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Assembling Sound Card Story - Episode

Colorful Backstreets


Talent Agency

Maya: Uhm... "What I Felt During Our Concert." No... That's not going to work...
Aya: Ah, Maya-chan, great job today~.
Maya: You too, Aya-san. Hm? Those clothes... Did you have a private lesson today?
Aya: No. There's a part of our dance I'm having trouble with, so I decided to do a little extra practicing.
Aya: You were writing something just now, weren't you...? Ah, is it for your column?
Maya: Yeah, I have a little free time right now, so I thought it'd be a good idea to stockpile a few topics for the future.
Aya: Wow, you're so responsible, Maya-chan~. I need to follow your example!
Maya: You're practicing by yourself though. That sounds pretty responsible to me!
Aya: Ah, yeah... I guess you're right...
Maya & Aya: Ahahaha!
Aya: It looked like you were enjoying yourself though. What are you writing about?
Maya: Well... This piece is about that special concert I did at CiRCLE a while ago.
Aya: The one you invited me to, right? That was such a great concert!
Maya: Thank you! I learned a lot from that experience. I'm actually considering writing a few columns on the subject.
Aya: That sounds like a great idea! I'd love to hear what your thoughts and feelings were during that concert!
Aya: Do you think you could give me a little sneak peek...? What were you going to write about?
Maya: Well...
Maya: We only did one song for that show, but it made me happy to know that the story and memories of that song still came through...
Maya: I realized even though there are a countless number of songs in the world, every single one has its own story and emotions attached to it. Thinking about it like that, it really is amazing.
Aya: So every song has its own story and emotions, huh...?
Maya: When you're walking down the street, can't you hear music playing from a few different places? I'm sure those songs are creating new stories all the time!
Aya: I see... I never thought of it that way!
Maya: Isn't it kind of amazing when you think about it though? Music can really brighten your day just by listening to it.
Aya: Yeah! It really is amazing!
Maya: As a session musician, I'd say I tend to steer more towards the technical side of things when I play the drums.
Maya: Not that that's a bad thing. Technique is important in music. However, I'd personally like to tap into the emotional side of music more.
Maya: At least, that's what I felt during my show.
Aya: Gotcha! What a great idea for a column! I can't wait for others to read it!
Maya: Huhehe, thank you!
Maya: Ah! I also want to write more about bands I used to follow.
Aya: Really?
Maya: Yeah. There are a few bands that I like that have already broken up.
Maya: I used to think writing about them would make some people sad... Not anymore though.
Maya: A good band is still good, even if they're not around anymore!
Maya: So if possible, I want to introduce their music to all sorts of people!
Aya: Now that's something I want to know too! I'd love to hear what you consider good music, Maya-chan!
Aya: Do you think you could tell me?
Maya: Huhehe, well...
Maya: You'll just have to wait until the column comes out.
Aya: Aww~, really~? But I want to know so bad~.
Aya: Just one! Give me just one band!
Maya: W-well, if you really want to know...
Maya: Hmm~, then why don't we go to the CD shop after this?
Maya: We can talk about it there.
Aya: Great! I can't wait!

Assembling Sound Card Story - Special Episode

Maya's Origin


Edogawa Music

Marina: Thanks for coming shopping with me. You were really a big help.
Marina: ... Huh? Is that Maya-chan...? Who's that with her?
Marina: Ah, looks like they're done talking...
Marina: Hey there, Maya-chan. Who was that...?
Maya: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Maya: That was someone I used to perform with! They're having a show around here, so they just invited me!
Marina: Gotcha! Fufu, it's always nice running into old acquaintances.
Maya: That's true. I performed with them as a session musician a lot, but it feels like so long ago now.
Marina: Session musician, huh...? That must have been a hard job.
Maya: Well... I suppose it was, but it was also very rewarding.
Maya: I like playing the drums, and once in a while, I'd get to talk with the bands about music and other things.
Maya: What's more, all those people had different ideas of what a band is, and were aiming for different things...
Maya: Thanks to that, I got exposed to a lot of different viewpoints. It was a really valuable experience.
Maya: Actually, doing that concert for your song brought back a lot of memories, since I was working with people from the other bands.
Maya: No matter how much we talk, there are just some things that can only be said through music.
Marina: Fufu, I know what you mean.
Marina: I'm sure that experience has helped with your work\nin Pastel*Palettes too, right?
Maya: Absolutely!
Maya: Of course, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being an idol...
Maya: But I can ask Aya-san and the others about their opinions on idols, as well as listen to other idols' thoughts on the subject as well...
Maya: And that's proving to be very useful to me!
Marina: Fufu, you're amazing, Maya-chan. You really are motivated.
Maya: Y-you really think so?
Marina: Yeah. As long as you keep trying to learn all that you can, I'm sure you'll become a great idol someday!
Maya: Huhehe, something tells me I've got a rough journey ahead of me.
Maya: Still, I want to become an even better musician and idol...
Maya: And in order to do that, I need to work hard!
Marina: Yeah, and we're here to support you! Good luck!