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Autumnal Heartfelt Letter

Event Attribute: Cool.svg Cool
Event Type: Versus Live
Event Start (JP): October 31, 2019 15:00 JST
Event End (JP): November 9, 2019 20:59 JST
Event Start (WW): October 31, 2020 01:00 UTC
Event End (WW): November 6, 2020 06:59 UTC
Bonus Members
Rimi (icon).pngHagumi (icon).pngRan (icon).pngYukina (icon).pngSayo (icon).png
Versus Live Song
Blue Bird
Event Cards
Drawing Upon Memories.png
Drawing Upon Memories T.png
Foxes of Fall.png
Drawing Upon Memories
Minato Yukina
Foxes of Fall
Hikawa Sayo
Mischievous Fall Flowers Worldwide Gacha Banner.png
Mischievous Fall Flowers [GACHA]
Seizing the Season.png
Seizing the Season T.png
Eyes on Autumn.png
Eyes on Autumn T.png
Seizing the Season
Ushigome Rimi
Eyes on Autumn
Kitazawa Hagumi
Put the Camera Away!.png
Put the Camera Away! T.png
Put the Camera Away!
Mitake Ran
Event Exclusive Rewards
Autumnal Heartfelt Letter Worldwide Event Stamp.png
"How about this?"
Autumnal Heartfelt Letter Event Title.png
Autumnal Heartfelt Letter Worldwide Event Title.png
Blue Bird Song Title.png
Stamp Titles

Suggested Team

VS Live
Scarlet T icon.png ScarletSparkling Sea Magic T icon.png Sparkling Sea MagicValuing Fundamentals T icon.png Valuing FundamentalsEyes on Autumn T icon.png Eyes on AutumnBirdcage Diva T icon.png Birdcage Diva
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.

Unlocked Interactions

Finishing the Event Story will unlock the following Live Interactions:
Hagumi (icon).pngRimi (icon).png

Hagumi (icon).pngSayo (icon).png
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