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An Alluring Hand Card Story - Episode

Sayo's Hand Care Part 1



Tae: Hikawa-senpai, your hands are really pretty.
Sayo: You mentioned that before too... Are they really?
Tae: Your head line is so straight too.
Sayo: Head line...? I've never bothered comparing them to anyone else's, so I'm not too sure about this stuff.
Tae: Really? But you even have super long fingers.
Sayo: Maybe it's because I play the guitar... Yeah, there's no denying that some pieces are extremely difficult for short fingers. So I think they naturally grow longer the more you practice.
Tae: Do your hands ever become rough or crack from playing?
Sayo: I pay no mind to whether the skin gets dry or if a nail breaks. As long as I can still play the guitar.
Tae: But... doesn't it become harder to pluck the strings when that happens? Like before shows and stuff?
Sayo: Yeah, I suppose there have been times like that. However, conditioning oneself for performances is just another part of being a musician.
Tae: I see...
Himari: Whatcha doin'?
Tae: Ah, Himari. We were just talking about how pretty her hands are.
Himari: Huh? I wanna see! Is that okay?
Sayo: I don't mind...
Himari: What do we have here~?
Himari: Wow... You're right! These fingers are so long! And your hands have such a nice shape!
Tae: Right? I'm so jealous.
Himari: Ah, but your fingertips are a bit dry~. Do your nails... ever break?
Sayo: Yes. It happens to me all the time during practice.
Tae: Same. But not quite as often.
Himari: What?! Seriously?!
Eve: You cannot allow that to happen!
Sayo, Himari & Tae: Huh?
Sayo: ... Wakamiya... san?
Eve: Sayo-san, Tae-san. That is unacceptable!
Eve: With such beautiful hands, you must be sure to take care of them properly!
Himari: Yes! You're exactly right, Eve-chan!
Sayo: As long as I can strum, I'm happy. I can't allow myself to stop playing just because of a broken nail or a little cut.
Tae: Eve, Himari. You two seem to know a lot about how to take care of your hands.
Eve: That's because I do it daily as part of my job!
Himari: I wouldn't say I'm as good as Eve-chan is at it, but I make sure to do it right!
Tae: Oh, what if we all go shopping, and you two teach us what you know?
Himari: Does that mean the four of us are gonna go hang out?
Tae: Mhm. What do you think?
Himari: Sounds good to me! We'll go shopping~, then we'll eat~. Oh! And I wanna stop by the photo booth!
Eve: That's a wonderful plan! I look forward to being able to spend time with you all!
Sayo: ... I-I never agreed to go!
Himari: Aww~!! But it's gonna be so much fun! C'mon, let's go~!
Eve: Hand care is very important for playing the guitar. I'm sure it will be of help!
Himari: Mhm, that's right! If you do it well, your hands might heal even faster when they get cuts and stuff.
Sayo: Is that true?
Eve: Yes! At the very least, you'll damage them less often! Just by keeping them from being dry, the skin will be less likely to break!
Sayo: I see... If that's actually the case, I may be able to obtain a higher level of perfection during my performances.
Himari: Yes, you will! Do it, for the sake of guitar playing!
Sayo: Understood. I'll accompany for the shopping portion.
Himari: Yay~!
Tae: Then I guess it's decided. Where should we meet up?
Eve: I think the front of the station would be a good spot!
Himari: Yep, it's pretty easy to find.
Tae: Is that okay with you too, Hikawa-senpai?
Sayo: Yes, I'm fine with that.
Himari: Alrighty! Tomorrow! In front of the station!
Tae & Eve: Okay~!

An Alluring Hand Card Story - Special Episode

Sayo's Hand Care Part 2


Station Entrance

Sayo: We were planning to meet around here... Maybe I arrived too early.
Tae: Ah, there's Hikawa-senpai.
Eve: Good morning, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Good morning. Where's Uehara-san?
Himari: Sorry~!
Eve: Good morning, Himari-san!
Himari: Hey~! I'm so sorry... I really, really, really didn't mean to fall back asleep...
Tae: It's okay. You got here on time.
Himari: I did?!
Eve: Yep! Tae and I just got here!
Tae: Hikawa-san was here first... Speaking of, when did you actually arrive?
Sayo: Half an hour ago.
Himari: What?! That means I made you wait for so long... I'm really sorry.
Sayo: It's no problem. I just showed up too early.
Tae: By half an hour, I think.
Eve: You take things very seriously, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Anyway, where are we going today?
Eve: Tae-san and I were thinking it'd be good to go to the mall!
Himari: Me too! They've got lots of stuff there!

Shopping Mall

Himari: Okay, say cheese!
Tae: Yay~.
Eve: Wow! It came out so well!
Himari: I know, right! Alright, time to edit~. "Our first time out together, yay!"
Sayo: ... What are you doing?
Himari: Huh? I'm adding a comment to our photo booth picture!
Sayo: I understand that part.
Himari: Hm...? So...?
Sayo: I came here today because I thought we were going to shop and learn about hand care.
Himari: Ah, yeah, of course~. We know. Why don't we go look for beauty supplies?!

Tae: This strawberry crepe is delicious~.
Himari: I got the chocolate and banana ice cream flavor!
Eve: They both look good!
Sayo: ... Hello?
Tae, Himari & Eve: Yes?
Sayo: What are you all doing?
Himari: J-just having a crepe...
Sayo: ... I'm going home. I'd like to practice guitar.
Himari: Whoa! Sorry, sorry, sorry~!
Sayo: No, I don't mind. Don't worry about me. Please, continue enjoying yourselves.
Himari: S-Sayo-san! Here!
Sayo: ...? What's this?
Tae: It's hand cream. Oh, but I used some, just so you know.
Sayo: ... What's going on?
Eve: The three of us actually went shopping before we met up with you!
Himari: You showed up pretty early, so I went to the store while these two went to the meet-up spot.
Tae: We figured we finally get to go out with you, so it would be nice to have some fun. But we thought if we gave you the hand cream, you might go straight home.
Sayo: ... I see. Look, I know it's me we're talking about, but that doesn't mean I would just leave.
Himari: Wait, really?
Sayo: ... Sigh, you could've said something beforehand.
Himari: But then it wouldn't have been a surprise~.
Eve: Ah, while we're here, what do you all think about spending a little more time together?
Himari: Ah! Awesome idea!
Tae: Yep, I'll stay.
Sayo: That's a completely different story.
Eve, Himari & Tae: Aww~...
Sayo: However...
Sayo: I'll be sure to be thoughtful in my usage of this hand cream. Thank you so much.