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Apprentice Witch Card Story - Episode

Perfect Item for a Witch


Tsurumaki Residence
Misaki: (... No mattter how many times I come here, I never get used to how ridiculous this place is.)
Kokoro: Misaki, what are you doing? Don't just stand there, come in!
Kokoro: We have to get changed quickly and go to the Halloween competition meeting place!
Misaki: Ahh... okay, okay. I'm coming.

Kokoro's Room
Misaki: So? What are we going to do for costumes? I didn't bring anything with me.
Kokoro: Don't worry! I prepared everything for us!
Misaki: You did...? I-I've got a bad feeling about this...
Kokoro: I prepared lots of cute costumes for you! I'll go get changed, and when I come back, we can choose something for you!
Misaki: Cute costumes, huh... I wonder what she has. I can only imagine it being something way over the top.
The Suits: Misaki-sama, may I have a moment? There is something I would like to discuss with you.
Misaki: Oh, hello, is there something I can do for you?
The Suits: Indeed, there is. I have prepared something that I would like you to wear for the benefit of the young lady of the house.
Misaki: This is... Michelle? But she's kind of shaped like a pumpkin...
The Suits: I call it the Happy Halloween Michelle! I am sure it will please the young lady.
The Suits: Please be so kind as to do me this favor. Now, I must excuse myself.
Misaki: *sigh*... I guess I have to wear this to the Halloween thing then...

Ten Minutes Later
Kokoro: Misaki! Look! This is my costume!
Kokoro: I look cute like an apprentice witch, right? Okay, the costumes I prepared for you are in this room, so go and choose something!
Michelle: ...
Kokoro: Oh! It's you, Michelle!
Kokoro: You're here to collect candy with us too!

Michelle: H-Hello, Kokoro-chan. Yeah, that's right, I'm here for that sweet

Kokoro: Oh, Michelle! You're such a cute pumpkin today! It's perfect for Halloween!
Michelle: Thanks~.
Kokoro: Well, what do you think of my costume, Michelle?
Kokoro: It's supposed to be a witch! Doesn't it make you feel like I can use magic?
Michelle: Yeah, uh... I'm not sure a quick change of clothes is going to let you use magic...
Kokoro: Oh, but you never know unless you try. This witch outfit might just have that kind of power!
Kokoro: But I wonder how I'm supposed to use magic. In the picture books, they always have a wand or something like that.
Kokoro: I need an item that matches my witch outfit! What should I get?
Michelle: I don't think you're going to just happen upon it, you know? This isn't a toy shop, after all.
Kokoro: Really?
Michelle: Anyway, don't you think we should give up on that for now and go to the meeting place?
Kokoro: Hmm... Oh? Hey, Michelle, your belly...
Michelle: Huh? What about it?
Kokoro: I think it's bigger than usual. See, right here...
Kokoro: There's something in your belly, Michelle!
Michelle: Uh... There's something in there? I'm pretty sure there isn't, but...
Kokoro: Look! Another jack-o'-lantern just came out of your jack-o'-lantern belly!
Kokoro: This is it! This is just what I needed! You're the best, Michelle!
Kokoro: I knew you could use magic!
Michelle: (Argh... The suits went all out this time, huh? Wait, what does she mean by that...? Just what does she think Michelle is?)
Kokoro: Michelle~! You're the best! Thanks for using your lovely magic!
Kokoro: Now that I have this, I can be a proper witch too!
Michelle: S-Sure, why not...? Anyway, we're kind of running out of time... Don't you think we should get going?
Kokoro: You're right! I'm ready now, so let's get going!
Kokoro: Come on, Michelle!
Michelle: ... Hey...! Don't drag me~!
Kokoro: ... Oh, where did Misaki go?
Michelle: (What?! She only just realized?!)
Kokoro: Perhaps she went without us. Did she say anything to you, Michelle?
Michelle: ...
Kokoro: I'm sure she just went down ahead! Misaki is a responsible girl, so she probably didn't want to be late!
Kokoro: We can see her at the meeting place then! We should hurry too.
Michelle: Aha, ahahaha... Y-Yeah~.
Michelle: (*sigh* What am I going to do with her? Costume or no costume, whatever she does she's just so... Kokoro.)

Apprentice Witch Card Story - Special Episode

If Every Day Was Halloween


Station Entrance
Kokoro: Hm-hmm~♪ Hm-hm~ ♪
Kokoro: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello! What a coincidence!
Kokoro: We don't have practice for the band today, so I was just thinking about what I could do!
Kokoro: Being outside makes it easier to find fun things, right?
Kokoro: I just found one! I ran into you!
Kokoro: Don't you think meeting someone by coincidence like this is fun?
Kokoro: But, I want to do something even more fun than that!
Kokoro: It'd be great if I could find something like what we did at Halloween the other day!
Kokoro: Oh? You didn't hear about it, did you?
Kokoro: It was Halloween recently, right? We had an event for it!

Kokoro: We wore costumes and had a competition to see who could collect the

most candy!
Kokoro: Michelle and I were in a team together and we won, but once it was over I thought there was no need for a ranking.
Kokoro: I mean, we all had fun together. That itself is a wonderful thing, right?
Kokoro: Hm? What did we do with the candy we collected? We ate them together after the competition!
Kokoro: The candy tasted extra good that day! I wonder why!
Kokoro: Oh, that's right, I learned something from doing Halloween!
Kokoro: It's really fun to do something with lots of people!
Kokoro: After the competition, everyone had a big smile on their face! I did too, of course!
Kokoro: I like making people smile, but I want to do to lots and lots of things that will make me and other people smile even more!
Kokoro: Everyone would always be smiling if every day was Halloween!
Kokoro: Oh? We can't do that?
Kokoro: Oh, I see. I never thought about how hard it would be for the candy shops if it was Halloween every day.
Kokoro: Thanks for telling me! If we make life hard for someone, they won't be able to smile.
Kokoro: In that case, what do you think will make us and other people smile?
Kokoro: You don't have to think so hard about it. Anything is okay!
Kokoro: We have to start somewhere! Just say anything!
Kokoro: Was that a difficult question? You look like you're thinking about something difficult.
Kokoro: Okay, let's stop thinking about this and go look for something that will make us smile instead.
Kokoro: There's no need to waste time thinking!
Kokoro: Where should we start? I've been stargazing and I've been on a cruise too, but they were both pretty fun!
Kokoro: But if we're going to do something, I want to do something new!
Kokoro: Like joining the circus or swimming in the sea with a tuna!
Kokoro: I'd like to try skydiving with Michelle too!
Kokoro: Yeah! I think all of these things would be fun!
Kokoro: Wouldn't it be nice to have everyone sing a chorus in a place with lots of animals?
Kokoro: What do you think? Don't these things all sound fun to you?
Kokoro: Anyway, if we just sit still, we won't find anything fun to do! Come on, let's get going!
Kokoro: ...? Why aren't you moving?
Kokoro: It's going to be more fun if we search for fun things together.
Kokoro: It'll be double the fun, right? That's why you're coming too.
Kokoro: Don't worry! I'm sure you'll start having fun while we are searching!
Kokoro: And besides, we won't know if something is fun until we try it, right?
Kokoro: If we think we can find something fun, I'm sure we'll be able to find lots of things!
Kokoro: That's always been the case for me!
Kokoro: Okay, it's time to go! Follow me!