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Arisa's Session Card Story - Episode

Secret Shopping


Shopping Mall - Bookstore

Arisa: Best to go ahead and buy that book while everyone else is making their way to the theater.
Arisa: Gotta find it first... Hm? I thought it would be on this shelf...
Rimi: Ah, Arisa-chan. So you were here. What book are you looking for?
Arisa: Huh? Oh hey, Rimi. You didn't head to the theater with the others?
Rimi: I remembered that there was a book I wanted to buy, so I decided to stop by.
Arisa: I-is that so...?
Rimi: What kind did you plan to get? I can help you find it, if you'd like.
Arisa: N-no, thanks! You don't have to...
Arisa: How about you? What was it that you wanted to buy?
Rimi: I was hoping they'd have something on musical composition.
Arisa: Composing songs?
Rimi: Yeah. It's an area that I've been meaning to improve in.
Arisa: W-wow, I had no idea... Here, I'll give you a hand.
Rimi: Really? Are you sure? What about yours?
Arisa: I-I'm sure it'll be easy for me to spot... C-come on, your book won't find itself!
Rimi: Arisa-chan! I found it! The section on music is over here!
Arisa: Huh, you're right. It was hidden behind this shelf. Heh, go figure. Surprised we found it at all.
Rimi: Composition... Ah! Got it! This is the one!
Arisa: Good job. That takes care of that.
Rimi: This book has great reviews online. It covers all the basics while also giving easy-to-understand explanations of chord progressions!
Arisa: Oh, that's interesting.
Rimi: Have a look at this illustration! It goes into clear detail about creating musical scores!
Arisa: So it does. Seems pretty easy to understand?
Rimi: I may not have found it if you hadn't have been here. Thanks, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: No problem... Wh-while we're here, maybe I'll buy one for myself.
Rimi: Arisa-chan, you're interested in writing music?
Arisa: I wouldn't put it that way... Wh-when you're in a band, it d-doesn't hurt to have this kind of knowledge! R-right?
Arisa: And wh-when you... er, if you... Well, if you were to get in a bind, I could, you know, try to help you out a bit. Maybe?
Rimi: Arisa-chan...
Arisa: Actually, I've tried looking up more information online, but there are so many websites with so much information on each one, so I had no idea where to even start...
Arisa: Having a book like this around would definitely prove to be useful, I think...
Rimi: Pardon me if I'm mistaken, Arisa-chan, but were you perhaps looking for the same book that I was?
Arisa: A-ah...! N-no! Passing up a good find like this one is a waste. That's all...!
Rimi: Fufu, I see. Even so, seeing you interested in composition, even if it's just a little bit, makes me happy.
Arisa: Hey, Rimi? If I have trouble understanding what's in the book, could you maybe...
Rimi: Of course! Anytime! I'm not sure if I'll be of any help, but feel free to ask away!
Rimi: Nnn~, I'm really looking forward to the day when you and I can discuss writing music!
Arisa: L-let's not get our hopes up too high~...

Arisa's Session Card Story - Special Episode

It's Not that Bad


CiRCLE - Reception Area

Arisa: Ah, BanG Dreamer. Hey.
Arisa: I have plans to meet with Kasumi and the others at the café. Would it be alright if I were to wait in here?
Arisa: Thanks. It shouldn't take too long.
Arisa: Phew~... Nice and cool... I'll probably melt the next time I step foot outside...
Arisa: Would you mind if I put on some sunscreen? They say it's best to reapply it frequently.
Arisa: Having to slap it on over and over is a huge pain, though. Sunscreen can be a real hassle.
Arisa: Hm? You're asking if I hate the heat?
Arisa: I hate it. It's the worst. Every second is misery. I can't go on living without air conditioning...
Arisa: I mean, this summer is particularly brutal, isn't it? What do you think, BanG Dreamer?
Arisa: I asked Kasumi the same thing, and she just said that "summers are always hot." Yeah, as if that wasn't obvious.
Arisa: ... BanG Dreamer, you say you agree with Kasumi? Really?
Arisa: I mean, do you know how much sunscreen I've had to use before this summer? Pretty much none. Yet I'm already on my third bottle this year.
Arisa: ... I've used so much because I've been going outside more?
Arisa: Hm... You know, you're probably right. I've been hanging out with someone almost every day recently.
Arisa: ... And most of those times were with Poppin'Party, so...
Arisa: If I think of it that way, I guess this summer heat hasn't been such a bad thing...
Arisa: ..! N-no, it was nothing! Forget it!
Arisa: ... Speaking of which, it seems like Kasumi and the others are here. I'll be heading out now.
Arisa: ... Guh, just opening the door is like stepping into an inferno... Ugh... I'm gonna evaporate...