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All Out with My Spatula Card Story - Episode

Communicative Jargon


After School

Saaya: Ah, Tomoe, Himari! Welcome back~.
Tomoe: Oh~, Saaya! I'm home~!
Himari: Ehehe, I'm not technically home yet, so I guess I should say "Thanks for having me." That's so cool how you say "welcome back" to each other!
Saaya: Fufu, Well, we both live downtown, after all.
Tomoe: Yeah! By the way, Saaya, we should hang out again soon!
Himari: Tomoe told me all about it! Invite me along next time!
Saaya: Fufu, will do!
Tomoe: You're practically part of the downtown family anyway.
Himari: If I was just a bit closer, I'd be part of your family for sure~.
Saaya: Yeah, your house is just far enough away from the downtown area that it feels like a separate place.
Tomoe: Oh, Saaya, did you hear? The tanuki restaurant is coming out with a new menu item.
Himari: Tanuki restaurant?
Saaya: Ah, yeah, the pencil lady told me about it!
Himari: Pencil lady?
Tomoe: That's the pencil lady for you! Of course she'd know about it.
Saaya: Right~? And then...
Himari: Wait a minute! What's a tanuki restaurant?! And who's the pencil lady?!
Tomoe: Hm? Isn't it obvious? We're talking about the stationary store over that wa—
Himari: I don't know which one you're talking about! Tell me the name of the store~!
Tomoe: The name...
Himari: Yeah! If you tell me that, I'll probably know what you're talking about!
Tomoe: Well...
Himari: Hm? What's wrong?
Tomoe: I actually don't know the shop's real name... I've always just called it the pencil lady's place.
Himari: Huh?! Are you kidding?! What about you, Saaya?
Saaya: ... Sorry. I don't know either.
Himari: What~?!
Saaya: I call it the pencil lady's place too.
Tomoe: Exactly. Since everyone calls it that, we never really have this problem.
Himari: What is that? Some kind of downtown language?
Saaya: Ahaha, that's an interesting way to put it. A language only people downtown understand!
Tomoe: Yeah, that's what it feels like!
Himari: So is it kinda like our "Tsugurific"?
Tomoe: Yeah! Exactly!
Saaya: What does that mean, anyway?
Tomoe: How do we explain this...?
Himari: Uhm... It's like, a Tsugurific feeling. You know... kinda like Tsugu...
Saaya: Ahaha! I don't get it at all! Sounds like Afterglow's got their own language to me.
Tomoe: Moca's usually the one who uses those kind of words.
Himari: She started saying it one day, and we just kinda accepted it.
Saaya: You're so lucky, Tomoe. You can speak both the downtown language and Afterglow's language.
Tomoe: Well yeah, I'm in Afterglow. You probably speak Poppin'Party's language, right?
Himari: Oh yeah, that's gotta be a thing! This is Poppin'Party we're talking about!
Saaya: Our own language, huh~? Like what?
Himari: That one thing comes to mind for me! You know~... Popipa! Pipopa! Popipapa! Pipopa~! ... Did I get it right?
Tomoe: Ah, the thing from their concerts! I'd like to know the meaning behind that too~.
Saaya: Really~? But explaining that is, uhm... kinda hard~.
Himari: Ahaha, right? If we can't explain our own languages, there's no way you can explain yours!
Tomoe: And that's exactly why we can't explain the downtown language to you, Himari. Ahaha, sorry about that.
Himari: That's true~... Wait! Then take me there! I wanna see this pencil lady's place!
Tomoe: Ah, good idea! Let's go. The only problem is that we have to go past the candy lady...
Himari: Candy lady? Another new person! Who's that?!
Saaya & Tomoe: Ahahaha!

All Out with My Spatula Card Story - Special Episode

Granny with a Pencil


Shopping Mall

Tomoe: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey!
Marina: Ah, Tomoe-chan! Hello!
Tomoe: Are you buying stuff for CiRCLE?
Marina: Yeah, that was the plan, but...
Tomoe: From that response, I'm gonna guess that they didn't have what you were looking for. What do you need?
Marina: We need to buy more paper bags. We give them out to customers when they buy merchandise or when we give out flyers....
Tomoe: I suppose it would be kinda hard to find a place selling that many paper bags, huh?
Marina: Exactly~! I thought if we came all the way to the shopping mall, we might find something, but no such luck...
Marina: We only realized we were out today, so it's a little late to order them. I figured we could buy them here...
Tomoe: Lots of paper bags, huh...? Ah! Try the pencil lady's place!
Marina: P-pencil lady? Do you know what she's talking about, BanG Dreamer...? You don't, do you?
Tomoe: Ah, my bad... That language only works with members of the downtown area...
Marina: Wh-what do you mean, "language"...?
Tomoe: Uhm, "pencil lady's place" is what we say when we're talking about the stationary store downtown... I'm sure they've got paper bags of all shapes and sizes there.
Marina: Oh~, really?! I didn't know that~! Thank you, Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: No problem at all! You're always helping us out, so I should do the same when I can!
Marina: ... Still, "pencil lady" is a pretty interesting name, don't you think?
Tomoe: Ahaha! Yeah, it's just what everyone downtown calls it. Ah, although it might be just us kids...
Tomoe: I was hanging out with everyone who lives downtown the other day.
Tomoe: We all realized there are names and words that we use that only make sense to those of us who live in the area.
Marina: Ah~, so that's what you meant by language.
Tomoe: Yup! We were all having a blast, so we didn't even realize we were practically talking in our own language...
Marina: Oh yeah, that happens sometimes! It's always interesting to see that kind of stuff!
Marina: We have something similar where I come from, so I totally understand how sometimes those words just slip out...!
Tomoe: Huh? You have your own special language too?! Let's hear it!
Marina: Huh?! I, uhm, well...
Marina: Even if I tell you, it's not like you'll know what I'm saying...
Marina: ... Plus it's embarrassing, so no thanks!
Tomoe: Aw~, is it really that bad?
Marina: Fufu, sorry. Maybe some other time, okay?
Marina: Alright, we better head over to this pencil lady's place. Thanks for the information, Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: No problem! Anyway, see you two at CiRCLE!