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An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Opening
The Center of Attention

The members of Morfonica find out they are the center of attention at school.
They ask their fellow students for thoughts on their performance.


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Tsukushi: Ahem. Let us now begin our meeting. But before we do... Palms together, everyone...
Tsukushi, Touko & Nanami: Let's eat~!
Mashiro: L-let's eat.
Rui: ...
Touko: Hm? What's the matter, Rui? You look kinda gloomy. C'mon, it's finally lunch!
Rui: ... I do not find lunch to be conducive to discussion. We should set aside time after school and hold our meeting at a more quiet location.
Touko: I don't know. It doesn't really matter where we do it, does it?
Nanami: The fact that we're doing it at school while eating lunch gets points from me~.
Tsukushi: Hmm, I can see Rui-san's point... But you're busy after school, right, Toko-chan?
Touko: Yeah, after school is kinda hard for me. I've gotta meet friends and stuff.
Mashiro: You're so popular, Toko-chan.
Nanami: Yeah, but she's not the only one these days~. Look around.
Rui: Ah... There are multiple individuals observing us from afar.
Mashiro: Y-you're right... Um, were we too loud...?
Nanami: Nuh-uh, that's probably not it~. I think we're drawing the good kind of attention.
Nanami: People have started talking about us a tiny bit after our performance at the Tsukinomori Music Festival.
Mashiro: I-I see...! Some of the girls in class did talk to me about Morfonica, but I had no idea...
Tsukushi: Fufu! This much is to be expected when we get down to business!
Touko: Yeah! I think we're pretty hot stuff! My friends tell me how great we are whenever they come to our gigs!
Rui: ... People talking about us is not the same thing as being acknowledged. We are likely being viewed as a curiosity.
Mashiro: Oh... I guess that makes sense since Tsukinomori's never had a girls band before...
Rui: Yes. Our current songs are far from perfect. There are still too many issues that we must overcome before we can perform at CiRCLE.
Touko: C'mon, Yashio-sensei! Cut us some slack! We've practiced a whole lot, and we're doing pretty good as a band!
Rui: You are being overly optimistic.
Touko: Oh yeah? Why don't we ask those girls over there what they think of us then?
Tsukushi: Huh? But asking out of nowhere might bother them... Toko-chan?!
Touko: Hey, hey, got a minute~?
Student A: Ah, Kirigaya-san! We're sorry for staring...
Student B: We saw your concert and were wondering what all of you were like...
Touko: Oh, that's totally fine! Thanks for coming to see it! What did you think?
Student A: Your show was amazing!
Tsukushi & Mashiro: Ooh...!
Touko: I knew it! My performance mus-
Student B: Especially Yashio-san's violin! Her solo gave me goosebumps!
Touko: Huh?
Nanami: Hey~, did you hear that, Rui-rui?
Rui: I see. I am grateful.
Tsukushi: She didn't bat an eye...!
Touko: Uh, anything else? There had to be other things that gave you chills, right?
Student A: Eh? Hmm... Hmm...
Touko: C'mon! There had to be~!

