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As My Own Natural Self Card Story - Episode

Sauna Infatuation


Villa - Living Room

Saaya: Phew... I can't believe how much cooler it is out here.
Rimi: You're right... It's like we've entered an entirely different world... It was so warm a second ago...
Eve: That's the best part of a sauna... You heat your body down to the very core, and all that sweating leaves you feeling refreshed.
Saaya: Refreshed, huh...? Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever sweat this much before.
Saaya: We get pretty sweaty during our concerts, but this feels different somehow.
Rimi: I know. I was surprised by just how much I sweated.
Rimi: It did help clear my mind though... I feel so light...
Eve: I'm glad you two liked your first sauna experience!
Saaya: I'm still amazed that they have a sauna here. They usually only ever have those at hot spring resorts or public baths.
Eve: A lot of mökkis in Finland have them.
Eve: We would sweat away in the sauna, and then cool ourselves off outdoors before going back into the sauna...
Eve: Doing so always felt so good! Seeing as we just left the sauna, would you like to go sit by the lake?
Rimi: Sure. We still have time before Kaoru-san and Tomoe-chan get back...
Saaya: ... Ah! Wait! We need to get everything ready for the barbeque before they get back!
Saaya: We still need to prepare the meat and vegetables... Then we need to set up the grill and charcoal... And— Oooh...
Rimi: Saaya-chan? Are you alright?!
Saaya: Ahaha... Yeah, I'm fine. I just got a little light-headed for a second there...
Eve: You really should cool down by the lake then... The sun is setting right now, so it's the perfect temperature outside.
Saaya: Well... I don't know if we have time to relax...
Eve: But the cool lake air is going to feel so good after warming up in the sauna...
Saaya: Ah... That does sound nice...
Rimi: You're always working so hard, Saaya-chan. You should at least get to relax when you're on vacation.
Saaya: I suppose you're right... Alright, just for a little while then...


Saaya: Sigh... It's so nice and cool... This is... really... beyond words...
Rimi: It feels like the wind is seeping into every pore of my body...
Eve: This reminds me of my summers in Finland... We'd look out on the lake while cooling down...
Eve: If you listen closely, you can even hear the rustling of the trees. It may seem quiet, but we're actually surrounded by the sounds of nature.
Eve: And before you know it, you start to feel like a part of nature yourself. What a strange sensation...
Saaya: It must be because we can't hear any other people around... It's almost frightening, but I don't dislike it.
Saaya: It feels like I'm melting into the world around me...
Rimi: Maybe this is what it means to become one with the forest... We wouldn't find anything like this in the city.
Saaya: Yeah... I can't really explain it, but it's nice.
Rimi: Yeah... We're not really doing anything, but it's still such an amazing experience...
Saaya: Sigh...
Rimi: Sigh...
Saaya: Ah! I totally spaced out just now! Alright, now that I've cooled down, I need to prep for the barbeque.
Eve: Don't say that. You two need to relax more! This was only your first time in the sauna.
Saaya: Our first time... Wait, does that mean you usually go back in now?
Eve: Yes! In Finland, we go back into the sauna multiple times, cooling ourselves off in between sessions.
Eve: By doing so, we release a lot of sweat and refresh our bodies!
Rimi: My mother was telling me that saunas do work as a detox for the body! She learned about it on TV.
Eve: Exactly! Saunas help you detox and de-stress! They feel good and are good for you. That's what makes them so great!
Saaya: Come on, you guys, don't tempt me... What time is it now...?
Saaya: ... Actually, will you two be helping me prep?
Eve: Of course! I would never expect you to do it all by yourself!
Rimi: Yeah, I'll help too! I don't know how well I'll do, but I'll try...
Saaya: In that case... I guess I do have time for one more trip to the sauna.
Eve: Then let's go detox and de-stress!
Rimi: Ah! Wait for us, Eve-chan!
Saaya: Well... It can't hurt every once in a while, right? Fufu.

As My Own Natural Self Card Story - Special Episode

Bread of the Highlands



Saaya: BanG Dreamer-san! You've got perfect timing! Are you hungry?
Saaya: I've got a new item here, fresh from the oven. I'd love to get your opinion on it.
Saaya: Alright, here you are. This is our cow bun, filled to the brim with cream made from fresh milk! We even decorated it to look like a cow. Isn't it cute?
Saaya: While I was traveling with Rimi-rin recently, I had a chance to try a bun filled with cream made from the milk of cows living in the highlands. It was so good!
Saaya: So my parents and I are trying to figure out if we can make something similar.
Saaya: So... How is it? It's delicious? Thank goodness...
Saaya: Alright, my turn... Hm~... It's good, but something's off...
Saaya: It's not that I'm trying to create the exact same thing, but... It just feels like there's something missing...
Saaya: I'm sure it's partially the milk's fault, but other than that... It might have to do with where we were when we ate those highland cream buns.
Saaya: I'm sure part of the reason their buns were so delicious was that we were on vacation in the highlands.
Saaya: Oh yeah, Kaoru-san brought us all to a lovely villa built close to a lake.
Saaya: There was nature all around us, so we got to spend a lot of time staring off into the lake and trail riding...
Saaya: Oh yeah, I think we had those buns during our barbeque there.
Saaya: We were all having such a blast, it made the food taste even better.
Saaya: That barbeque really was fun. The meat and sausages her family left us were all so good.
Saaya: Rimi-rin seemed even more lively than usual. Of course, I was probably the same way.
Saaya: Kaoru-san and Tomoe started the fire and tended to it for us.
Saaya: They didn't seem bothered by the heat at all. Those two really are reliable.
Saaya: Oh, and Eve was so adorable. She wanted to make grilled rice balls, so she went and made rice balls for all of us.
Saaya: She was so careful grilling them. It clearly paid off too, they were delicious.
Saaya: I don't hang out with most of those girls very often... But getting to see a different side of all of them was a very memorable experience.
Saaya: ... Ah, that reminds me, we decided to try grilling some of the buns we bought during the barbeque.
Saaya: The charred outside went so well with the smoothness of the cream... That's it!
Saaya: Talking about my trip just gave me a great idea!
Saaya: And it's all thanks to you, BanG Dreamer-san!
Saaya: Once I've made some adjustments, I hope you'll give these cow buns another try!
Saaya: Next time I'll have an even tastier sample for you to try!
Saaya: Alright, see you later! I hope you'll look forward to my next creation!