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An Otherworldly Breeze Card Story - Episode

How Lisa Has Fun


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 3B

Lisa: Hina, sorry, but could you lend me your Modern Japanese textbook? I forgot I had that class for fourth period today~.
Hina: Sure~. I'll get it as soon as this is over~.
Lisa: As soon as what's over? Are you watching a video or something?
Lisa: ... Hey, that's an ad for NFO.
Hina: Yep! Their latest ad is really popular right now.
Lisa: Wow, I had no idea. I'll ask Rinko and the others about it later.
Hina: Hahaha. Rinko-chan would love that!
Hina: Sis plays this game too, doesn't she?
Lisa: That's what I heard. Roselia played together a while back, and she said she's been keeping at it ever since.
Hina: And by Roselia playing together, does that mean you joined them too, Lisa-chi?
Lisa: Just that one time. But yeah, it was interesting ♪
Hina: So even you think so, then. Being able to change the look of your character and whatnot does seem kinda fun.
Hina: How about you, Lisa-chi? What kind of character did you make?
Lisa: I don't really know any specifics, but the class I went with was a healer that restores health.
Lisa: And I think Sayo was one of those "tank" things? The character she used had a shield.
Hina: Whoa~! Sounds cool~!
Hina: I've thought about giving it a go myself, but then I realized it would take a lot of time, so I ended up not playing.
Lisa: I see. It does use up a lot of time, from what I can tell.
Lisa: We did all kinds of stuff when we played, and the time just flew by~.
Lisa: But still...
Hina: Lisa-chi? What is it?
Lisa: Hina, could you play that ad for me one more time?
Hina: ...? Yeah, sure~.
Lisa: Thanks. Wow, that game screen sure is pretty~.
Lisa: I was busy trying to keep track of everything last time, so I wasn't able to get a good look at the game itself. They sure have an awful lot of accessory designs!
Hina: Ah, for sure~. These earrings are really boppin'♪
Lisa: Let me see~. Ah, you're right! Aw, how cute☆
Lisa: This bracelet is nice too~. I'd like a real one with that design.
Lisa: And hey, I feel like that town looks fancier than before...
Hina: How far did you guys get?
Lisa: Um, I think we left the starting town and then went into a mine~.
Hina: Do you think this is a different city, then? Or maybe they updated it to look better.
Lisa: Do they do that? I guess games don't end after playing it one time.
Lisa: Ah, that starry sky just now looked cool, right? So beautiful~...
Hina: Lisa-chi, you sound pretty interested for someone who isn't much of a gamer~.
Hina: Say, didn't you come to borrow a textbook? Here.
Lisa: Ah, right! I totally forgot.
Lisa: Thanks, Hina! I'll return it when school's out!

Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 3-A

Lisa: Phew~... All done~. Do you have any plans today, Yukina?
Yukina: No, we can go straight home.
Lisa: Okay~. Ah, hold on a second!
Lisa: I need to find Hina before we leave. I borrowed one of her textbooks~.
Yukina: Very well.
Lisa: Do you think she's still in the classroom? Sometimes she flies out of the door the minute school ends... I hope she stayed behind to relax and watch videos or something.
Lisa: (Videos... That NFO one was pretty sweet~. I kept thinking about it during class.)
Lisa: Hmmm, maybe I'm more interested than I thought...
Yukina: Is everything alright?
Lisa: Huh? Ah~... Well, you see~...

An Otherworldly Breeze Card Story - Special Episode

Playing as a Party☆


Residential Area

Lisa: Work is finally over~! Good job today, me~!
Lisa: Now I'm really hungry though~. I wonder what's for dinner tonight~... Whoa!
Marina: Pardon me, I wasn't looking where I-... Huh...? Lisa-chan?
Lisa: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!
Lisa: Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention. Hang on, let me heal you up...!
Marina: Heal?
Lisa: Ah~... Hahaha. I played NFO with Roselia the other day, so now it's kind of become a habit.
Marina: NFO? Isn't that the game that's been running those ads?
Lisa: Yeah, that's the one. All five of us played together.
Lisa: I was a healer, which is a class that keeps everyone healthy♪
Marina: Ah...! I do remember you saying that you tried out an online game once before. So that was NFO.
Lisa: Wow, Marina-san. You have a great memory!
Lisa: It had been a while since Yukina and I played, and that first time was more observing than anything else.
Lisa: This latest session felt like the first time we did any actual playing.
Marina: I see~. Still, that's pretty impressive. I always figured that online games had difficult controls...
Lisa: They do~. It's so hard to get the hang of.
Lisa: Yukina and I had to level up before we could finish the event, and let's just say it was an intense workout~.
Lisa: You have to keep track of both your party's and the enemy's movements, all while thinking about what action to take next. It's enough to make your head spin.
Marina: Hmmm, sounds like a lot of work~.
Marina: Then again, I imagine the difficulty makes it more fun.
Lisa: Yeah, and it was also a chance to see everyone in a different light~.
Lisa: Like how Rinko is actually a drill instructor, or how Sayo has been keeping up her gaming hobby ♪
Lisa: And to be honest, I enjoyed just goofing around with everyone in the gaming world.
Lisa: I'm the type who has always enjoyed spending time with friends, no matter what we're doing.
Lisa: I wonder if the others felt the same way about it that I did~.
Marina: Wow, sounds to me like you had a blast!
Lisa: Hehehe. Well, to be fair, it was my curiosity about the game that got us to play. Everyone else just ended up getting dragged into it.
Marina: I see nothing wrong with that, especially since you all had such a good time together.
Lisa: Maybe~... I would love it if that were the case.
Lisa: It was a great way to unwind, and now I feel like I can take on the world ♪
Marina: Yeah, that's great to hear. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us, Lisa-chan.
Lisa: Thanks, you guys ♪ Alright, I'd better head out now! Later~!