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An Eternal Sunset Card Story - Episode

An Eye-Catching Album


Shopping Mall
Himari: Thanks for coming with me, guys. I found the magazine I was looking for, so let me just pay for it and then we can go.
Himari: Huh...? Ahh~! This photobook's been sold out forever~! They finally have it again~!
Tsugumi: Is that... a model?
Himari: Yeah! Before, she would show up in this magazine as an amateur model, but they finally signed her last year!
Himari: Her sense of style is amazing, her face has such a nice shape, and she always looks so put together! I'm a huge fan!
Himari: Ah, check this picture out! Doesn't this outfit look so cute on her?
Tomoe: Oh, it does. And it looks like something you would wear too. I can see why you like her.
Himari: Right~? Hm... I guess I'll buy this then! Ah, but there's no way I could leave this one behind...!
Tomoe: Why don't you buy both?
Himari: I don't have enough money for both... Ohh~, which one should I pick...?
Tomoe: Looks like we're gonna be here for a while... Wanna look at some of the books?
Tsugumi: Mhm, sounds good.
Tomoe: Oh, check this out...
Tsugumi: A photobook of the World Heritage Sites... Ohh~! That sounds interesting! And the cover really draws you in.
Tomoe: Exactly! Tsugu, sounds like you know what's up!
Tomoe: They have photos of all these famous sites, and they're just so good with the way they set up the shots and how they use them to express different ideas and feelings. It's completely different from other photobooks.
Tsugumi: Yeah. I don't really know much about photography, but even I can tell that these have a different feel to them! Ah, like this one!
Tomoe: Right? I'm glad someone else gets it! This photobook is part of a series. Every year they take new pictures of all the World Heritage Sites.
Tomoe: This is my favorite one in the book, by the way... Mont-Saint-Michel.
Tsugumi: Mont-Saint-Michel... Isn't that a monastery?
Himari: Michelle? You guys are talking about Hello, Happy World!...?
Tomoe: No~, we're talking about a monastery on an island in France. Forget about that, Himari, aren't you supposed to be deciding which magazine to buy? Hurry up.
Himari: Okay~...
Tomoe: ... Look at her. I bet we'll be able to finish this whole book before she decides.
Tsugumi: Fufu, probably.
Tomoe: Ah, look at this one, Tsugu! Even in this sacred place of worship, you can feel a sort of darkness in this photograph... It's like the way the shadows fall over the building creates a story.
Tsugumi: It really does! The shadows make it really unique and interesting. It's amazing that you can pick up on stuff like that, Tomoe-chan~...
Tomoe: Y-You think so...? Nah, it ain't that impressive... But, man, I bet seeing this place in person would be pretty cool.
Tsugumi: Yeah, I'm sure it would feel completely different from just looking at the photos here.
Tomoe: For sure. Someday, I'd like to go here, or to one of the places in my photobook at home, but... I don't know if I'll ever be able to do something like that~...
Tomoe: Hm...? This photo...
Tsugumi: Wow, the ocean's so pretty! What country was this taken in?
Tomoe: Actually, I think this is Japan. Taken in... Inoshima?
Tsugumi: Inoshima? That's not that far from here, is it? It's so beautiful~!
Tomoe: Yeah. The ocean, the sunset... Even the city's got a nice vibe.
Tomoe: Alright! Looks like I'm buying this.
Himari: Huh?! Oh no, I still haven't decided~!
Tomoe: Haha. Well, something just told me I have to get it. Feel free to take your time figuring out which one you want, Himari.
Himari: Ts-Tsugu~! Help me pick one~!
Tsugumi: H-huh?! Why me?!
Tomoe: What a pretty sunset... It'd be great if we could all watch it together...

An Eternal Sunset Card Story - Special Episode

What's Missing from Pictures


Shopping Mall
Tomoe: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Looking for a book?
Tomoe: Hm? Me? No, I'm not really here to buy anything.
Tomoe: I'm meeting up with Himari, but it looks like she's running late, so I thought I'd kill some time here.
Tomoe: And that's always easy to do when looking through a photobook.
Tomoe: Like the one I'm looking at now. A collection of pictures of the sky taken around the world.
Tomoe: Ah, I can tell you think that's boring. If you take a look for yourself though, you'll see that it's not.
Tomoe: They've got pictures of the sky from World Heritage sites, from famous mountains...
Tomoe: Like this. Doesn't this look cool? It's the sky seen from the Aegean Sea.
Tomoe: You can just barely see the roofs of these white buildings, and they create such a beautiful contrast next to the blue from the sky and the water.
Tomoe: ... This color is something you can only get from photobooks.
Tomoe: Sure, you can see images from all over the world on the internet, but there's just something about seeing it in print...
Tomoe: The sky captured in a photobook is probably the closest you can get to the color of the actual thing.
Tomoe: Oh, yeah. Speaking of, the members of Afterglow and I went to Inoshima the other day.
Tomoe: We decided to go after I saw it in a book like these.
Tomoe: Have you ever heard of Mont-Saint-Michel? I think Inoshima is the Mont-Saint-Michel of Japan.
Tomoe: The feeling of the island is so similar. Plus it's got a rich history, so that's another thing they have in common.
Tomoe: Have you ever been to Inoshima? If not, you should check it out!
Tomoe: Especially this time of year. It's a little cold, but it's also super clear outside, so you can really enjoy the sights, even from afar.
Tomoe: They also have lights decorating the streets. Plus it's not as crowded as it is in the summer, so it's easier to get around.
Tomoe: I feel like the ocean is one of the main things Inoshima is known for, so it makes sense most people think of it as a summer spot, but...
Tomoe: I think the best season to really experience Inoshima is right now, when the air is so clear.
Tomoe: ... I'm so happy we went.
Tomoe: And I think part of the reason I had so much fun was that everyone in Afterglow came with me.
Tomoe: I'm pretty bad at inviting others to do stuff or telling them what I wanna do. It just feels like I'm taking up their time... Even though I know they wouldn't say no.
Tomoe: But with Tsugu's help, I was able to invite everyone. I'm glad we were able to go together.
Tomoe: At first, when I saw those pictures of Inoshima, it made me feel like I was actually there...
Tomoe: But actually going and feeling that fresh ocean air... hearing the crashing of the waves... seeing the shop owners try to attract customers... I feel like we experienced Inoshima come to life.
Tomoe: Yeah, the real places are a completely different ball game compared to photobooks. The impact is much greater in person, just like I thought it would be.
Tomoe: I've always liked photobooks because they made me feel like I had visited the real thing. But now that I've gone to one of those places in real life...
Tomoe: I want to start visiting all of them for real... Although, a lot of them are overseas, so I'm not sure how many I'll actually be able to see.
Tomoe: Oh yeah, of course I'll have everyone in Afterglow tag along!
Tomoe: Ah, wait... Not that I'll "have them tag along." How about, "We'll all go together"...? Yeah, that sounds better.
Tomoe: When that time comes, I'll be sure to tell you all about it, BanG Dreamer-san.