After School
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: ... H-hey, stop! Stop! You're going too fast, Toko-chan!
Touko: I was? But isn't this better 'cause it's more energetic?
Rui: No. It may work for you, but not as a whole. There is no harmony between our parts.
Mashiro: Y-yes... It was a bit hard for me to take a breath...
Nanami: Why don't we take a break since Shiro-chan's also tired~?
Tsukushi: ... What's the matter, Toko-chan? You don't usually go that fast.
Touko: I thought the song would be better if I went all out. Y'know, to show off my awesome guitar skills!
Tsukushi: So that's why you were playing like that... Our current songs aren't written to be performed that way, though. It just ends up sounding off.
Touko: Figures. I guess if I wanna show off my guitar skills, I need a song written for that... Hey Rui, got any new songs?
Rui: ... I do.
Touko: Seriously?! I'm glad I asked~! What kind?!
Rui: I've only written down the score, but you're welcome to look if you wish.
Tsukushi: Ooh, I wanna see, too!
Nanami: What is it? Show me, show me~!
Rui: I had intended to distribute these after practice, but I suppose I can do so now since I have copies for everyone ready.
Mashiro: Wow... Thanks for always doing this, Rui-san.
Rui: This is my job as a composer. The rest is your job, Kurata-san.
Mashiro: O-okay... I'll do my best to come up with the lyrics.
Nanami: ... I see. Your part will sound amazing, but it also looks very hard, Rui-rui~.
Tsukushi: It is? I'm surprised you can tell just by looking at the notes.
Nanami: Huh? Oh, you know~... It's just a feeling~.
Touko: Huh... Hey, Rui, does my guitar part have something like that? Like, you know, a phrase that just screams that I totally rock!
Rui: No.
Touko: What?! Why not?!
Tsukushi: ... Do you want a part like that, Toko-chan?
Touko: Of course, I do! I'm finally starting to get pretty good at this guitar thing, so I wanna show off my skills!
Nanami: Ahaha... Plus, all the girls during lunch were staring at Rui-rui~.
Touko: Exactly! So I thought about it, and I think it's because Rui gets all the flashy parts.
Touko: If I get a part like that, people will pay more attention to me, and I'll get to show off my awesome guitar skills, right?
Touko: So yeah... Could you write something like that for me, Rui?
Rui: ... No.
Touko: Huh? Why?
Rui: Because you are not yet capable of playing such a part.

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Chapter 1

Rui flatly tells Toko that she cannot play the climax of a song. Unable to compromise, Toko and Rui begin to fight.


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying I'm not good enough?
Rui: I meant exactly what I said. You cannot play complex phrases, therefore, I cannot write one for you.
Touko: How are you supposed to know unless you let me try?!
Rui: Give it up.
Touko: I need a better reason than that!
Tsukushi: H-hey, Toko-chan, calm down.
Touko: I can't just accept that when you haven't even given me a chance!
Rui: The highlight of the song only shines when the musician playing it possesses sufficient skill. The crow that tries to be a cormorant drowns.
Touko: The crow that tries to be a cormorant drowns...!
Touko: ... Fusuke, what does that mean?
Tsukushi: Eh? Err... Yeah, I know it, but... you know it too, right, Nanami-chan?
Nanami: I think it means that if you try to do what other people are doing without considering your abilities, you'll fail... Or something like that~.
Tsukushi: Yeah! That's what it means, Toko-chan!
Touko: Oh~, so that's what it mea- ... What?! Don't tell me what I can and can't do! How are you supposed to know without letting me try?!
Rui: It's unlikely that you will be able to do so.
Touko: How many times do I have to tell you to stop assuming stuff like that?!
Nanami: Uhh... What should we do, Shiro-chan~? Things are getting worse...
Mashiro: Y-yes... We have to do something... B-but I have no idea how to stop a fight...!
Nanami: H-hang on. Let me check online to see what the best way to stop a fight is...!
Tsukushi: Come on, you two, get ahold of yourselves! We need to stop them!
Tsukushi: Okay, Toko-chan, Rui-san! That's enough fighting!
Touko: Fighting? We're not fighting. Rui's just being stubborn.
Rui: I merely stated the facts.
Touko: Facts? It's all just your opinion.
Tsukushi: I just stepped in and stopped you guys! Don't start fighting again!
Touko: That's 'cause Rui's saying I won't be able to do it! She's not making any sense! I've gotten better!
Tsukushi: Well... Hey, Rui-san. Is there any chance you'd be willing to write a phrase that highlights Toko-chan?
Rui: No. I have no intention of giving Kirigaya-san such a part with the way she is now.
Touko: Why?! I've been practicing, and I've been doing all right during our shows!
Rui: You say you have been doing all right, but there has never been a single concert where you have not made a mistake.
Rui: And yet, you are satisfied with your current performance. You have always been careless.
Touko: Wh-what do you mean by always...?
Rui: Do you remember our math teacher from when we were in middle school?
Touko: Hm? Ah, you mean Ku-chan-sensei, right? Kudo-sensei. They're in charge of track and field. Of course, I remember them.
Touko: They're so nice~. They always bring us snacks whenever we have an event.
Rui: Incidentally, their family name is Hisakawa, not Kudo.
Touko: Huh? For real...?
Mashiro: It's not even close...
Nanami: Toko-chan... I bet Hisakawa-sensei is crying right now~...
Rui: I can provide more examples if you wish.
Touko: H-hey, but that has nothing to do with how well I can pla-
Rui: No, they are the same. You have displayed a consistent pattern of carelessness.
Rui: It is unlikely that a person with your record will be able to perform the difficult phrase of a song at an acceptable level.
Rui: That is why I am saying I cannot entrust you with it.
Touko: ...!
Tsukushi: U-umm... You didn't have to put it that way, did you...?
Rui: There is nothing further to discuss. Let us resume practice.
Touko: Huh?! We're not done talking yet! There's no way I'm backing down if that's your reason!
Touko: I know I'm usually a bit... well, what you said... and I didn't always take the guitar seriously, but I do now!
Touko: Don't just look at how I used to be, take a good look at how I am now, Rui!
Rui: ... I am basing my decision on what I see now.
Touko: How can you be so... Argh~!
Touko: Anyway! I'm not giving up until you give me the highlight of a song!
Nanami: I-it looks like we're back to where we started~...
Mashiro: Ts-Tsukushi-chan, what should we do...?
Tsukushi: Ugh! We can't practice at all like this~!

