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Alarmingly Elite School Card Story - Episode

Lunch with the Rich Girls



Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Nanami: Bentos~, bentos~♪ Eating my bento with everyone~♪
Touko: Ahaha, you look pretty happy, Nanami! That excited?
Nanami: Of course~. Having lunch with your bandmates is such a normal high school thing to do~.
Tsukushi: I-it is...?
Mashiro: I don't really understand, but I'm glad you're happy, Nanami-chan.
Rui: ... I fail to see the need to gather.
Rui: Each of us should be free to do as we please for lunch. Eating lunch together is something I do not comprehend.
Touko: Come on, it's not like we do this all the time! Let's dig in! I'm starving!
Mashiro: O-okay, let's e-
Mashiro: ...!
Touko: ...? What's the matter, Shiro?
Mashiro: T-Touko-chan, your bento... it's so gorgeous...
Touko: You think? It's all traditional Japanese food. It's so plain.
Mashiro: I-it's not. It looks like the kind of lunches that are served at expensive Japanese-style restaurants.
Touko: Hmm, but it's mostly traditional Japanese food... I don't mind, but I wanna eat different stuff once in a while.
Tsukushi: You do? Let's trade some food then!
Touko: Seriously?! Sweet! Which one do you want?
Tsukushi: Hmm... Can I try the duck then? It has such a pretty amber color that makes it look so tasty!
Mashiro: (D-duck...? It's more luxurious than I thought...)
Touko: Oh, that one's called a jibu-ni, I think. Okay then, can I have the seafood dango?
Mashiro: (Seafood dango... Tsukushi-chan's bento is... Ah, it's so cute.)
Mashiro: (I'm so glad Tsukushi-chan's lunch looks normal...)
Tsukushi: Sure, you can have it! Here! My mom used a really large shellfish to make all of them, so I'm sure you'll like it.
Mashiro: A really large shellfish?!
Tsukushi: Yes... What's the matter?
Mashiro: I-it's nothing. Um, what kind of shellfish...?
Tsukushi: I think it was lobster. I wasn't paying too much attention.
Mashiro: L-lobster...
Mashiro: (Tsukushi-chan's lunch isn't normal at all...!)
Nanami: Hey, Rui-rui, let's trade, too~.
Rui: ... Fine. What would you like to eat?
Nanami: Thanks~! Ooo, this one! This pork poele!
Rui: Help yourself.
Mashiro: (Wh-what's a poele...? It looked like meat that's really crispy on the outside...)
Mashiro: (Ah, Nanami-chan gave her some roast beef in return...!)
Tsukushi: Hm? ... What's the matter, Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: Huh?
Tsukushi: You've been holding the lid of your bento without opening it...
Mashiro: Um, oh, this... I was just, you know, thinking how different Tsukinomori is from regular schools...
Tsukushi: Sorry, I don't quite follow... Anyway, I want to see your lunch, Mashiro-chan!
Mashiro: O-okay... It's such an ordinary bento though... Don't get your hopes up too much.
Touko: Ahaha, don't worry, it's just lunch~...
Touko, Tsukushi & Nanami: ...!
Mashiro: S-see? It's just a normal bento...
Touko, Tsukushi & Nanami: ...
Mashiro: G-guys? Are you, um, okay...?
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan, those sausages...!
Mashiro: Oh, you mean the octopus sausages...?
Touko: Seriously?! So this is a octopus sausage!
Nanami: I've seen them in manga and magazines, but this is my first time seeing a real one...!
Rui: Interesting. The vibrant red hue is different from regular sausages.
Touko: Y-yeah! I've never had anything like it before...!
Mashiro: It's a staple of my lunches... Is it that... uncommon?
Tsukushi: It's more than just uncommon! I've been going to Tsukinomori since I was in kindergarten, but I've never seen anyone with it for lunch!
Touko: Shiro! You can have whatever you want, so trade me one of those sausages!
Nanami: Hey, no fair, Touko-chan. You want this roast beef, right, Shiro-chan~?
Tsukushi: H-hey, hold on! I want to trade, too!
Mashiro: Ahaha...
Mashiro: (Tsukinomori really is different from other schools...)

Alarmingly Elite School Card Story - Special Episode

Becoming Commonplace


Station Entrance

Mashiro: Sigh, It's so late now.
Mashiro: I should hurry home... Hm? Isn't that...?
Marina: ...? Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: Ah, I thought it was you two, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Are you on the way home from school? It's pretty late for that, isn't it? It'll be dark soon.
Mashiro: Um, I lost track of time because I was chatting with the others in Morfonica...
Mashiro: They wanted to teach me more about the school since there's still so much I don't know.
Mashiro: It's late, but I'm glad I got to chat with everyone. I learned a lot.
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like you're enjoying your school life.
Mashiro: Yes, school has become a lot more fun since I got to know everyone in Morfonica.
Mashiro: When I first entered the school, I-I couldn't fit in at all because things were so different from what I was used to.
Mashiro: Everyone around me was from a well-to-do family... and I felt like I didn't belong...
Mashiro: But chatting with the others has helped me realize that we're similar in some ways.
Mashiro: Seeing that has helped me adjust to life at Tsukinomori. Oh, but there are still things that surprise me...
Marina: What things surprise you?
Mashiro: Um, let's see... The school kiosk sells items that you normally only see in luxury stores...
Mashiro: Oh, then there's the works of art on display around the school. They're by artists you read about in textbooks for art class...
Marina: I-I think I'd be surprised, too...
Mashiro: That's just normal for everyone else in Morfonica.
Mashiro: Even when I try to explain it to them, they don't really understand...
Marina: Ahaha... They're from the upper class, after all.
Marina: But I think the time will come when all of these things will become normal for you, too.
Mashiro: Huh?
Marina: When you finally feel like you belong at Tsukinomori, you'll see all that stuff as normal too.
Marina: That's why you should try to enjoy that sense of wonder while you still can.
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: I-I never thought of it that way...
Mashiro: I like that way of looking at it though...