Alchemy is a song covered by Poppin'Party.

It is one of the challenge songs for the event Welcome to Open School!

It was an original song by Girls Dead Monster, a fictional band from the anime Angel Beats!, with Marina singing for the character Masami Iwasawa.

Game Info

Server availability Japanese ServerTaiwanese ServerKorean ServerEnglish ServerChinese Server
Bpm.png Beats per minute 165 BPM
Easy.png Easy Song Level 7 115 notes
Normal.png Normal Song Level 12 212 notes
Hard.png Hard Song Level 17 395 notes
Expert.png Expert Song Level 26 603 notes
Special.png Special Song Level 26 796 notes


# Songs Duration Audio
00 Alchemy (Game Version) 01:59



  • Despite being a cover of a Girls Dead Monster song, the GBP album artwork depicts the instruments of Ho-kago Tea Time from K-ON!, though with Ritsu Tainaka's Hipgig drum kit recoloured in black instead of yellow.



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