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Arisa's Bushido?! Card Story - Episode

Handmade Charms


Ichigaya Residence

Kasumi: And now, the moment we've all been waiting for: the Poppin'Party Summer Souvenir Exchange~!
Arisa: And just who exactly has been waiting...? Anyway, what did you bring, Kasumi? You went to an amusement park, right?
Kasumi: Sure did! And I rode every single attraction that they had! Boy, what a trip that was! Here, my present is... custom character pens!
Tae: Heh, they're cute. Oh, there are odd little mascots hanging on the ends.
Rimi: That's one of the park's new fluffy character mascots. He's so soft and cuddly~.
Kasumi: There were exactly five different styles, so I got one of each. Choose whichever one you like!
Arisa: Let's see... Oh, each one is wearing a different outfit. And they're all surprisingly detailed, right down to their facial expressions.
Saaya: One of them has a straw hat... and this one is a circus clown, I think? Kind of hard to decide when they're all so cute~.
Tae: I'll go with this one. Even in a business suit, he's just so adorable with that droopy face of his.
Kasumi: Hehe~, glad you like 'em!
Rimi: May I go next? My family and I went on a trip together too, and here's what we brought back.
Kasumi: Look at all the cute chocolates! There's so many~!
Tae: That's quite a lot to choose from. Hearts, clovers... Darn, no rabbits.
Arisa: Each shape is a different flavor, too. How about that. Hmmm... Hazelnut, apricot...
Rimi: On the way home, we just happened across a chocolate shop, so I couldn't resist!
Rimi: The chocolate-making trial was my favorite part! I got so into it that we almost missed our train~.
Saaya: Hahaha, a close call, huh?! I can't believe you brought back chocolate from a specialty store, though. They look extra delicious!
Rimi: As soon as I tried the samples, I just knew that I had to bring enough for all of us to have together!
Kasumi: You're the best, Rimi-rin! Hurry, let's dig in~!
Arisa: Put a leash on that sweet tooth of yours until we finish exchanging all the gifts!
Tae: Oh my, this chocolate really is rich.
Arisa: Forget the leash, your mouth needs a padlock!
Saaya: Hehe, my present is also confectionary. We can have them at the same time.
Arisa: Saya, I thought you were buried under piles of chores? You actually had time to go somewhere?
Saaya: No, unfortunately. And that's why my souvenir is the classic: bread!
Saaya: However, I did give it my all with baking this batch. I know it can't hold a candle to what Rimi-rin bought, but please, try some!
Rimi: Saya-chan, please don't be so humble! Your bread is always amazing, and looking at it, I'm sure this'll be the best batch yet!
Saaya: Fufu, thank you. Knowing that my souvenir would be the same old, same old, I did take the liberty of adding this, as well.
Kasumi: Is that... pound cake I smell?! Alright~!
Arisa: You made that yourself, Saya? Color me impressed!
Saaya: Not to toot my own horn, but this cake is my masterpiece. Guaranteed to satisfy!
Kasumi: Yaaay~!!
Tae: Thank you, Saya. I believe it's my turn now. Here, help yourselves.
Arisa: ... Rabbit-shaped manju...? Hey, you can get these anywhere! What happened to bringing back something from the beach?!
Tae: What? But these were so cute.
Saaya: Hahaha, never change, O-Tae.
Kasumi: Oh, don't mind her! Your manju look yummy! Thanks, O-Tae!
Tae: Kasumi, you're... not thinking about eating them... are you?
Arisa: That's what they're for. What else would we do with them?
Tae: Need I remind you how adorable they are? There's no way I could do that.
Arisa: What's the point of getting snacks if we're not allowed to eat them?!
Rimi: Ahaha, I'm feeling a bit of déjà vu.
Tae: Alright, you ready, Arisa?
Arisa: R-ready?! A-ah, my souvenir?! I mean, I brought one, but it's not food, so... er, you know...
Kasumi: And what has Arisa brought for us today, hmmm~? Come now, don't keep us in suspense!
Arisa: Can it with the theatrics! I'm getting it! ... Here.
Saaya: Seashell charms... Arisa, you... made these yourself, didn’t you?
Kasumi: You did this... for us...?!
Arisa: I didn't...! H-hang on, lemme explain!
Arisa: I was on the shore, right?! And I happened to pick up these pretty seashells that were just lying there... A-and it'd be a waste to just put them back. I figured they'd make for some cute charms...
Kasumi: ... Don't worry, Arisa! You made them especially for us with tender loving care. I will treasure them, always!
Arisa: Oh great, just ignore everything I sai— Oh no, you don't! Get away from me! G-get off!
Tae: And that should be the last of the gifts. While we eat, I'll pass around the photos that we took at the beach, with our very own Arisa being the star of the show.
Arisa: O-Tae, y-you stalker! When did you...?! ... K-Kasumi, get off me right now, or so help me...!
Saaya: Show me first! Let's see here... ... No way, is that Arisa in a swimsuit?! How cute~!
Rimi: Wow, she looks so stylish! I like it!
Saaya: And here she is... splitting a watermelon? Nice! She totally smashed it to bits!
Saaya: Arisa sure is in a lot of these photos... ... Is that... a huge mountain of seashells she's standing next to?
Rimi: It sure is. And she has such a serious look on her face.
Tae: And there was another huge pile too. Eve was helping her gather them.
Saaya: In other words, these shells are...
Kasumi: I knew it! "Oh, they were just lying there." Hahaha, yeah right!
Kasumi: O-Tae, pass 'em here! Now this, I've gotta see!
Arisa: D-don't you dare show her...! Stop~! Gimme those right now!!

