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Abduction Card Story - Episode

What We Need Is... Part 1



Kasumi: If we want to get everyone back on the same page, what we need to do is...
Tae: Get everyone together again, right?
Tae: Alright, Kasumi. It's time to split our abduction squad into two and get to it.
Kasumi: O-Tae! Let's get everyone here so we can make this event a success!
Tae: Absolutely. Without them, this whole thing is pointless.
Arisa: H-hold on a second, you two!
Kasumi: Ah! Arisa! You should come with us! We have people we need to abduct!
Arisa: You-! Keep it down! What are people supposed to think when they hear that?!
Arisa: Now, are you two really going to try and force all the bands to come here against their will?
Arisa: Do you actually think that'll work?
Kasumi: I don't know if it'll work or not, but that's all we can do.
Kasumi: For now, we should get everyone back here and listen to each band perform one more time. If we do that, then I'm sure we can come up with something!
Tae: I agree!
Arisa: Hmm~, I guess I can understand what you're trying to say... Still, if you try and force people here, won't it just turn into a fight?
Arisa: If things get any worse than they already are, there's no way we'll be able to hold Girls Band Party.
Kasumi: It'll be fine! I know we said we'll get everyone back here no matter what, but it's not like we plan on getting rough or anything.
Tae: Ah, hey, Arisa. Where do you think you can buy those things? You know, the ones crooks put over their face when they rob a bank.
Arisa: Are you talking about ski masks?! Sounds like you're gonna get pretty rough to me!!
Tae: I thought we might need it for our abductions.
Kasumi: Okay, so... No masks!
Arisa: Now I'm really worried. I don't see this working out well at all...
Tae: Arisa, you're overthinking everything. I believe that not thinking can be important sometimes too.
Arisa: Huh? Not thinking? What the heck are you talking about?
Tae: When I listen to music I like, my body finds a rhythm on its own. I've never heard a song and thought it'd be good for moving my body.
Tae: If we stop worrying about everything and let our bodies and hearts do the talking, I think we'll find an answer that works for us.
Kasumi: Yeah, yeah! That's exactly what I wanted to say~!
Arisa: I mean, if everyone had the same mindset as you two, that might be true, but that's not the case for most of them.
Tae: But everyone's in their bands because they love music, right? In that way, we're all the same.
Kasumi: Either way, we need everyone to come to CiRCLE!
Tae: After that, we'll just have to believe that our bodies and hearts will give us an answer.
Arisa: O-Tae, every once in a while, you actually make sense...
Tae: Come on, Arisa. Join us.
Arisa: I suppose I can't just leave you two to do this yourselves... Especially you, O-Tae. You're not always the easiest to understand...
Arisa: Alright, I'll go with O-Tae then.
Kasumi: Wow, really?! Thank you, Arisa~! Isn't that great, O-Tae?!
Tae: Thanks, Arisa. I'll let you rub Oddie's belly later, okay?
Arisa: What kind of thanks is that?!
Kasumi: Anyways, what we need now is passion! Let's get everyone back here at CiRCLE with our fiery dedication!
Arisa: Fufu. Pretty simple, but I guess that's just our style. I mean, who other than Kasumi would say 'what we need now is passion!'?
Kasumi: And with that, Abduction Squad, let's move out~!!
Tae: Ah, wait a minute, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Huh? What's wrong, O-Tae?
Tae: There's something else we need.
Arisa: Huh? What's that?
Tae: Ski masks!
Arisa: I thought I told you, we don't need those!

Abduction Card Story - Special Episode

What We Need Is... Part 2



Ako: Hey, Lisa-nee... With things the way they are, do you think Girls Band Party will get canceled?
Lisa: I don't really know~. Yukina did leave in the middle of the last meeting, after all~.
Ako: Oh... Sigh~, I was kinda looking forward to performing with everyone...
Yukina: I told you I was sorry, didn't I?
Ako: Ah, no! I'm not blaming you, Yukina-san--
Others: Hands where I can see them.
Sayo: Huh? Hanazono-san...?
Tae: Uhm, I'm here to abduct all of you, so give me your hands and come with me.
Rinko: A-abduct... us...?
Arisa: Ah! S-sorry to barge in like this! Argh, O-Tae! Just what do you think you're doing, saying random nonsense like that?! Look, now you've gone and confused them!
Yukina: Ichigaya-san...? What's... going on?
Lisa: Yeah, I wanna know too. Did she just say she was gonna abduct us?
Arisa: Just as I thought, we really do need to explain, don't we...? Hmm, where should I start...? You see, we'd like to get everyone together one more time...
Yukina: From our last meeting, I thought it was perfectly clear that we would never come to any sort of agreement. What else could we possibly have to say to each other?
Sayo: I agree with Minato-san. There didn't seem to be any room for compromise.
Tae: That's okay. You don't have to compromise, let's just have fun and put on a show.
Yukina: Huh? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Ichigaya-san, could you elaborate?
Arisa: O-Tae... You need to do a better job at explaining than that! I-I'm so sorry. We should have been more specific.
Arisa: You see, in the beginning, we were trying to find something all the bands had in common with each other...
Arisa: But when we tried planning the event that way, every band had something they needed to change or give up, right?
Sayo: Naturally. That's just how it is.
Arisa: Well, we want to find a way for all of us to stand on the same stage without having to make any compromises...
Yukina: A way for us to stand on the same stage without compromises? I'm not sure such a thing exists...
Lisa: If it does, though, that would be perfect, right?! I like the way you guys think~ ☆
Yukina: Yes, it would be. However, if we take our last meeting into consideration, realizing something of that nature would be difficult.
Yukina: If you can't implement your ideas, they're just fantasies.
Yukina: So, are you saying you have some sort of a plan to turn this fantasy into reality?
Tae: Nope, we haven't thought of anything like that. In fact, we've decided to stop thinking altogether.
Yukina: Stop thinking...? That's a pretty bold thing to say.
Arisa: Ah, wait! That isn't a very good explanation, is it...?! Let's see, I guess you could say... Uhm...
Arisa: Argh, O-Tae! If you keep saying things like that, they're going to get the wrong idea!
Tae: But that's the truth.
Tae: We've decided to stop thinking about everything and just believe in the power of music.
Tae: I'm sure that power will solve our problem.
Yukina: The power of... music? Now I really don't understand.
Lisa: Uhhh, hey~, do you think you can be more clear about this... power of music stuff? I think you'll be able to convince Yukina if you do that.
Tae: So I should be more specific? Uhm, you see... the concept of music usually refers to singing or playing musical instrumen--
Arisa: You're starting there?! We don't need an explanation of music itself!
Lisa: Ahahaha! Yukina, I get the feeling we're not going to understand what they're talking about unless we go with them.
Lisa: Besides, they came all the way here, so why do we just give it a shot?
Ako: And this power of music stuff sounds really cool! I wanna try believing in it too! How about you, Rin-rin?
Rinko: I-I'll go... if Ako-chan goes...
Yukina: ... Sayo. What do you think of all this?
Sayo: I--
Tae: Regardless of whether you agree to come or not, I'm taking you all with me. This is an abduction after all... Now, put out your hand.
Yukina: Huh? My hand...?
Tae: Yukina-senpai has been captured.
Yukina: ... Ah.
Tae: Now, back to CiRCLE we go!