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Chapter 2
Problem Solving

The next day, Tsukushi tries to settle the fight between Toko and Rui.
She talks to Toko and gets a good idea.


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1B

Mashiro: W-well...? Is Toko-chan there?
Tsukushi: Uhhh... School just ended, so she should be... Ah, I see her!
Tsukushi: We need to find a way to get those two to stop fighting, or else we won't be able to practice!
Nanami: Hey, Tsu-chan, Shiro-chan. What're you guys doing?
Tsukushi: Ah, Nanami-chan. We came to see Toko-chan...
Nanami: I see~. Toko-chan's talking with her friends over there~. Would you like me to get her?
Tsukushi: It's okay, we can go!
Mashiro: ... U-umm, Tsukushi-chan. The girls around Toko-chan seem so radiant...
Tsukushi: Ah, them? I see those students with her a lot.
Nanami: Ooh, you have a good eye, Shiro-chan~. They're some of the most popular girls in Tsukinomori~.
Mashiro: I-I see... How do you know that, though...?
Nanami: Research~.
Tsukushi: Research can come later! We need to take care of this first! ... Good day, Toko-chan!
Touko: Oh, Fusuke! And Shiro and Nanami, too. Oh yeah, do you guys have some time today? We're gonna go hang out!
Tsukushi: Are you sure now's a good time? We never settled the argument about the highlight of our new song.
Touko: Aw~, do we have to go over this again? It's all Rui's fault because she won't listen.
Tsukushi: Sigh... You two can be so similar in the weirdest ways.
Nanami: ...? What do you mean~?
Mashiro: U-umm, I went to see Rui-san with Tsukushi-chan during lunch. She said the same thing Toko-chan just did...
Tsukushi: She said, "The reason we are at a stalemate is because Kirigaya-san refuses to listen."
Touko: Huh?!
Nanami: Ahaha, you two must really get along.
Tsukushi: Anyway, it doesn't look like Rui-san will change her mind. Is it the same for you, Toko-chan?
Touko: Totally!
Tsukushi: Hmm, so you want our new song's highlight to feature the guitar, but Rui-san doesn't think you'll be able to handle it...
Tsukushi: Then there's only one way to resolve this situation. You have to make Rui-san acknowledge you!
Touko: Ooh~! ... So, uh, what do I do?
Tsukushi: It's simple! You just have to play an incredible phrase that will impress even Rui-san!
Tsukushi: That should convince her of your ability!
Touko: Ah~! I like that... I like it a lot! The time's finally come for me and my guitar to shine~!
Mashiro: B-but... Don't you think a phrase like that will have to be very difficult...?
Touko: You're cracking me up! Why're you the one getting all worried, Shiro? I'm the one who has to play, so it'll totally be fine!
Tsukushi: Yeah! I'm sure you'll be able to do it, Toko-chan! We'll help you, too!
Touko: Man~, I'm getting a bit fired up. Sorry guys, I don't think I'll be able to hang out today!
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: Hm-hmhm-hm~♪ ... That was pretty cool, wasn't it?
Touko: Eh, it was kinda lame.
Tsukushi: H-hey! I was pretty proud of that one!
Mashiro: It's so hard to make a phrase from scratch, isn't it...?
Nanami: Ahaha, I like your humming, Tsu-chan. It was so cuddly~.
Tsukushi: It was supposed to be cool!
Touko: Hmm... Writing music might be harder than we thought.
Mashiro: ... Wh-what if, and I'm not saying we should... What if we used Rui-san's phrase for our new song instead...?
Touko: Aw~, why Rui's~? Isn't that like admitting defeat?
Tsukushi: No... That's actually a great idea! If it's a phrase she wrote herself, she should be satisfied!
Touko: Now that you say it like that... Yeah. Great idea, Shiro~.
Mashiro: Th-thank you...
Touko: Hey, do any of you know what her phrase sounds like? I can't tell just from looking at the sheet music~.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: U-umm...
Nanami: Rui-rui's phrase, Rui-rui's phrase... Could I borrow your guitar a bit, Toko-chan~?
Nanami: I think it went like... this...! And then like that...! Something like that anyway~!
Touko, Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...?!
Nanami: ... Hm? What's the matter, guys...?
Touko: Wh-what was that?! That was super awesome!
Nanami: Ah, yeah. Rui-rui's phrase is pretty awesome, isn't it~?
Tsukushi: It's not just the phrase. It's also you, Nanami-chan! I didn't know you could play the guitar!
Mashiro: Y-yes. I was also surprised...!
Nanami: ... Eh? Oh, ohh~! Well, that's only because it's similar to a bass... I think. Aha... Ahaha...
Touko: Nanami! Could you play that once more? None of it went into my head!
Nanami: U-umm~... Just once more, okay~? I only got lucky the first time, so don't get your hopes up too much~.
Tsukushi: Ah! Toko-chan, you need to get ready to take notes! I'll record it on my phone!
Touko: Oh yeah! I just need something to write on... Ah, I'll use this sheet music from yesterday!
Mashiro: I-I'll... umm... I'll do my best to watch!
Nanami: Hmm... Being normal is hard~...

