Terakawa Aimi (寺川 愛美), professionally known by the mononym of Aimi (愛美), was born on December 25, 1991 in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. She voices Toyama Kasumi in BanG Dream!. She is affiliated with HiBiKi. She is often called Aimin (あいみん), Aimi-chan (愛美ちゃん) or Ai-chan (あいちゃん) when referred to by fellow HiBiKi casts, Itou Ayasa and Nishimoto Rimi.


Before BanG Dream!, Aimi has voiced several characters, with the most notable being

  • Kazumi Tokiwa in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes & Futari wa Milky Holmes
  • Suiko Tatsunagi and Amu Chouno in Cardfight!! Vanguard
  • Kiri Hyoryu from Future Card Buddyfight
  • Yukari Nanahoshi in Luck & Logic

Her first single was Tenshi no CLOVER, the opening for Lotte no Omocha!. It was released on 3rd May, 2011. To date, she has released 5 singles and an album titled Love.

Personality & Hobbies

Her hobby is studying languages. She is learning and practising English so she can communicate more fluently in the language when working overseas. [1]


  • Before December 2013, Aimi was credited for voice acting roles by her full name, Terakawa Aimi.
  • Her favorite color is gold.
  • Aimi, along with Itou Ayasa, were in the same unit in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes called Feathers. 
  • Her favorite onigiri filling is tuna and mayonnaise. 
  • She was one of 3rd ANIMAX Anison Grand Prix Finalists with Sayaka Sasaki, and voiced a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard where Sasaki-san sang a theme song to it.
  • Her favorite manga is Glass Mask, while her favorite game is Story of Seasons.
  • Her favorite game series is the Harvest Moon series.
  • She has a pet snake named Annie (アニー).[2]