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Anfang (German: Beginning) is the first album by Roselia. The album was released on May 2, 2018.

The album features songs from their previous singles, as well as two new songs.

The Blu-ray version included recordings of Roselia's first live, Rosenlied, and their second live, Zeit.


Track Listing

1."Neo-Aspect"Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:07
2."BLACK SHOUT"Oda AsukaAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:04
3."Opera of the wasteland"Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:40
4."Hidamari Rhodonite" (陽だまりロードナイト, Sunkissed Rhodonite)Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:45
5."ONENESS"Oda AsukaAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro3:57
6."Re:birth day"Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:22
7."Legendary"Oda AsukaAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:51
8."-HEROIC ADVENT-"Oda AsukaFujita JunpeiFujinaga Ryutaro3:39
9."Determination Symphony"Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:39
10."Nesshoku Starmine" (熱色スターマイン, Passionate Starmine)Oda AsukaAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:39
11."Kiseki" (軌跡, Our Path)Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:10
12."LOUDER"Oda AsukaFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro3:34
Total length:53:27
Disc 2 (Blu-ray)
  1. Roselia 1st Live Rosenlied (2017.06.30 Shibuya duo)
Disc 3 (Blu-ray)
  1. Roselia 2nd Live Zeit (2017.10.08 Makuhari Messe Event Hall Koen)



Roselia 1st Album「Anfang」CM


【試聴動画】Roselia 1stアルバム「Anfang」(5 2発売!!)



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Chart Performance

  • The album reached 2nd place in Oricon's weekly ranking on May 14, 2018. Consequently, it is also the album's highest ranking.[1]
  • Anfang ranked 14th in Oricon's 2018 rankings for anime albums.[2]