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Attending A Wedding Card Story - Episode

Tuxedo Dreams


Movie Theater

Tomoe: It's been a while since we've gone to see a movie together, Ako. I hope the one your buddy recommended is good.
Ako: I'm so excited~. I heard this movie is action packed! Like, bam!! And boom!! And stuff!
Tomoe: Sure seems like it. Sounds like the kind of movie you have to watch in theaters.
Ako: Uh huh, uh huh! And I'll use everything I learn to become cooler!
Tomoe: Alright, make sure you're watching closely, then.
Ako: Okay! Ah, Sis. Look over there.
Tomoe: Hm? Which one?
Ako: That movie poster. I heard it's a wedding-themed movie.
Tomoe: Huh, you know a lot about these things. Let's see... "Endless Wedding."
Ako: Something about it seems really cool, doesn't it?
Tomoe: I don't know about that, but... doesn't this actress wearing the wedding dress look like Saaya?
Ako: You're right!
Tomoe: Just looking at this reminds me of the wedding ceremony from the other day.
Ako: You mean the one for the photoshoot?
Tomoe: Yeah, that one. I wouldn't have imagined that Saaya and Seta-senpai were just modeling when we saw them.
Ako: Mhm, I was surprised too! They made it look like the real thing!
Tomoe: Yup, enough to make us think they were actually getting married. Barging in like that was so embarrassing...
Ako: What else were we supposed to do? We were so confused...
Tomoe: Yeah, but if we just took a second to think about it, there's no way those two would be getting married...
Tomoe: Ako, you make sure you learn to think before you act, got it?
Ako: Okay! I will!
Tomoe: Great. Good girl. You always listen.
Ako: If I don't, I won't become cool!
Ako: But you know, Saaya-chan was so pretty that day...
Tomoe: Sure was. She was beautiful and Seta-senpai was really handsome.
Ako: Yeah! Kaoru is the coolest, being able to wear a tuxedo like that...
Tomoe: Yup, I thought even I might fall for her.
Ako: I did!
Ako: Hmm. But a tuxedo, huh...?
Tomoe: Hm? What about it? You think you might want to wear one next?
Ako: Well, that too. But I think you would look great in a tuxedo as well, Sis!
Tomoe: Huh? You think?
Ako: Uh huh! Because you're so cool! Even more than Kaoru!
Tomoe: Haha, thanks.
Ako: I wanna be just like you when I grow up! One day, I can be just as cool!
Tomoe: You got this. You are my little sister, after all.
Ako: Mhm! That's why I gotta watch and learn from this movie!
Ako: And then, when that day finally comes, let's wear tuxedos together!!
Tomoe: Cool, I look forward to it. I'm sure you'll make it look good.
Ako: I hope so! Mmm~! I can't wait!

Attending A Wedding Card Story - Special Episode

Cool Dress


Ako: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: Hi!! How are you?!
Ako: Everything is super on my end! We had a bunch of practice, and now I'm on my way home!
Ako: What are you up to?
Ako: ... You were looking at this poster?
Ako: Ah! I know this one!
Ako: Actually, I was there when they were taking the pictures!
Ako: ... So what happened was, my big sister and I were out shopping...
Ako: And we saw Saaya-chan and Kaoru taking a break from the photoshoot! By chance!
Ako: They were at a wedding place, and they were wearing a dress and a tuxedo. I was like, "Whoa, they're getting married?!"...
Ako: And we started losing our minds! ... Even though it ended up just being a photoshoot in the end. Ehehe.
Ako: Hey, BanG Dreamer-san? What kind of dress do you think I could wear?
Ako: A black one, right?! I knew it! The blackest of blacks, and... Uhm... A cool dress!
Ako: Hmm, red could work, too~. The reddest of... reds...?
Ako: Huh? I should wear a dress made with jet-black threads?! And it'll be a sacred dress even blacker than darkness...?!
Ako: Whoa... That's so cool...! I wanna wear that!!
Ako: I have to be able to wear that dress one day! That means I gotta become the coolest of cool!!