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Another Explosive Year! Card Story - Episode

Meeting of the Dance Clubs


Udagawa Residence

Tomoe: Looks like we're all here. Are we ready to start?
Ako: Ready when you are, Sis!
Tomoe: Alright! I now call to order the first official strategy meeting of the Haneoka-Hanasakigawa Dance Troupe!
Hagumi: Yay~! Clap, clap, clap~!
Lisa: Ahaha! That's the spirit~. This is a reason to celebrate~.
Tomoe: Thanks a lot for joining us, Lisa-san, Hagumi.
Hagumi: How could I say no to dancing at the talent show~?!
Lisa: With four people, we could break up the choreography for a really fun performance... There's so much we could do ♪
Ako: My sister's a super cool dancer, so we should definitely give her a solo dance!
Tomoe: A solo dance?! H-hold on, Ako, let's take this step-by-step. Before we decide anything like that, shouldn't we talk about what genre we want to do?
Ako: Ah, good point!
Lisa: Since we'll be on stage in front of everyone, we should go with something that will pump up the party.
Hagumi: Yup! I agree~! We should do a fun dance!
Ako: As for me, I want to do whatever makes my sister look the coolest.
Lisa: Tomoe, your specialty is hip-hop, right?
Tomoe: W-well, yeah. That's the one I'm best at...
Lisa: Then that's perfect, right?! With four people, our choreography will have a real impact!
Ako: I agree! Let's do it~!!
Lisa: Okay, sounds like we've got the genre figured out. What about our costumes? I'd like us all to have matching outfits if possible~.
Hagumi: Me too! But do we have enough time to get everything ready?
Ako: What about those shirts we all have? You know, the ones from our joint concert!
Tomoe: Oh yeah, that's perfect! Everyone here already has one of those! Good idea, Ako!
Ako: Ehehe~. I just want our routine to be the very best!
Lisa: Then we better get started! Next we need to decide on a song and the choreography!
All: Okay~!

Hagumi: And then, right here we go stomp-stomp, spin around like this, and then jump! Just like that. How does that sound?
Ako: Great! That looked really cool!
Tomoe: Ah, here's an idea. What if after that jump, we all did the same pose?
Ako: We should do a pose that screams "The powers of darkness explode! Kaboom!"
Hagumi: Th-that sounds like such a cool pose, Ako-chin!!
Tomoe: Alright... So after the turn here, we strike a pose, and... Yup, looks like we've got most of the choreography down!
Lisa: Yeah, it's really coming together! I can't wait to show everyone this dance~.
Lisa: ... Actually, do you think Yukina would do this dance with us?
Tomoe: Huh?! M-Minato-san?!
Ako: She totally would! How could she not? Our routine is so cool! She'll do it for sure! Maybe I should invite Rin-rin too~.
Tomoe: H-hold on, Ako... There's no way those two wou—
Lisa: Great idea~☆ The more dancers we have, the bigger impact our choreography will have!
Ako: Okay~! I'll send Rin-rin a message right away!
Lisa: And I'll contact Yukina... There.
Ako: And sent~! Ehehe, I can't wait for the New Year's party~! We better practice a whole bunch to get our routine just right!
Tomoe: I-is this really okay...?!

Another Explosive Year! Card Story - Special Episode

Shall We Dance?


Record Shop

Ako: Now, where's the CD corner...? Ah, BanG Dreamer-san, hello~!
Ako: Are you out shopping?
Ako: Ah, that reminds me! You couldn't come to our New Year's party, right? I would've loved to see you there~.
Ako: We got to eat all sorts of tasty foods, and we even had a talent show. It was so, so, so much fun!
Ako: My group did a hip-hop dance routine and—
Ako: Ah, you saw the video! Hey, hey, what did you think? Did you like our dance?!
Ako: Ehehe~, thank you~! We did a ton of practicing~!
Ako: What did you think of my sister's solo dance?!
Ako: You thought so too?! I knew you would~! I mean, she looked so cool!
Ako: And guess what! We all want to dance together again, so I came here to find us a song to do!
Ako: We only had four people for the talent show, but I'm hoping we'll get more people to join us next time~.
Ako: We asked Rin-rin and Yukina-san to dance with us at the New Year's party, but they both said no~...
Ako: Huh...? 'That makes sense'? Uhm~, does it?
Ako: Maybe they would have joined us if we'd done a different genre.
Ako: In that case, if we change the genre, then they'd dance with us for sure!
Ako: What kind of music should we do then~? It's so hard to pick~.
Ako: I think I'm going to try a different section and see if I can find a song we can all dance too!
Ako: See you later! Next time you watch us dance, be prepared to see a super powered-up routine!
Ako: Bye-bye~!