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Aiba Aina (相羽 あいな) was born on October 17, 1988 in Osaka, Japan. She is the voice actress of Minato Yukina and Roselia's vocalist. She is affiliated with HiBiKi.


Aina was born in Hokkaido, but raised in Osaka. She studied at and graduated from Amusement Media Voice Actor Talent Academy in 2010.

Before becoming a seiyuu, she was a professional wrestler under the name Yuuki Harima (播磨佑紀) for about 2 years, and also worked as a stage actress under the same name. During her pro wrestling career, she was part of the organization "Beginning" and made her debut on September 6, 2015. She fought three times before retiring from the ring, and nowadays does MC work for New Japan Pro-Wrestling's matches.[1]

Aina debuted in voice acting by providing the voice of Anjou Tokoha in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next, replacing Nitta Emi.

Aina is also known for voicing:

  • Saijou Claudine in the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight series
  • Rockhopper Penguin in Kemono Friends
  • Michael in Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~
  • Himuro Shizuka in the ROAD59 franchise (including stage plays)
  • Kuga Seiko in PuraOre! Pride of Orange

She made her professional singer debut with Bushiroad Music in November 2016 with her 1st single "Yume no Hikari Kimi no Mirai", which was used as the ending theme for Future Card Buddyfight DDD. She restarted her singing career with the single "Lead the way", which was released on October 16, 2019. It was used as the opening theme for the anime "Cardfight!! Vanguard: Shinemon-hen".

On March 3, 2018, Aina, who was a member of the unit "Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP", was one of the winners for the Singing Award during the 12th Seiyuu Awards.

Personality & Hobbies[]

Her skills include dancing and singing, and one of her hobbies is appreciating and looking after thoroughbred racehorses. She also loves singing karaoke and one of her favorite songs to sing is only my railgun.[2]

Aina's personality is the opposite of Yukina's, similarly to Haruka - she is very energetic, jokes around a lot and has a hard time staying in-character, even during challenges.[3][4] Due to this, she is affectionately referred to as Roselia's ponkotsu (lit. useless). She is also skilled at manzai comedy.

Health Issues[]

On July 29, 2022, it was announced that Aina has tested positive for COVID-19. As such, she had to withdraw from attending the BanG Dream! Tokimeku Summer Festival! 2022.[5]


  • She has a licensed music channel[6] on YouTube, but it is operated by her agency Bushiroad Music for her discography records.
  • She has a younger sister who was born on October 6.[7]