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An Unkeepable Secret Card Story - Episode

The School Drama of My Dreams


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Rui: ... I do not approve.
Touko: Why not? I bet it'll be great!
Rui: Whether or not it will be great is not the issue. You failed to make the appropriate preparations.
Touko: So? We can just figure that stuff out as we go along!
Tsukushi: Sigh. The sparks are flying again...
Nanami: I thought the fighting would end after the highlight business was resolved. Why can't they just get along~?
Tsukushi: It's something else this time. Toko-chan entered us into a concert event without asking us first.
Mashiro: I see... By the way, Tsukushi-chan, are you sure it's okay not to stop them?
Tsukushi: Mmhmm. They'll end up like that no matter what anyway.
Mashiro: B-but we can't just ignore them...
Touko: ... But this looks fun, right?!
Rui: The fact that you applied without consulting us is the issue, not the event itself.
Touko: But it turns out you guys are all free anyway, so what's the big deal?
Rui: You should have brought it up with us beforehand.
Touko: That's something that can easily be done afterward! It'd be pointless if all the slots got taken.
Touko: Just look at this flyer! It's not every day that you see such a fun event! I couldn't just let us miss a chance like this!
Mashiro: Uhhh, it looks like things are getting worse... N-Nanami-chan, are you sure we don't have to stop them...?
Nanami: ...
Mashiro: ...? Nanami-chan?
Nanami: ... Ah, sorry. I was just thinking about how things are really starting to escalate~.
Mashiro: A-about that... Do you think it's okay not to stop them...?
Nanami: Hmm, I know I was taken aback when they fought over the highlight of our song... But I think we can just leave them be for this one~.
Mashiro: H-how can you be so sure...?
Nanami: According to my research, overcoming a fight like this is supposed to make you better friends!
Nanami: I know it doesn't look like it right now, but I'm sure they'll get along eventually~!
Touko: ... See? It all worked out, didn't it? Let's perform at the event!
Rui: No. There is a need to double-check with everyone to make sure this date works.
Rui: Please withdraw the application until everyone has confirmed they will be available.
Touko: No way! What happens if another band ends up taking our slot?
Mashiro: ... Nanami-chan. Are you really sure things are going to work out...?
Nanami: Of course! There's this really popular school drama series right now, and in that, the characters fight just like those two are~!
Nanami: It seemed like such a nice, normal thing to do... I'm sure they're just like those characters~!
Mashiro: I-I don't know... How did the characters in the show become friends?
Nanami: Umm, in the show, there are these two characters who are constantly getting into fights over everything...
Nanami: But one day, they have this really big fight~. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, they're about to get physical~.
Mashiro: Huh?! They are?!
Nanami: Mmhmm. So they decide to settle their fight by a river, and they duke it out until the sun starts setting~...
Nanami: Eventually, they both reach the point where they can't fight anymore, so they collapse on the ground and look up at the sky~...
Nanami: One of them goes, "Not bad..." And then the other one responds, "Heh... You're not too shabby yourself."
Mashiro: I-I see... That sounds so... intense...
Nanami: Yeah, it's one of the show's most popular scenes~! I'm sure Toko-chan and Rui-rui will become friends, too~!
Touko: ... Like I've been saying! We can just figure out that stuff afterward!
Rui: You are being incredibly dense. You must follow the proper procedure.
Mashiro: ... U-umm... Nanami-chan. I don't think things will work out the way they did in that show...

An Unkeepable Secret Card Story - Special Episode

Fighting Youth♪


Shopping Mall - Movie Theater

Nanami: Wow~, that was a good movie. I'm so satisfied~... Hm? Is that...?
Nanami: Marina-san~. BanG Dreamer-san~. Hello~.
Marina: Ah, Nanami-chan! Hi. Were you watching a movie?)
Nanami: Yes, I just finished watching one~. Did you both come to see a movie?
Marina: Nuh-uh, we're just passing by. Which one did you see?
Nanami: I saw an action movie that boasts some really incredible action scenes~. I even got the brochure for it.
Nanami: I usually only watch horror films, but Toko-chan and Rui-rui made me want to watch it~.
Marina: They did? Did they recommend it?
Nanami: No. The other day, Toko-chan and Rui-rui fought over the highlight of our new song...
Nanami: Toko-chan insisted she wanted to play it, but Rui-rui kept saying no.
Nanami: Just watching them made my palms sweat~...
Marina: Ah, Toko-chan mentioned that. Is that why you watched an action movie?
Nanami: Correct~. Seeing them fight reminded me that this movie was in theaters now~.
Marina: I see... It must have been a difficult time for the band, though. Was everyone in Morfonica okay?
Nanami: Well~... Neither Toko-chan nor Rui-rui were willing to compromise when they went head-to-head...
Nanami: Shiro-chan and I did panic a bit~. This wasn't the same kind of conflict we had when the band was just forming.
Nanami: Back then, it was Shiro-chan who turned away from us and Tsu-chan who got mad...
Marina: Ahaha... Conflict is unavoidable when you're in a band. Things work out most of the time, though.
Nanami: It sure looks that way~. Both Toko-chan and Rui-rui were satisfied at the end.
Marina: So things worked out then!
Nanami: Well, they still argue... But it's not the kind of argument that makes me worry.
Nanami: It's like they acknowledge each other in a way... They're so lucky they got to experience such a key part of growing up.
Marina: Ahaha, a key part of growing up, huh~? Haven't you ever fought with someone, Nanami-chan?
Nanami: No, no, of course not~. I don't like conflict~.
Nanami: However, seeing what those two went through made me think becoming friends the way they did might be interesting.
Nanami: I mean, people becoming friends after a fight is the sort of thing you see on TV and in movies all the time!
Marina: I-I see. Well, it's better not to fight, though...