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Ample Shouts Card Story - Episode

How to Catch Goldfish


Shrine - Entry Path
Kasumi: Mmm~! This cotton candy is so tasty~!
Kasumi: Ah, your takoyaki look really good too, Misaki-chan!
Misaki: ... You can have one if you'd like.
Kasumi: Can I?! Thank you~!!
Misaki: Toyama-san... Didn't you just have some yakisoba? How are you still eating?
Kasumi: Hey~! Festivals don't happen every day, you know! I have to live it up while I can!
Kokoro: I completely agree! We need to have lots and lots of fun today!
Kasumi: Alrighty, which stall should we go to next?
Misaki: I'm fine with whatever, so I'll leave it up to you two.
Kokoro: Okay, then let's go do that one booth again! It was tons of fun! You know, the one with the fishies...
Kasumi: Ah, goldfish scooping, right?! Great idea~! Let's go~!
Misaki: Kokoro... I'm only going to say this once. This isn't some rescue mission, okay? It's about catching the fish. Got it?
Kokoro: Of course! Don't worry, I'll catch them all this time!
Misaki: Do you actually understand though...?

Kasumi: Raaah~!! Ah, Kokoron! The black one with googly eyes went over that way!
Kokoro: Don't worry, Kasumi! I got it! Little Googly Eyes, you want me to catch you, right?! And, now~!!
Kasumi: Aww, the scoop ripped...
Kokoro: This is pretty hard! I still think using this container would be easier!
Misaki: I told you, that's against the rules!
Tomoe: Huh? What are you guys up to?
Kokoro: Ah, Tomoe! We're catching goldfish!
Tomoe: Gotcha! So how's it going? Get any?
Kasumi: It's too hard... And the paper keeps breaking...
Tomoe: In that case, should I teach you a couple tricks?!
Kasumi: Really?! Can you?! Tell me, Tomoe-chan~! I wanna know~!
Tomoe: Okay, leave it to me! First, this is how you're holding your poi, right?
Kasumi: Huh? So this scoop is called a poi? What a cute name! I had no idea!
Misaki: Hey, Kokoro, listen up.
Kokoro: Tomoe, I've got my poi! Does this look right?
Tomoe: Nice, now flip your poi around, so that the side the paper is glued to faces up.
Kasumi: Huh? Wait... You mean turn it upside down?
Tomoe: Exactly. This is the side you'll use to scoop up the goldfish. That's the first secret trick!
Kasumi: Huh?! But there's no rim on this side. Won't the goldfish fall off...?
Tomoe: You'd think so, right? You have to remember that water's heavy too, though. If you use the side with edges, that extra weight makes it easier to break your poi.
Misaki: Oh~, I get it... When you use the rimmed side, the water has nowhere to go, so you're scooping it up along with the goldfish...
Tomoe: Now when you're moving your poi underwater, take it slow and hold your poi so the paper is horizontal. If you do that, you won't have as much water resistance to deal with.
Kasumi: I-I see! I never thought of that before!
Tomoe: Finally, when you go to scoop up a fish, move your poi diagonally and slowly bring it out of the water. That way you're leaving the water behind! And just like that... There! See?!
Kasumi: Whoa! You caught two fish! Tomoe-chan, that's amazing!
Tomoe: Right? If you just remember these simple tricks, scooping goldfish is actually pretty easy. Go ahead, try it out.
Kasumi: Okay! Thank you, Tomoe-chan! Come on, Kokoron, let's give it another shot!
Kokoro: Sounds good! Now that I know the secret, I get the feeling I'm gonna catch a bunch!
Misaki: ... You know, I would have really appreciated the same level of detail in your taiko lessons...
Kasumi: Hey, check it out! I caught one!
Kokoro: Me too! Once I did it like Tomoe said, it was super easy!
Tomoe: Oh, you two are pretty fast learners! Looks like I'm gonna have to get serious if I wanna beat you guys!
Kokoro: Ah, Kasumi! The black fishy from before is going in your direction!
Kasumi: Alright! We weren't able to catch you before, but now we will! Prepare yourself, fish!

Ample Shouts Card Story - Special Episode

What to Do After Rain


Kasumi: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello! What are you doing here?
Marina: Ah, hi there, Kasumi-chan. We were just thinking of getting lunch.
Marina: Where are you going, Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: Ehehe, I'm in the middle of a leisurely stroll!
Marina: So you're going for a walk, huh~? The weather sure is perfect for it. Nice and sunny.
Kasumi: I love going for walks after it rains. The air's just so clear. It's really refreshing.
Marina: I know what you mean~.
Kasumi: And isn't walking through the puddles so much fun? I still get the urge to do it every now and then.
Marina: Ahaha. Yeah, I used to put on my rain boots and stomp all around too.
Marina: I'm sure you did the same thing, right, BanG Dreamer-san? Kids love doing that kind of stuff.
Kasumi: I also love seeing all the water droplets shining on the leaves and hanging on the spider webs.
Kasumi: Ah, and every once in a while, you get to see a rainbow too, don't you?! There are so many things to love about after-rain strolls!
Marina: Listening to you talk about it makes me feel like I'm really missing out by not going on a stroll of my own.
Kasumi: Oh yeah! Speaking of rainbows, I saw one the other day with Kokoro and the others!
Marina: Was it the day of the festival downtown? I think I remember seeing a really beautiful one around then.
Kasumi: Yep, that's the one! Doesn't seeing a rainbow after a storm make you feel extra happy?
Kasumi: ... Ah, but I love rainy days too.
Marina: Wow~, really? I would never have guessed. You have such a bright and sunny personality, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: But isn't listening to the sound of raindrops hitting your umbrella really fun?!
Kasumi: And everyone carries all sorts of colorful umbrellas, making the streets super bright and pretty!
Kasumi: There are just so many exciting things that happen on rainy days!
Marina: Fufu, something tells me your enthusiasm isn't affected by the weather at all, Kasumi-chan!
Kasumi: Ah, that's right! Hey Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Hm? What is it?
Kasumi: I saw some huge hydrangeas blooming over there. Did you want to go see them with me?
Marina: Wow, really? I'd love to. What about you, BanG Dreamer-san?
Kasumi: Alright, then let's go! Follow me!