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An Elegant Patrol Card Story - Episode

Fleetingness Patrol


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Kaoru: Greetings, my little kittens. Is your day fleeting enough today?
Students: Kyaaah~! Kaoru-senpai~!
Hina: Ah, it's Kaoru-kun~.
Lisa: Kaoru... What are you doing?
Kaoru: Salutations, Hina, Lisa. I am currently leading the Fleeting Patrol.
Lisa: Fleeting... Patrol?
Hina: Hahaha. What in the world?! Alright, I'm interested!
Lisa: Uh, you've lost me... Would you mind giving a quick rundown of what that is?
Kaoru: Ah, but of course. The other day, the members of Hello, Happy World! formed what we call the Smile Patrol.
Lisa: I see, so that's what the Smile Patrol is~. You guys are always so creative~.
Hina: Yep, sure are. That's seriously boppin'♪
Kaoru: Fufu, our patrol was most rewarding, as we helped bring smiles to the many people of our fair town.
Kaoru: And that is what sparked this movement... The formation of a Fleeting Patrol.
Kaoru: A fleeting world of endless smiles... Ahhh, how fleeting...
Lisa: U-uhm, can I ask a question? I can understand wanting to make others smile, but... how will that work with the concept of "fleeting"?
Kaoru: It is... exactly how it sounds.
Hina: Way cool~! Count me in!
Lisa: Huh?! Hina, are you for real?!
Hina: Sure am! As real as can be~. But what kind of patrol should I do? It'd be boring if we had the same one...
Hina: Ah, I know! I'll start up a Boppin'♪ Patrol~.
Lisa: Boppin'♪ Patrol... I'm feeling more and more lost with every word...
Lisa: And Hina, I think you're gonna have issues at school if you're just creating whatever you want as the student-council president...
Hina: Huh? Really? I don't see the problem.
Kaoru: Fufu. Hina. Your idea is positively stupendous. Smiles on faces, that which is fleeting, that which is boppin'♪ ... They are all of great importance.
Kaoru: Lisa, I ask you: will you not join the ranks of the Fleeting Patrol?
Lisa: Who, me?! Uhhh, I think I'll have to pass...
Kaoru: Say no more, Lisa. Much like my fleetingness or Hina's boppin' nature, there must also be an ideal that you regard with similar importance.
Lisa: I-I wouldn't go so far as to say that... Hahaha...
Hina: Hey, Kaoru-kun! Our patrols should go beyond the school! Let's take them all the way to the station!
Kaoru: Hina, your dynamism never fails to surprise me. Let us fly!
Lisa: W-wait, you two! At least keep it on school grounds~!

An Elegant Patrol Card Story - Special Episode

Fully Fleeting World



Kaoru: How fleeting...
Kaoru: Ahhh, this line is also so very fleeting...
Kaoru: The words of the great bard are overflowing with fleetingness...
Kaoru: ... Oh? Why, if it isn't BanG Dreamer-san.
Kaoru: What am I doing? Reading this poem, of course.
Kaoru: Yes, it is indeed a work of Shakespeare.
Kaoru: By performing a further review of his fleetingness, I am able to look back on my own.
Kaoru: You see, we members of Hello, Happy World! have recently formed what is called the Smile Patrol.
Kaoru: The Smile Patrol is, essentially... an ever so fleeting troupe who engages not only in music but also in every manner of smile-inducing activity.
Kaoru: The proposal of which came from Kokoro, of course. It is the type of creative proposition you expect from her.
Kaoru: And it is from those pursuits that it struck me: I should reevaluate my understanding of the concept of fleetingness.
Kaoru: The first step was to once again peruse the works of my beloved Shakespeare and rediscover the fleetingness that resides in every page.
Kaoru: However...
Kaoru: With every line I read, my heart is consumed by a savage squall of fleetingness, and I lose the ability to continue.
Kaoru: Hm... It is impressive how easily I can locate such fleetingness, you say?
Kaoru: Nay, you are mistaken. Fleetingness dwells within all things. You need only open your eyes to see it.
Kaoru: The world is overflowing with fleetingness...
Kaoru: Yes, it is but that.
Kaoru: Fufu, what a stupendous discussion of fleetingness this has been. Until we meet again.