Argonavis, stylized as ARGONAVIS, is an all-male band in the BanG Dream! franchise. They are composed of Nanahoshi Ren on vocals, Goryou Yuuto on guitars, Matoba Wataru on bass, Shiroishi Banri on drums, and Kikyou Rio on keyboard. They attend a university at Hakodate, Hokkaido.


The band was announced shortly before the start of the BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE.[1]. Due to an uproar of worried fans that the characters from Girls Band Party! will have to interact with male characters, Takaaki Kidani, Bushiroad's President, clarified that the male project will not mix and interact with the existing project.[2] He later added his personal view that he does not want to see males in the current BanG Dream project, except for the characters' fathers.[3]

On May 11, 2018, Hyuga Daisuke, Morishima Shuta, and Maeda Seiji were the first three voice actors to be revealed as part of the project. They announced the joining of Ito Masahiro during their Argonavis 0-2nd LIVE -The Beginning- which they held last September 15, 2018. The last member to join is Hashimoto Shohei and it was announced during their Argonavis 0-BEYOND LIVE -The Beginning-.

Four of their voice actors are affiliated with HiBiKi.



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Morishima Shuuta has told the audience during their Argonavis 0-BEYOND LIVE -The Beginning-[4] the meaning of the name Argonavis. He said that it was a reference from a large ship named Argo Navis in old Greek mythology, which is a large constellation. This constellation no longer exists. It had been divided into four constellations. Vela, Puppis, Carina, and Pyxis gathered together and become the ship's head which is the Argo.

Their official Twitter's icon and their website features a lot of stars. According to Morishima, "Argonavis" is the keyword of the combination of all stars.

Their band's logo also features stars.

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