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After-Party Fun♪ Card Story - Episode

Another Arisa?


Joint Sports Festival - Patrolling
Athletic Field - Surroundings

Kasumi: Lost items... Nope, none here! People in need... None in sight! No problems here, Arisa~.
Arisa: Roger that~. Alright, I think that takes care of our end.
Saaya: Looks like it. How do you think the others are holding up?
Arisa: They should be fine, right? It's all been smooth sailing so far.
Kasumi: The people on the grounds and in the bleachers all seemed to be having a blast!
Saaya: Those cheers were off the charts~. I thought the whole venue was shaking for a second.
Arisa: Some of the schools even made cheering songs. They went all out for this.
Kasumi: Yeah, everyone's in full-blown sports festival mode out here! We've gotta do our part as members of the festival committee~!
Saaya: Yeah~!
Tae: Hey, guys~!
Kasumi: Ah, O-Tae and Rimi-rin!
Saaya: Welcome back~. Did you guys finish your preparations?
Tae: Say... Did you see a person who looks exactly like Arisa pass by here?
Arisa: Hm? Like me?
Rimi: Someone who looks like you dropped a handkerchief earlier...
Arisa: Hmmm, I don't think I've seen anyone like that. At least, not that I noticed, anyway... How about you, Kasumi? Saya?
Kasumi: Someone who looks like Arisa, huh~? Hmmm, I don't think so~.
Saaya: I didn't see anyone like that either~...
Rimi: I see~. I thought I saw her head this way...
Kasumi: Let's go track her down! If we look together, I'm sure we'll find her!
Saaya: Sounds good. Rimi-rin, O-Tae, could you describe her in a little more detail?
Tae: More detail... Um, she had the same hairstyle as Arisa.
Saaya: So... twin tails, right?
Tae: Right. Oh, and she referred to someone from her school as her big sister.
Kasumi: H-her what?!
Rimi: And... she had a quirky way of ending her sentences too.
Saaya: Sounds like a pretty unique individual.
Tae: At first, I thought it was Arisa who was calling someone her big sister. It really threw me for a loop.
Arisa: Come on, as if I'd ever act that way.
Tae: Still, she looked exactly like you from behind.
Saaya: Arisa and her big sister, huh...?
Kasumi: Hmmm~...
Arisa: Can we stop imagining me saying that?!
Kasumi: Awww, don't be like that~. Go on, give it a try, Arisa~.
Arisa: Huh~?
Arisa: (Do they seriously want me to say that...?)

Arisa: Big Sister~! Do not leave me behind~!
Kasumi: Jeez~. Arisa, stop being such a pest~! I told you to leave me alone!
Arisa: No can do, Big Sister~. I, Arisa, shall remain by your side through thick and thin!
Kasumi: No one asked you to do that.
Arisa: Fufufu... It is no use, Big Sister. I have anticipated such a response.
Kasumi: And?
Arisa: This is a trial! You wish to test my loyalty!
Arisa: Though I am unworthy... I fully intend to overcome this challenge!
Kasumi: Uh-huh. Well, I'm leaving now~.
Arisa: Big Sister, please wait!
Kasumi: Ugh, what is it now...?
Arisa: Big Sister! Please don't go~!
Arisa: Big Sister~!!
Kasumi: Wahhh~! S-stop squeezing me~!

Arisa: (Nuh-uh, nope... Not happening... That's way beyond the realm of possibility...)
Kasumi: Arisa, hurry up and say it~.
Arisa: G-get real!
Rimi: Hm? O-Tae-chan, is that...?
Tae: Ah, it's the girl who looks like Arisa!
Kasumi: Huh?! For real?! Quick, let's go give this back...! Come on, Arisa!
Arisa: ... P-please don't g-
Arisa: Er, I mean... Hold up, Kasumi~!

After-Party Fun♪ Card Story - Special Episode

What's Amazing About Kasumi


Residential Area

Marina: Mmm, another day of work done~. Nice job, BanG Dreamer-san!
Arisa: Ah. Marina-san, BanG Dreamer.
Marina: Arisa-chan! That's rare. Are you not with the others today?
Arisa: I just got done with my student council duties. Besides, it's not like I'm hanging out with those guys all the time.
Marina: Fufu, I see. Ah, I heard about the joint sports festival, by the way~. Everyone had a great time, right?
Arisa: Well, I guess you could put it that way~.
Arisa: As fun as it was, all that trouble we ran into really wore me out.
Arisa: ... Then again, that was bound to happen from the moment Kasumi got put on the festival committee.
Marina: What do you mean?
Arisa: We were part of the staff for the sports festival, and once Kasumi gets into something, she goes all out...
Arisa: She can't leave anyone in trouble alone. Plus she never knows when to slow down and pace herself...
Marina: Yeah, Kasumi-chan is the type to always give it her all.
Arisa: She gives too much, if you ask me.
Arisa: Well, that drive of hers did come in handy that day.
Marina: It did?
Arisa: The stadium had a power outage, which brought the festival to a standstill.
Arisa: Which is when Kasumi said that this was our only chance to enjoy the present, and that lead to us putting on a concert.
Marina: A concert during a power outage... Now there's a unique idea.
Arisa: We had already brought our equipment for the after-party concert, but the power outage meant that they weren't exactly working at full capacity~.
Arisa: However, the power came back on right as we were about to start playing. I don't know if it was Kasumi's good luck or what.
Marina: Oh! That's really cool~. So does that mean this concert went well?
Arisa: I wouldn't say it was just a concert... More like a variety show...
Marina: What do you mean?
Arisa: When Kasumi suggested the concert, everyone else who was there offered to join in, so we put on a bunch of different performances.
Arisa: Thanks to that, everyone stayed energized even with the power outage, and the festival continued without a problem.
Arisa: It's unreal how easily Kasumi can just draw people in... I think that part of her is honestly impressive.
Marina: Yes, Kasumi-chan's words do have the strange ability to rouse others.
Arisa: O-Tae said it was almost supernatural.
Marina: Hahaha, yeah, I can see that.
Arisa: ... Ah, look at the time. Sorry for talking for so long...
Marina: No, I enjoyed it! Didn't you, BanG Dreamer-san? I'd love to hear more about the sports festival sometime!
Arisa: I'll fill you in the next time I'm at CiRCLE. Alright, goodbye for now.