: Seta-senpai is pretty cool like that.
Himari: When Kaoru-senpai talked to me about her White-Day plans, I had no idea she would put on a musical. I was so surprised.
Tomoe: Yeah, me too. I had fun being part of it though.
Himari: Yeah, even I got pulled into appearing in it. But now, it's become such a good memory.
Himari: Although, practicing the dance was so stressful... But I guess that just made it all the more unforgettable.
Tomoe: Now that I think about it, Misaki said something interesting back then. She said, "it's as if everyone else's happiness is also her own."
Tomoe: Seta-senpai really is that kind of person.
Himari: Misaki-chan... She totally gets it~! That is exactly it! Kaoru-senpai is that kind of person...!
Himari: I guess she really understands Kaoru-senpai's charm since they're in the same band and spend a lot of time together!
Tomoe: Ah, no, she only realized it in that moment... or at least it seemed that way to me.
Himari: I'm so happy that other people recognize Kaoru-senpai's charm!
Himari: I hope even more people have this realization during today's performance...!
Tomoe: Himari, are you listening to me...? Enough talk, what are you going to wear?
Himari: Huh? Ah, I haven't picked yet! I got sidetracked talking about Kaoru-senpai~.
Himari: Oh no, I have to decide quickly! Hmm~, I'll wear this!
Himari: Ah, but wait! Is this one better?!
Tomoe: They're both fine. Come on, we're gonna be late if you don't hurry up.
Himari: What~?! O-okay then I'll pick this pink- No, umm...
Tomoe: It would be really rude to Seta-senpai if we showed up late. Hurry, hurry~.
Himari: Ngh, don't rush me~! I won't be able to pick anything~!
Tomoe: Alright, then I'm going on ahead.
Himari: What?! Th-then I'll just wear this...! I'll change right now. Wait for me~!

A Young Girl's Yearning Card Story - Special Episode

Unstoppable Enthusiasm



Himari: Ahh~, this looks good...! Ah, so does this~!
Himari: Maybe I should make it my lock screen. Ahh~, but then my heart might race every time I open my phone!
Himari: Sigh, but this way, I can see Kaoru-senpai whenever I want~...!
Marina: What's that about Kaoru-san?
Himari: Ah, Marina-san! And hello to you too, BanG Dreamer-san.
Himari: Look at this photo. Isn't Kaoru-senpai just too cool?
Himari: This was taken at the performance the other day.
Marina: Wow, she looks completely different from usual. Fufu, even BanG Dreamer-san looks surprised.
Marina: She really suits this nihilistic look!
Himari: Yeah, that's exactly what I thought! Kaoru-senpai's character was like a dark hero this time.
Himari: It was my first time seeing her play a role like that, it was so refreshing!
Himari: Before the performance, Kaoru-senpai told me about her passion for the role and the play, so I got more and more into it as I watched.
Himari: I cried my eyes out at one point~. It's the first time I've cried that much at a performance...
Marina: I guess if you hear about it beforehand you can get a little too into it. Yeah, I can relate to that.
Himari: Before I watched the play, I couldn't imagine what it would be like because the role was so different from the ones she usually plays.
Himari: But once it began... I loved it so much, and I don't think anyone else could have played that part.
Himari: Kaoru-senpai really is an amazing actor. She can turn any role into her own.
Himari: I guess she's what you'd call a prodigy.
Marina: Yeah, I don't think anyone else in the high school theater world can have such command over the atmosphere of a play.
Himari: Right?! You don't just find actors like her every day!
Himari: Kaoru-senpai is a brilliant actor precisely because she can understand and fully become her characters.
Marina: And I think it's perfect how she doesn't show the people around her exactly how much effort she puts into this.
Himari: Yeah, you really understand her, Marina-san...!
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san and I were talking about how amazing Kaoru-san is, weren't we?
Himari: I see...! As a fan, I'm really glad you were able to see that side of Kaoru-senpai~.
Marina: Ahaha, you really like Kaoru-san, don't you, Himari-chan?
Marina: I wanted to ask you something actually. Out of all of Kaoru-san's performances up until now, do you have a favorite?
Himari: Of course I do! Do you want to hear about it?!
Himari: It might take a while, so you should both sit down!