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Aim for Total Success Card Story - Episode

The Grown-up Me


Hazawa Coffee

Himari: Flea markets are seriously amazing! There are so many people and everyone brings all these precious items to sell! Everyone was having a great time...!
Moca: Hii-chan, that's the third time you've said that~. How many more times are we gonna have to hear about it~?
Himari: Well, that's how much fun it was! Oh, and there were tons of stalls selling knickknacks that you would've liked, Moca!
Moca: Well, I can't pretend I didn't hear that~.
Himari: Plus, the prices were super cheap, too! There aren't that many opportunities where you can buy so many great items at such low prices~.
Tomoe: Well, that's what flea markets are for. If the prices are too high, nobody would buy anything.
Himari: That's true... We did have a hard time deciding on prices...
Tomoe: Ahaha... But if you were going to do something so fun, you should've told us about it too.
Himari: About that... There was just so much to do beforehand that I didn't even have time to think about inviting everyone~.
Tsugumi: I see... But we would've wanted to help out too.
Tomoe: Yeah. Besides, after hearing your experience, I kinda want to try selling things at a flea market now, too.
Moca: Oh. That's nice a idea, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Oh? Moca, you're interested too? In that case, we should take part in the next one!
Tsugumi: I think that's great! I'm in!
Ran: It's fine to participate... but didn't Himari just say there's a whole lot of work to be done beforehand?
Himari: Seriously, yeah! It was super tough!!
Tomoe: What part was tough? Nothing particularly tricky comes to mind when I think of flea markets...
Himari: Let's see... Well, to begin with, we had no idea what we had to do at first.
Himari: And the other stuff I mentioned before like deciding on prices and sorting all the items was not a piece of cake, either.
Himari: Also, there's the vendor application form for a stall! I didn't fill it out, but just from watching someone fill one out, I can tell there are lots of things to pay attention to and it's difficult!
Himari: But I gotta say the hardest thing was deciding on the order for doing all those things. We had to do that all by ourselves.
Ran: Himari does go off-topic easily, so I can imagine it being quite the task to have to decide things together.
Himari: That's so mean~! I'll have you know I'm the type that can get things done once I put my mind to it, okay?!
Ran: So, were you able to get things done?
Himari: Ngh... Well, you see... Chisato-san helped us with a lot of stuff this time around...
Ran: The type that gets things done I see.
Himari: Ugh~! Seriously, I am~!
Himari: But Chisato-san really helped us out a whole lot. If it weren't for her, I'm not sure how it would've ended up...
Tsugumi: You have to show Chisato-san your appreciation, then.
Himari: Yup, that's right! Oh! But, but, hear me out! I think I grew a lot from this experience too!
Moca: Ohhh~? In which areas, may I ask~?
Himari: By working out the flea market preparations, I really leveled myself up! Now, I think I have it more together compared to before!
Himari: So, if everyone wants to participate next time, you can leave everything to me!
Ran: Really?
Moca: Mmm~, I don't see much change just by looking at you, though~.
Himari: Don't be rude~! I'm being serious here!
Tomoe: Ahahaha! Now, now. Calm down, Himari.
Tsugumi: Himari-chan, don't worry. I'm sure everyone believes you!
Himari: Y-you really think so...?
Tsugumi: Uhm, well, yeah... P-probably?
Himari: You can at least lie about it! And you should say it with more confidence!
Himari: Ah well, whatever. When we actually take part in a flea market next time, I'll make sure you're all eating your words!
Moca: Oh~, you're getting so fired up~.
Ran: Huh... You're really not letting this go. Now I'm interested in seeing this for myself.
Tomoe: Right! By the way, Himari.
Himari: Hm? What is it, Tomoe?
Tomoe: Where's that book you said you'd return to me today?
Himari: Huh...?
Tomoe: What do you mean, "huh"? Weren't you the one who asked to meet up so you could give it to me?
Ran: Now that you mention it, she did.
Himari: Uhhh... Ahh~!! You're right!
Moca: This clearly means you completely forgot~. Well, well. Where's all that growth you were just talking about~?
Tomoe: Ahaha. Well, if you ask me, that certainly seems like a Himari thing to do.
Ran: That's true.
Himari: I-it was just a coincidence this time! R-really! Just a mere coincidence~!

Aim for Total Success Card Story - Special Episode

The Direct Type


CiRCLE - Lobby

Himari: Hmhmhmm~♪ I wonder if Moca and Tsugu are there already~.
Himari: Oh, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hello, Himari-chan. You're heading to a practice session now?
Himari: Yes! With Moca and Tsugu~!
Marina: You guys are working hard as always I see~.
Himari: Yup! You bet we are!
Marina: Oh, what a cute tote bag you have there. Is it new?
Himari: You sure have a good eye for things, Marina-san! I actually bought this bag at the flea market the other day~!
Marina: The flea market...? You mean the one downtown?
Himari: Yeah, that one! I was selling things there and found this bag on my way home!
Marina: Oh, I see. So you took part.
Himari: Yup. Well, to be fair, it wasn't just me. I heard about it from Hagu and we decided to run a stall together!
Himari: It was my first time taking part in a flea market and it sure was an awful lot of work!
Himari: There's so much to do in advance. Even the application form was confusing and hard to fill out...
Himari: Oh!! And the tables! We had to prepare the tables to put our products on too. It was absolute chaos~.
Marina: Yeah. Preparation time is always the busiest when it comes to events, huh?
Himari: Exactly~! I knew you would understand, Marina-san...!
Himari: It was seriously brutal... But with the help of Rimi and Eve-chan, not to mention Chisato-san, we were able to see it through.
Himari: Especially Chisato-san. She was a huge help from the beginning to the very end.
Himari: Even when we were in the middle of preparing, we'd get sidetracked and end up chatting with each other...
Marina: Fufu. Chisato-chan is usually on top of things. I can imagine she'd immediately scold you guys for getting off track.
Himari: That's for sure! And then she whipped us right back on track.
Himari: You know though, I did realize after this event that Hagu and I are probably the same type of person~!
Himari: We get super fired up once we've decided to do something, but then later we get easily distracted.
Himari: It's during those times that Chisato-san would give us guidance... And it really felt like she was an older sister to us.
Himari: While I feel bad that she had to help us so much, we're closer now because of it. So I feel delighted!
Marina: You'll have to make sure you show her how much you appreciated her help then.
Himari: Absolutely! That's exactly what I'm planning to do!
Himari: But before that, I think I need to become a little more well-rounded first.
Himari: In order for that to happen, I need to focus on what I can do now, which is to give it my all during our practice session today!
Marina: Right. Good luck. You have our full support.
Himari: Okay! Thank you so much. I'll be going then!