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Afterglow Special Event Itsumo Doori no Houkago Days (Afterglowスペシャルイベント いつも通りの放課後デイズ, Afterglow Special Event: The Same As Always School Days) was a talk event featuring all of Afterglow's voice actresses followed by a live event.[1]

Roselia's additional performance of Rausch was held at the same venue a day before.

Lottery tickets for the event were included in the first-print limited editions of Afterglow's 5th single ON YOUR MARK.



Talk Event[]


  • First Segment: Rooftop Talk, where they talked about the following topics:
    • Each voice actress' favorite Afterglow song
    • Which Afterglow girl they would be friends with in real life
    • What each of the voice actress' wants to do together as a group
  • Second Segment: Afterglow Episode Memory, where they did a live reading of the following stories:
  • Third Segment: Itsumodoori no Showdays, the guests walk onstage.
    • The girls get paired into the following teams: Youko-Megu, Ayane-Aina, Hisako-Ari, Sachika-Yuri and Emiri-Ayasa and talk about the "connection" between each team.
    • The pairs then participated in Unison Answer Showdown, where they tried to answer questions by giving matching answers.
      • Question 1: "Ramen topping"
      • Question 2: "Convenience store sweets"
  • Fourth Segment: Majority Audience Showdown, where teams had to guess which answer the fans would choose for the following question:
    • "If you to had to choose between Ran, Tsugumi and Himari, whose cooking would you taste?"
  • Final Segment: Flower Arrangement Showdown, where teams had to make a flower arrangement with the theme "Close friends." After finishing, the audience got to vote which arrangement they liked the most by using their glowsticks.
  • Afterlow's voice actresses leave the stage, while the guests still stay for a while and talk, before the live portion of the event starts.