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As a Big Sister Card Story - Episode

High Expectations


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard
Tsukushi: Hm-hm-hmm~♪
Tsukushi: Ah, this skirt looks nice, too! The colors give it a nice mature look!
Tsukushi: This blouse also looks pretty... I don't have any outfits like these, so maybe I should go shopping.
Touko: Oh hey, Fusuke!
Tsukushi: Ah, Touko-chan.
Touko: Whatcha reading? Oh, a magazine.
Tsukushi: Yeah, a fashion magazine! Look at this one, Toko-chan!
Tsukushi: Don't you think this is a really pretty dress? It looks so mature!
Touko: Huh, not bad! It's not my style, but it does look pretty good.
Tsukushi: Right? Hey, do you think I'd look good in this blouse and skirt?
Touko: Not really. They don't suit you.
Tsukushi: Ehehe, I knew i-... Hey! What did you just say?!
Touko: Huh? I just said they don't suit you.
Touko: Only people who are tall and have that sophisticated vibe look good in stuff like that.
Tsukushi: W-well, you're not wrong, but...
Touko: You're neither of those things, Fusuke.
Touko: The stuff you usually wear suits you so much better!
Tsukushi: Yeah... I know... But I like outfits like these!
Tsukushi: Don't you think it'd be great to look good in these outfits?
Tsukushi: You'd look so elegant and cool. People would also think you're really capable.
Touko: Gotcha~. So that's the kinda person you want to be, huh?
Tsukushi: Yeah! I want to be like the models in this magazine!
Touko: It's kind of lame if you look sophisticated but actually aren't, though.
Tsukushi: Of course, appearances alone aren't enough.
Tsukushi: It's not enough to look the part. I want to be cool on the inside too!
Tsukushi: After all, I'm fairly capable and I have leadership skills.
Tsukushi: That should put me on the cooler side of things, more or less...
Touko: Huh?
Tsukushi: What do you mean, "Huh?!"
Touko: I mean... Ah, actually, I do know someone like that.
Tsukushi: Huh? You mean someone who's cool on the outside and inside?
Touko: Yeah. That's totally Rui, don't you think?
Tsukushi: Ah...!
Tsukushi: I-I think you're right... She's capable and elegant. She would look great in these outfits!
Tsukushi: I can't believe I never thought of her even though we're friends...
Touko: Don't you think trying to be Rui is a bit much though?
Tsukushi: I know it's not going to be easy... b-but I'm sure I can do it!
Tsukushi: I'm a Tsukinomori student, just like her! We're also similar in a lot of ways!
Touko: Huh? Similar? Really?
Tsukushi: Yes, we are!
Tsukushi: Just you watch! I'm going to become cool enough to look good in outfits like these!

As a Big Sister Card Story - Special Episode

Trustworthy Band Leader


Marina: There! I'm all done cleaning over here!
Marina: It looks like you'll be done there soon. How about a break once y- Hm?
Marina: Hey, is that Tsukushi-chan sitting at that table? It looks like she's got a notebook or something.
Tsukushi: Hmm... Let's see if this day will work... Ah, Rui-san can't make it... Maybe this day then...
Marina: Hello! What are you doing? Homework?
Tsukushi: Huh?! Ah! M-Marina-san and New Staff-san...!
Marina: I'm sorry, we didn't mean to scare you.
Tsukushi: I-it's okay. I'm sorry I screamed like that.
Tsukushi: I've been trying so hard to work out a schedule for the band that I didn't notice you there...
Marina: Schedule?
Tsukushi: Yes, I asked everyone for their schedules, and I've been putting that information together.
Tsukushi: Touko-chan and Nanami-chan have club activities, Rui-san has student council duties, and I have my work as class president.
Tsukushi: I thought it would be a good idea to figure out when everyone's available to meet for band practice.
Tsukushi: Then we'll actually have a set schedule for practices!
Marina: A set schedule, huh? ... Yeah, that's certainly important.
Marina: It lets you set goals to work towards, and having goals helps increase motivation.
Tsukushi: Yes! That's why I decided to make a schedule!
Marina: Fufu, you're so dependable, Tsukushi-chan.
Tsukushi: I-I am? Um, thank you so much!
Tsukushi: Well, I'm the class president at school, so this kind of thing is normal for me.
Marina: I see. That explains a lot.
Marina: The band members must be really glad to have someone so reliable like you as their leader.
Tsukushi: Fufu, I think so, too!
Tsukushi: Anyway, I have to go to practice now. Goodbye!
Marina: Okay, good luck!
Marina: Fufu, Tsukushi-chan is such a reliable girl.
Marina: Hm? Is something the matter? The table?
Marina: Ah! The notebook!
Marina: Wait, Tsukushi-chan! You forgot your notebook~!