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Chapter 3
Could I Be Less Cool?

With the fight weighing on her mind, Toko practices phrases.
At that moment, she hears Rui play...


A Few Days Later
Edogawa Music

Touko: ... Sigh~...
Nanami: Wh-what's the matter, Toko-chan? That was a really big sigh.
Touko: That phrase is insanely hard... I don't think I'll ever be able to play it...
Touko: I know it's difficult, but I can't even tell why it's difficult... Things aren't going great.
Nanami: I-I see~... But you've been practicing so much. I'm sure you'll be able to play it eventually, Toko-chan~!
Touko: Yeah. This is me we're talking about, after all~...
Touko: How can I be practicing so much and still be unable to do it, though? I'm not sure if even Rui will be able to play that thing!
Nanami: Hmm... I don't think she'd write a song she couldn't play...
Tsukushi: Sorry about the wait, guys! I'm done shopping now... Hm?
Mashiro: Toko-chan, you still haven't bought your strings?
Touko: Oops, I'll go get them now!
Nanami: ... Toko-chan's trying real hard.
Mashiro: I can tell. She's been bringing her guitar with her every day lately.
Tsukushi: But that's why I'm kind of worried... I hope the sparks don't fly in today's practice again...
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Nanami: ... Weird, the lights are on. I wonder if somebody's here already.
Tsukushi: It's probably Rui-san. She said she'd go ahead without us.
Mashiro: Mmhmm, I can hear the violin...
Touko: ... Hm? This phrase...!
Rui: You should have said something if you were here.
Nanami: Oh, sorry. Your performance was just so amazing, Rui-rui~.
Mashiro: That's our new song, right...?
Tsukushi: It was incredible! I had no idea that's what it would sound like on a violin!
Touko: ... I guess she can play it.
Tsukushi: Rui-san, have you been practicing since you got here?
Rui: Yes. It is necessary for me to do so because of the long period of time where I did not play.
Touko: ... Hey, how much do you usually practice?
Rui: I practice four to five hours on weekdays and ten hours or so on weekends.
Touko: ... Huh? That's so much...!
Tsukushi: Wow... Do you spend all that time playing?
Rui: No. I also use the time to listen to recordings of my practice. That way, I can objectively identify the areas I have to work on.
Rui: Writing those issues down on the sheet music like this also helps me improve the quality of my performance.
Touko: ... Whoa.
Mashiro: There are so many notes...!
Tsukushi: Did you write all of this down, Rui-san?! Wait, have you been doing this for all of our songs...?
Rui: Yes... Here.
Nanami: Wow~, this one has even more notes. It looks like you've also been doing some special training behind our backs, Rui-rui~.
Tsukushi: Hey! There's no need to bring that up now, is there?!
Rui: I have not been keeping it a secret. It is not special training either. It is just out of habit.
Mashiro: That must be why you're so good at playing, Rui-san.
Touko: ... She's written down so much stuff on her sheet music.
Tsukushi: ...? Toko-chan?
Touko: ... I'm so lame.
The Following Morning
Futaba Residence - Tsukushi's Room

