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All Paws on Deck Card Story - Episode

Possible Trials



Ako: Phew~, today's practice was a lot of fun~.
Ako: Hey, Rin-rin, once we get home, let's play some NFO!
Rinko: Yeah... Okay. Do you want to do dailies? Or gather materials...?
Ako: Let's gather mats! Oh, and I wanted to check the timing for using the ability of that collab equipment that we got before!
Ako: That equipment's super strong! Even though I'm still not used to playing Knight, I can still put out insane damage!
Ako: Sigh~, but I still really want the Mega equipment, too~...
Rinko: If only we could do the collab event... one more time...
Yukina: That would be difficult.
Yukina: We've just been booked for a concert. We don't even have time to be playing around after school, let alone spend another entire day at a theme park.
Ako: I know~... Sigh.
Ako: But I won't give up! I might get another chance someday!
Rinko: Ako-chan... Yes. When that time comes... We'll go together.
Ako: Yeah! Yukina-san, you're always welcome to come too! If you want to, of course! Or if you just happen to have time!
Yukina: You're quite determined. aren't you...? Fine. But only if I have time, got it?
Ako: Got it! Yay~!
Rinko: Fufu... That reminds me... Lately, talk about this event... has been quite popular on NFO...
Rinko: Especially about the missions... I did a little research... There seems to be a lot of variety...
Yukina: Do you mean they're passing around information about the missions?
Rinko: At the very most... you could say they're... rumors...
Rinko: I heard there was one... that said. "Settle a fight in the back alley."
Ako: Ah, I heard about that one too!
Ako: But when they say fight, it's just an act between the cast members, right? I heard it was a super hard event to trigger!
Rinko: Yes... You can only trigger it... if you enter the back alley... during a specific time period... And not just that... There are other conditions, as well...
Yukina: (Settle a fight...?)

Yukina: (In order to settle a fight, you must first understand the reason for the conflict. It would be best to examine the situation first.)
Others: You were the one who bumped into me! Where's my apology?!
Others: The heck you talkin' about?! You bumped into me!
Others: What'd you say to me?!
Yukina: ...
Others: ... Um... Are you not gonna stop us?
Yukina: I still haven't reached a conclusion on which one of you was in the wrong. Don't mind me. Please, continue.
Others: Huh? But...
Yukina: Is your fight so trivial that a random stranger could come in and stop it without any understanding of the situation?
Yukina: You both have something that neither of you are willing to back down on, correct? If I'm going to be involved, then I need to see proof of that. Now continue.
Others: G-got it! Uh... I-it's your fault that I'm-

Yukina: That... seems quite difficult.
Ako: Right~? Rin-rin, did you hear anything else?
Rinko: Well... Um... I heard there also was one called... "Do radio calisthenics in the mansion."
Ako: Radio calisthenics!? That's super easy, though!
Rinko: But... after doing the workout... there was... some sort of catchphrase... you had to say...
Rinko: It seems... the instructions were to... "proclaim victory..."
Yukina: That makes no sense.
Ako: Hm... Victory, huh...? Wouldn't just yelling, "Victory!" do it?
Rinko: I don't know... Wouldn't it be something... more creative...?
Yukina: ("Proclaim victory", huh...?)

Yukina: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Yukina: Finally, take a deep breath, and... "Victory!"

Yukina: ... Impossible.
Ako: Yukina-san, you think so too?! Maybe that's not it then...
Ako: From the rumors I heard, everything really does sound pretty tough. But I bet Roselia could handle anything they throw at us!
Ako: With our powers combined, no mission is impossible for us!
Ako: You think so too, right, Yukina-san!?
Yukina: ...
Ako: Y-Yukina-san?
Yukina: Ako. About how I said I'd be fine going back to that collaboration event, if we had time... I think I need more time to consider.
Ako: What~!?
Ako: Yukina-san, please-!

All Paws on Deck Card Story - Special Episode

Lessons Beyond Music


Record Shop

Yukina: Good thing they had the CD I was looking for... Oh?
Yukina: If it isn't Marina—san and BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Yukina-chan! Hello. Doing some shopping by yourself today?
Yukina: Yes. What are you two doing here?
Marina: We're just stopping by on our way to do some shopping of our own. I wanted to check out the new arrivals.
Marina: More importantly, how was your day off?
Marina: You said Roselia was going out together, right?
Yukina: Yes. We all went to a theme park together.
Yukina: It was supposed to be a nice little break, but it turned into quite the affair.
Marina: What do you mean?
Yukina: The theme park was Ako's idea... When we got there, it turned out the park was doing a collaboration event with a game Ako and Rinko play.
Yukina: They said they wanted to get some sort of... equipment? They could only do so by clearing the event, so we all ended up participating.
Yukina: But the event was... Sigh.
Marina: More than you expected, huh?
Yukina: Exactly.
Yukina: All we had to do was finish these missions that were assigned to us, but it really was a hassle.
Yukina: There were time limits for all the missions, and they barely gave us any hints...
Marina: If you're the one complaining about it, it really must have been quite something.
Yukina: Yes, it was. Honestly, if I was asked to go again, I don't think I could say yes without hesitating.
Marina: But that means you wouldn't exactly refuse, right?
Yukina: I suooose not. I'm not a demon, after all.
Yukina: It being a request from Ako also factors into it, but... I certainly felt like there was something to gain from participating in that event. So I couldn't outright decline.
Marina: Something to gain, huh? Do you mean all the fun times you had?
Yukina: I do think Ako and Rinko thoroughly enjoyed themselves. But to me, the most important thing was being able to reaffirm the bonds we share.
Yukina: Any time one of us runs into a wall they can't overcome, the rest of us will be there to help.
Yukina: And that reaction comes naturally to Roselia now.
Yukina: I was able to see that more clearly than ever because we were in a situation completely unrelated to music.
Marina: Helping each other out comes naturally to you guys now, huh? That's certainly easier said than done.
Yukina: Yes, I think so too.
Yukina: That day reminded me how much I want Roselia to keep moving forward, together as one.
Marina: So what you gained was that feeling, huh? Aw, that's so sweet!
Marina: Hey, if you're free, would you like to grab some tea or something? I'd love to hear more about what exactly you did for this event.
Yukina: I don’t mind. Some place where we can sit and relax would be nice.
Marina: Then why don't we head to the cafe?! Fufu, I'm so excited~.
Yukina: Sounds good to me. Let's go.