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An Infinite Appetite Card Story - Episode

The Secret to Savoring


Valentine's Day
School Path

Moca: Hmhmm~♪
Tsugumi: Ah, Moca-chan! Good morning!
Moca: Tsugu~! Mornin'~!
Tsugumi: Today's the day! The long awaited Valentine's Day!
Moca: That's right~. Lunchtime is gonna be great. I can't wait~!
Tsugumi: Fufu, Moca-chan, you seem more lively than usual.
Moca: Of course I am~. It's Valentine's Day~! It's special~!
Tsugumi: Uhm... You're just excited about getting chocolate, aren't you?
Moca: Ahaha~. You got me~.
Tsugumi: Fufu. I understand the feeling though. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's chocolates!
Moca: I wonder what kind everyone brought this year~?
Tsugumi: Ah, that too, but... I'm also thinking about Tomoe-chan~.
Moca: Oh, yeah~. I wonder how much chocolate she'll get this time~.
Tsugumi: Every year she seems to get more and more! It's amazing~!
Moca: Last year she couldn't even get all of it into her bag, right?
Tsugumi: Then what's gonna happen this year?! She might need a bag just for her chocolate!
Moca: That could happen, for sure. Maybe I should give her this bag ahead of time~?
Tsugumi: ... Hm? Moca-chan, what's that bag for?
Moca: Ah~, this? These are my Valentine's Day treats from me to all of you guys~!
Tsugumi: But, that bag... Are those the chocolates from the other day?
Moca: Yup, sure are~!
Tsugumi: What?! Were you really planning to give us those all along?!
Moca: No. At first I bought them for myself. But after thinking about it, I realized eating them with everyone would make them extra tasty!
Tsugumi: B-but, aren't those from the expensive chocolate place by the station?
Moca: They sure are~. I stood in line and everything for these bad boys~. It was really cold out too...
Tsugumi: And you were really looking forward to them... Are you sure you don't want to keep them for yourself?
Moca: Hm~, well... after everything that happened with Arisa, I thought sharing these might be better...
Moca: Arisa seemed like she was really looking forward to giving everyone her chocolates~.
Tsugumi: That's true. She looked so relieved when she finally got them back.
Moca: Exactly~! So I figured these chocolates would taste even better if everyone in Afterglow was enjoying them with me~!
Tsugumi: Moca-chan~! Thank you so much! Let's have them with the others later!
Moca: Yeah~! I'm really glad I thought of that before I ate them all~.
Tsugumi: H-huh?! You already ate some?!
Moca: I never said I didn't, now did I~?

An Infinite Appetite Card Story - Special Episode

Taste Reflects Personality



Moca: Oh~? If it isn't BanG Dreamer-san~! How's it going~?
Moca: ... Yeah, I just came back from buying chocolates at all the candy shops~.
Moca: Hm? Didn't you know? Right now is the best time to buy chocolates, silly~!
Moca: ... Yup! That's right! Now that Valentine's Day is over, all the leftovers are on sale~!
Moca: Hm? Well, yeah, of course I got to eat a lot during the actual holiday too!
Moca: I got some from everyone in Afterglow~, and even from Lisa-san~♪
Moca: ... Ah~, but the amount I got doesn't even compare to Tomo-chin~.
Moca: Tomo-chin's always really popular on Valentine's Day. This year she couldn't even fit all the stuff she got in her bag~!
Moca: My only regret is that I didn't get as much as her~... I'd love to eat that much chocolate, just once~...
Moca: Ah, wait~! Actually, I have one more regret...
Moca: ... That I didn't get to try Arisa's homemade chocolates...
Moca: She made everything herself, just for Poppin'Party, and I heard it was her first time! I know it was for her friends, but I wanted to try some too~!
Moca: When someone makes food or sweets, I think a little bit of that person goes into that food, you know~?
Moca: Tsugu's chocolates always have a refined, yet tender taste~, and Hii-chan's are always cute to look at, and very sweet~.
Moca: Think about it like that, and you can't help but wonder what kind of flavor Arisa's chocolates had! I'm so curious~!
Moca: What do do you think, BanG Dreamer-san?
Moca: Ah, by the way, if you ever decide to make chocolates, by all means, allow me to be the first taste-tester~!
Moca: I want to try chocolates made by all sorts of people, so be sure to let me know, okay~?