Tsukushi: ...?
Tsukushi: Huh..? A call...? It's from... Toko-chan?
Tsukushi: Why's she calling so early in the morning...? ... Hi.
Touko: Morning, Fusuke! I wanna ask you something.
Tsukushi: G-good morning. Go ahead, but you know it's still six in the morning, right...?
Touko: ... Ah! Oh yeah, you were probably still asleep, huh? My bad!
Touko: We have this weird rule at my place, so I'm used to waking up at five.
Tsukushi: ... Sigh. It's all right. So, what's this question of yours?
Touko: Oh yeah, that! I'm at school right now, but I have no idea how to put in a request to use one of the empty classrooms.
Tsukushi: ... Huh? school? ... What are you doing at school?!
Touko: You know~. Stuff. You used to get us the classroom for practice, right? Could you tell me how?
Tsukushi: You still haven't told me what you're doing at school...
Touko: Oh yeah, do you have to write something down when you're gonna play an instrument in the room?
Tsukushi: I-instrument?! What are you up to...?
Touko: I have this super awesome idea!
Tsukushi: (T-Toko-chan's awesome idea...? I'm so worried now...)
Touko: Fusuke? You there?
Tsukushi: ... Fine.
Tsukushi: I'll come to school and show you how to do the paperwork! Stay put until I arrive, okay?

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Chapter 4
I'll Make You Acknowledge Me!

Tsukushi is called out in the early morning by Toko.
Dying to be acknowledged, Toko begins practicing extra hard!