Arisa's Bushido?! Card Story - Special Episode

Learning Honesty from Others


Residential Area

Arisa: Oh, hello, BanG Dreamer. Hello, Marina-san. What brings you around this way?
Marina: Good afternoon, Arisa-chan! We're on our way back home from shopping.
Arisa: Wow, and on such a hot day, no less...
Marina: How about you, Arisa-chan? Grocery shopping, I see?
Arisa: Ah, well... Just a watermelon, actually. Ever since our beach trip, I've been craving another one...
Marina: Hehe, it's hard to get out of your mind how delicious it was, huh? I totally understand!
Marina: And I can tell from the look on your face that you'd like some, too, BanG Dreamer-san. Summer is watermelon season, after all~.
Arisa: BanG Dreamer, why don't you try being a judge at the next watermelon-splitting contest? You'd be able to have your fill, then.
Marina: Fufu, she's got a point! Maybe I'll have you go in my stead someday! Right after you get through that grueling slog of a test!
Arisa: Five whole watermelons, was it? By yourself, no less. You've got your work cut out for you, BanG Dreamer.
Marina: Arisa-chan, during next year's contest, the two of us may both be there to judge for you!
Arisa: Y-yeah, if we end up going back, that is...
Marina: Oh no, you don't want to go again next year? But you all had so much fun together!
Arisa: I-I'm not really the outdoor type... And it was pretty tiring...
Arisa: B-but... I mean, I... had more fun than I thought I would... s-so I guess it might be good to go again... M-maybe...
Arisa: Tsurumaki-san was totally out of her mind when she was all, "What a lovely shark! Let's go have a look!" Can you believe that...? I was seriously freaking out...
Arisa: As for Eve... Being together at the beach reminded me... She really is somethin' else. Don't you agree?
Marina: Sorry, I don't get what you mean.
Arisa: You know, like... she's very... open with her feelings.
Arisa: Talking about how much she loves her band members and all that. Talk about not holding back...
Marina: Haha, she is like that! Eve-chan can be so adorable! Her frankness is something to strive for, I think.
Arisa: Right? I think so too. I gonna have to watch her and take notes...
Arisa: ... I think I'd definitely like to go with everyone in Poppin'Party next time, though. Kasumi, Saya, and Rimi were all busy last time.
Arisa: If anybody would enjoy hacking at a watermelon with a big stick, it'd be Kasumi.
Marina: Haha, I can definitely see her being into that!
Marina: And who better to teach her than the impressive Arisa-chan, who put on such a spectacular performance!
Arisa: Hahaha, quit teasing me. You know it was just dumb luck...
Marina: Now, what did I tell you about being so modest?! Besides, I have photographic evidence! See?
Arisa: P-put that away! BanG Dreamer, don't look! Nooo~!