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Afterglow is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Mitake Ran on guitar and vocals, Aoba Moca on guitar, Uehara Himari on bass, Udagawa Tomoe on drums, and Hazawa Tsugumi on keyboard. They debuted with the song That Is How I Roll!


A girl band made up of 5 childhood friends. When Ran (Vo.) moved to a different class in middle school, the girls made a band so they could still see each other. Now in high school, they love playing in their band, practicing after school and playing live shows. They get along famously and almost never fight. Though they're still fairly inexperienced, they gained popularity for their powerful performances and strong vocals.


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Band Uniforms

Originally each girl wore different outfits from each other with minor details matching, such as jewelry. Each member also wore matching shoes or boots in their theme color, accent by black strings, sole, and a pair of socks or stockings.

In their first anniversary outfits, the girls wear outfits similar to their original but paired with a black hoodie that has Afterglow written on it. Each girl also happens to wear buckled straps on their legs, chokers, and black boots paired with tights or socks matching her theme color.

In their second anniversary outfits, each girl wears a jacket matching her image color. While Ran, Himari, and Tsugumi share the same top with laces, Moca wears a similar outfit but with iron chains, and Tomoe wears a similar top but with belts on the bottom. While Ran, Moca, and Tomoe don’t wear any head accessories, Himari wears a hairband with a ribbon, and Tsugumi wears a black beret.



  1. Afterglow Special Event Itsumo Doori no Houkago Days
  2. Afterglow Sound Only Live "As ever"


  • Ran and Moca have both appeared in the 3rd episode of BanG Dream! 1st Season as guests in SPACE.
  • Initially Afterglow was one of the only units not to wear matching or vaguely similar/themed attire.
  • In As Evening Clears event story, several names suggested before they decided for the name "Afterglow" were: Himari's Band (and its variation Hii-chan's Band), RMHTT, UltraViolet, Stratosphere, Omni, and Evening.
  • Like Poppin'Party, the members are all second-year students and go to the same school.
  • Similar to Pastel*Palettes and Hello, Happy World!, the majority of Afterglow's members (aside from Tomoe and Tsugumi) had no experience playing their instruments prior to forming the band.
  • Afterglow was the first band to have an event that featured a collaboration with another anime franchise, Persona.
  • They were the first to have their event feature a title/event song by another band ("Life Will Change" by Poppin'Party).
  • In Japanese, their band name is also shortened often into Afuro (アフロ). The word "Afuro" is often used by Moca's seiyuu Misawa Sachika in the form of a greeting (KonbanAfuro).
  • Their family names (Mitake, Aoba, Uehara, Udagawa and Hazawa) are all based on the names of areas in Shibuya.

4★ Band

Pajama Patient T icon.png Scarlet Lyra T icon.png

The Forgetful Ghost T icon.png A Special Design T icon.png Oshiruko Party♪ T icon.png "Himarie", Go! T icon.png

Unwavering Friendship T icon.png Me and My Glasses T icon.png Earnest Dreams T icon.png Al-Bukhur Sings T icon.png

Secret Arrangement T icon.png Always By Your Side T icon.png The Warmth of Those Fingertips T icon.png Special birthday! (Aoba Moca) T icon.png

A Peaceful Place T icon.png Busy Vice President! T icon.png

The Thrill of Taiko T icon.png Full Power Rehearsal T icon.png Walk Down Memory Lane T icon.png Special birthday! (Udagawa Tomoe) T icon.png

QT T icon.png Who I Wish to Be T icon.png The Usual "Thing" T icon.png Special birthday! (Uehara Himari) T icon.png

Scarlet T icon.png Crimson Schoolhouse T icon.png Rebellious Spirit T icon.png

Accepting Feelings T icon.png Let's Play Together T icon.png Guide to the Underworld T icon.png Today's a Special Day T icon.png

A Party with Everyone T icon.png Hey, Hina-senpai... T icon.png

A Big Sister's Pride T icon.png Popular with Everyone T icon.png Burning Pride T icon.png Exciting Premonition T icon.png

Happy Tears & Chocolate T icon.png New Scenery T icon.png

Proof I'm Here T icon.png Awakening Rivalry T icon.png Gentle Breeze T icon.png Special birthday! (Mitake Ran) T icon.png

A Mysterious Beauty T icon.png A Smile Blooming Before Summer T icon.png

A Thrilling Development?! T icon.png Gift-Giving Helper T icon.png Boasting About My Unstoppable Childhood Friend T icon.png

An Eternal Sunset T icon.png All Out with My Spatula T icon.png Schoolroom Slumber T icon.png

We're Here! T icon.png Aim for Total Success T icon.png A Step Forward Together T icon.png

The Grand Night Sky T icon.png Ever-Changing Sky T icon.png Graceful Enthusiasm T icon.png

To Exceed Expectations T icon.png By Your Side T icon.png Vacation Portrait T icon.png

The Dessert Instructor T icon.png Facing the Same Sky T icon.png Splash Style T icon.png Little Things You Can Do T icon.png

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