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Front Gate

Touko: ... Ah, there you are! Thanks so much for coming!
Tsukushi: Yeah, no problem... What do you plan on doing at this hour with your guitar?
Tsukushi: Nobody's even out and about yet... Yawn.
Touko: I just need a place where I can play the guitar! I was practicing at home, but I got scolded by grandma for making so much noise~.
Touko: So I was trying to figure out where I could practice. That's when I remembered the empty classrooms here!
Tsukushi: ... You've been playing all morning?! You completely spaced out during practice yesterday, though.
Touko: Yeah, well, after seeing Rui, I figured I need to step up my game! I'm totally fired up right now!
Tsukushi: I see... I don't blame you for being impressed. Rui-san has been practicing a lot, after all.
Touko: Huh?! It's not that! I just can't stand being unable to play something she can!
Touko: Anyway, I am so gonna play that phrase and make her acknowledge my guitar skills!
Tsukushi: O-oh, I guess the sparks are flying again...
Touko: Of course! I'm not gonna let her get away with saying all those things about me.
Tsukushi: I see... Well, it's a good thing you're motivated at least! We should ask the teachers if we can use one of the empty classrooms then!
Touko: Yeah! Thanks, Fusuke. I totally owe you one!
Tsukushi: Hehe, I am the leader, after all! You can ask me for anything!
Touko: You mean that?! Then I need you to listen to me play and tell me if I'm doing it properly! Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna be practicing every morning!
Tsukushi: What?! You're gonna do this every day~?!
Several Days Later
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: Ugh...
Nanami: Oh my, looks like you're the one who's tired this time. What's the matter, Tsu-chan?
Tsukushi: I've been helping Toko-chan with her morning practice... She just has so much energy... Yawn...
Mashiro: ...
Touko: ... Ah! Hey, that sounded pretty good, didn't it?! It felt right! Guys?
Nanami: Ah, sorry, Toko-chan. I missed it~...
Touko: Seriously~?! I can't believe you weren't looking when I'm finally trying this without the sheet music.
Touko: Whatever! All right, I'm gonna do another round~!
Nanami: ... Toko-chan's so into it~.
Tsukushi: Mmhmm. She said she's super fired up.
Nanami: Ah, so she's burning with passion then~. Is that also why you're on fire, Shiro-chan?
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: ... Hm? Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention...
Tsukushi: You have been working on the lyrics this whole time, after all. Any luck?
Mashiro: Yes. A view popped into my mind when I was looking at Toko-chan...
Nanami: Ooh~. I had no idea the lyrics came to you that way, too~.
Tsukushi: But we always see Toko-chan. Did it come to you because she's fired up?
Mashiro: M-maybe. She's just so amazing.
Mashiro: She hasn't given up at all even after Rui-san criticized her... Not only that, she's working even harder.
Mashiro: If it had been me in her place, I don't think I'd be able to continue... That's why seeing her is so uplifting.
Touko: ... Ah! This feeling! How was that one! Guys? ... Uh, what are you all looking at?
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan's lyrics for our new song. She said it came to her when she saw you.
Nanami: it looks like your fire's spread to her, Toko-chan~.
Touko: Huh...! That's pretty awesome!
Nanami: Ooh, looks like somebody's pleased~.
Touko: I mean, c'mon, that makes it my song since I was her inspiration!
Touko: And that means the highlight is also mine, right?! Hehe! I've so got this!
Mashiro: I-I don't know if things will work out that way... But I do want to help you as much as possible, Toko-chan.
Touko: It's totally working! I'm super fired up now! Thanks, Shiro!
Mashiro: Mmhmm... You're welcome.
Touko: Oh yeah, could you let me write down your lyrics on my sheet music? I don't care if they're not done yet. That'll motivate me even mo- ... Hm?
Tsukushi: ...? What's the matter, Toko-chan?
Touko: Uh-oh... It's my sheet music. I can't find it.
Tsukushi: Oh no! You had it at school! All your notes were on it...!
Touko: I might've left it there. I did take it out a lot in the classroom. This sucks. I gotta go and get it in a hurry.
Tsukushi: ... Just keep doing what you're doing. I'll go get it for you!
Touko: Oh, you'd do that? Seriously? Are you like my guardian angel...?
Tsukushi: You still have to practice, don't you? If it's in the classroom, I can still go and get it in time!
Touko: Phew... I'm so glad you're our leader, Fusuke~. You've done so much for me. I totally owe you one!
Tsukushi: ... Hehe, I'm just doing my job as the leader! Be sure you practice properly even without me, okay?
Touko: Don't worry! Your sacrifice won't be in vain!
Tsukushi: Hey! Don't write me off as a sacrifice~!

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Chapter 5
Wanting to Change

Tsukushi returns to grab something she forgot and runs into Rui.
The two share their thoughts about the future of the band.


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1B

Tsukushi: This should be the classroom... Hm?
Rui: ... Futaba-san?
Tsukushi: R-Rui-san?! What are you doing here...?
Rui: I happened to find this while I was making my rounds.
Tsukushi: Ah, the sheet music! Thank goodness, I've been looking for it!
Rui: I figured it belonged to one of us... Is this yours, Futaba-san?
Tsukushi: No, it's Toko-chan's! She's been practicing the highlight phrase a lo-... Uh...
Rui: ... There should be no highlight phrase featuring the guitar.
Tsukushi: Um, you see... I might've told Toko-chan... there's a chance you'd acknowledge her if she can play our new song's highlight with the guitar...
Tsukushi: But it's not because I'm playing favorites or anything like that! I just think you maybe should give her a chance...
Rui: ... I already clearly explained my reasoning.
Rui: She currently has neither the skill to play that phrase nor the resolve to practice enough to be able to play it.
Rui: That is why I determined she should not be given the song's highlight. I cannot understand why she refuses to accept my decision.
Tsukushi: ... But Toko-chan's working really hard right now. She's started practicing in the morning, and she even practices at the atelier after school.
Tsukushi: You saw how many notes there are on that sheet music, right? Those are all Toko-chan's.
Rui: Louder, "Make it more sparkly," "Kick it up a notch..." Yes, these are indeed Kirigaya-san's notes.
Tsukushi: Right? She's determined to play that phrase. She's definitely not being careless!
Rui: ... I do not understand. Why do the two of you refuse to accept reality?
Rui: There is nothing to be gained from such a decision.
Tsukushi: That's because there's no way to know unless you try.
Rui: ... The same applies to this band. There is no proof that it will succeed, yet you persist.
Tsukushi: We've only just started. If that's the way you feel, why are you still with us?
Rui: ... I'm interested to see what happens when you prioritize your emotions.
Rui: I have always made decisions based on reality. The same cannot be said for all of you.
Rui: You have chosen to follow your emotions and continue this band... I wish to see where this path will take you.
Tsukushi: ... It sounds like what you want is change, Rui-san.
Rui: ...? I do not follow.
Tsukushi: Um, you've decided to stick with us even if it means going against the way you've always done things, right?
Tsukushi: You say it's because you want to know what lies ahead... Doesn't that mean you want something your current methods aren't giving you?
Rui: Me... Seek change...?
Tsukushi: Well, I don't know what that change is... But at least in my case, I'm hoping being in this band will change me.
Tsukushi: I want to become the kind of person who can shine with pride.
Rui: ... You stated that when we decided on the name of this band.
Tsukushi: It's starting to feel like a while ago, isn't it? I want to know if becoming that kind of person will allow me to feel like I belong here at Tsukinomori.
Rui: Have you always wished for this change?
Tsukushi: Not always. At least not when I was in kindergarten. Everyone started out the same back then.
Tsukushi: But as time passed, everyone started doing amazing things. Except me... I haven't done anything like that yet...
Tsukushi: Well, I do plan on shining eventually!
Rui: ... Have you ever considered giving up, Futaba-san?
Tsukushi: Why would I? I won't know until I try. Maybe I just haven't found whatever it is that'll make me special!
Tsukushi: There's no telling when I'll find that thing. That's why I'm going to keep trying, even if it's unrealistic!
Rui: And this applies to Morfonica as well?
Tsukushi: Of course! I want to believe in myself!
Rui: ... To believe. Another emotion.
Tsukushi: Is it still difficult for you to understand what it means to act on emotions...?
Rui: ... Yes.
Tsukushi: If you don't understand, why not take a look at someone we both know? How does that sound?
Rui: ...? Who are you referring to?
Tsukushi: Isn't it obvious? I'm talking about Toko-chan! The reason you don't understand Toko-chan is because she bases her actions on her feelings!
Tsukushi: I think looking at her properly might give you some hints!
Rui: ... I am not so sure.
Tsukushi: I am! That's why you need to try to get to know her better, Rui-san!
Rui: ...
Tsukushi: Come on, Rui-san!
Tsukushi: Let's go to the atelier together!

An Étude to Spread Our Wings Event Story - Ending
A New Step Forward

Toko has improved her phrase. Can she play it well enough to impress Rui...?


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: ... Ugh! Wasn't that super close?! I almost played it perfectly!
Mashiro: Y-yes...! Your guitar sounded so amazing!
Nanami: Your hands are quivering, though~.
Touko: That's 'cause I'm exhausted! Who made this so hard to play anyway?!
Nanami: That would be me~.
Touko: Oh yeah! Thanks, by the way!
Nanami: Looks like you don't need the sheet music anymore, Toko-chan.
Mashiro: That means you've gotten better...!
Touko: C'mon, this is me we're talking about! All I needed to do was try a bit~!
Tsukushi: Hi guys, I'm back!
Touko: Hey Fusuke, welcome back! Too bad you weren't here a little earlier~! You just missed my sweet perfor-
Rui: ...
Touko: Huh? Rui?! What are you doing here?!
Tsukushi: I brough her so that she could see how hard you're working, Toko-chan.
Tsukushi: That way, she might see how serious you are about this!
Touko: Uh~, okay...?
Rui: Futaba-san. I cannot make a proper assessment without seeing a full performance.
Touko: ... Hey, hey, Yashio-sensei. This isn't the same me as the last time. I can play this phrase whenever you want me to.
Rui: ... Excellent. That makes it easier for me to evaluate you.
Touko: Fine, you asked for it! Just you see, Rui! Don't blame me if I floor you with my performance!
Tsukushi: U-um... This isn't quite what I had in mind...
Touko: ... Pant, pant... Well?
Tsukushi: That was incredible, Toko-chan! You were able to play it properly all the way to the end!
Nanami: Toko-chan became even better while you were gone, Tsu-chan~.
Mashiro: Yes... She worked so hard.
Touko: What did you think, Rui? I played your phrase! Bet you can't complain about my skills and stuff now!
Rui: ...
Tsukushi, Mashiro & Nanami: ...!
Rui: ... The quality of your performance is still insufficient to be performed before an audience.
Touko: Huh?! You're saying I'm still not good enough?!
Rui: That is why I expect you to perfect it before our next concert.
Rui: If you cannot, all the work I will put in to rewrite the violin part for the guitar will go to waste.
Tsukushi: ... Eh? Rui-san, does this mean...?
Nanami: She...
Mashiro: Acknowledged Toko-chan...
Rui: I will not repeat myself.
Tsukushi: ... T-Toko-chan! Did you hear that? You did it!
Touko: Huh? What do you mean? I thought she said it wasn't good enough.
Tsukushi: No, she didn't! Rui-san's going to let you do the highlight of the song!
Touko: For real?! All right~!
Nanami: I knew you could do it, Toko-chan. Looks like all you hard work paid off~.
Mashiro: I'm so happy for you, Toko-chan...!
Touko: Well, now you've seen what I can do when I put my mind to it! Thanks for helping, you two!
Tsukushi: ... Any luck, Rui-san? Were you able to figure anything out watching Toko-chan?
Rui: No. On the contrary, I am even more confused.
Tsukushi: Huh?! Why?!
Rui: By listening to her emotions, Kirigaya-san brought about a result I had not foreseen. I do not understand how this has happened.
Tsukushi: Hmm... Did it at least give you a bit of an idea?
Touko: Hey, sounds like you guys are talking about some pretty complicated stuff. Oh, is it about me?!
Touko: No need to be shy, Rui~! You can just come out and tell me how awesome I was on the guitar!
Rui: ... I have decided to let you handle the phrase for now. However, the violin phrase will be used if I determine you are incapable.
Rui: Keep that in mind when you practice.
Touko: Huh? Are you telling me to practice even more? You're merciless. I've already been taking this pretty seriously!
Rui: I will not complain so long as there is nothing wrong with your performance.
Touko: Oh yeah? Sure, you got yourself a deal. And while I'm at it, I'll go ahead and play this whole song perfectly!
Rui: Given your current state, that will be unlikely.
Touko: You've got no way of knowing that when I haven't even tried!
Nanami: ... H-huh~? I thought this fight over the new song's highlight ended with Toko-chan getting to play it...
Nanami: Why are they going at it again~?!
Mashiro: O-oh no... We have to stop them. Right, Tsukushi-chan?
Tsukushi: ... Nope! There's no need for that! This is fine for those two!
Nanami: Y-you sound so sure, Tsu-chan~.
Mashiro: But how do you know...?
Tsukushi: Fufu, easy!
Tsukushi: It's because I'm the leader!

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