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Awakened Demon Princess Card Story - Episode

Gathering of Abyssal Darkness


CiRCLE - Lobby
Sayo: I'm surprised you were the one asking to meet about a concert, Udagawa-san. This doesn't happen very often.
Ako: I thought of something so cool, and I wanted the rest of you to hear about it!
Lisa: Ooo, look at the fire in her eyes. I gotta say, I like it!
Yukina: Ako, could you get to it?
Rinko: Ako-chan... You can do it...!
Ako: Okay! First, Yukina-san chants this cool spell and it's all like "wham"...
20 Minutes Later
Ako: To finish it, this cool dragon comes in like "ba-boom!" And that's how it ends!
Ako: Well? What do you think?! Wouldn't that be such a cool show?!
Lisa: Uhhh... Right, yeah. I think I get it, even if it all seems kinda vague to me.
Ako: You do?!
Lisa: W-well, let's see... You want to... use the power of darkness to put on a good show. Something like that, right?
Ako: Kinda, but not really~!
Lisa: S-sorry...
Ako: What about the rest of you?! Did you understand my idea for a super cool concert?
Yukina: Give me a moment...
Rinko: I follow... Ako-chan...
Sayo: You'll have to excuse me. All of that went completely over my head.
Ako: You don't get it either, Sayo-san?! Oh man, but I thought I explained it so much better than when I told Asuka and the others about it~...
Sayo: I don't think onomatopoeia like "boom" and "bam" are suitable when trying to convey an idea.
Yukina: It's obvious that there's something you want to do, but I was unable to clearly imagine what that is even after listening to your explanation.
Ako: Ohhh...
Yukina: To start, could you break down each section one by one? You spent time coming up with this for Roselia, so I want to understand what you're trying to say.
Ako: Yukina-san... Okay!
Yukina: The opening sequence first.
Lisa: I'm guessing we start with everything being dark, and then a spotlight turns on and Yukina stands in the middle of it?
Ako: Y-yeah! That's it! Then, Yukina-san chants a cool spell, and the rest of us are summoned...
Yukina: And perhaps you could come up with this spell for me? I don't know much about that sort of thing.
Ako: L-let's see... You're supposed to say... something cool that will make us appear. And you can feel the power of darkness from it...
Yukina: ... That sounds difficult. Probably more difficult than thinking of lyrics.
Ako: Ngh...
Rinko: Uhm... Put simply... you can probably do introductions... but it must sound like you're activating magic, so...
Rinko: For example... you could use high-level vocabulary... and introduce us...
Ako: Yeah! That's it! I think that would work! It'll sound super cool coming from you, Yukina-san!
Sayo: I realize those words are a part of the world you're thinking of, Udagawa-san... The people in the crowd, however, may be unlikely to understand them.
Lisa: You might be surprised though. The atmosphere and the flow of things could make it easy to follow along. There are times when a song has words you don't understand but you're still into it, right?
Yukina: Speaking of atmosphere, "the power of darkness" keeps on coming up... What's that supposed to be?
Ako: You know! It's super strong, and Roselia's playing makes that darkness go... "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" and grow...
Yukina: We've never included any 'whoosh' sound in one of our performances.
Rinko: That's the sound... of excitement building... like the air is swelling... I think that's what she means...
Lisa: Oh yeah~, that happens sometimes. If the excitement builds enough, the air around us and the air around the crowd mixes and it feels like we become one.
Sayo: And that's how we're granted the power of darkness? Am I supposed to imagine the enthusiasm and unity from the crowd increasing the intensity of our performance?
Yukina: There's something else I'm wondering about. You were saying that you use that power to raise the dead...
Ako: So at that part, we use the darkness that's been added to our playing to bring back the dead who are lying beneath the ground, and they come back like "ga-goosh!" ...
30 Minutes Later
Yukina: ... Okay, so that's the type of concert you have in mind.
Ako: Yeah...! So, do you get it now?
Yukina: I understand better than the first time you explained it, at the very least. You've depicted something much grander than I had imagined.
Ako: We can't settle for anything less if we wanna show how cool Roselia is!
Lisa: Ahaha, it's like entering Ako Land.
Rinko: I believe our music and costumes... would match the rest of it well... And most importantly, the audience... will be able to enjoy... being a part of Roselia's world...
Sayo: Yes, it could use some tweaks, but your passion is very obvious to me, Udagawa-san.
Ako: Aw, you guys... So that means...?
Sayo: Actually making it happen is another difficulty.
Yukina: A lot of effort would have to be made to bring your image to life without losing anything significant.
Lisa: You wanna make it happen...? Ahaha, yeah, of course you do!
Ako: What happened, Lisa-nee?
Lisa: Nothing, it just seemed like Yukina and Sayo would ask you what in the world you're talking about or tell you to get back to practicing and that would be the end of it.
Lisa: But here they are trying to figure out how to make your idea a reality. I was just thinking about how serious they are, even if it's a little unexpected.
Yukina: Well, Ako is a Roselia member too. Therefore, we must also consider what she thinks of as ideal.
Ako: Y-Yukina-san...!! Ohhh, I always knew you were cool~!!
Ako: I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to make that performance happen someday!!

Awakened Demon Princess Card Story - Special Episode

The Sentiment Within that Word


Ako: Hmmm~... Put that like this... Oh, but I can't take that out... Ohhh, what do I do...?
Marina: Looks like Ako-chan's got something on her mind. Let's go talk to her.
Marina: Ako-chan, hey there!
Ako: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey!
Marina: You've been sitting here thinking about something for a little while. Is something wrong?
Ako: Well~... I've been trying to figure out how to get people to understand my idea of cool...
Ako: I came up with this super cool plan for a performance! And I tried to tell everyone what that plan is, but...
Ako: I couldn't get across what's cool about it... So I've been wondering what I can do to help others understand what I mean.
Marina: Oh, okay... Yeah, trying to convey the image you've created in your head is a tough job.
Marina: So, what exactly did you say to the others?
Ako: Here, I'll try explaining it again! Listen carefully!
20 Minutes Later
Ako: ... Then, right at the end, the dragon unleashes its shadowy fire breath toward the crowd like "woosh," and "ka-boom," the show is done!
Ako: What do you think?! Isn't it just so cool?!
Marina: Th-that would be quite the performance, but I'm not sure I followed all of that...
Marina: Ah, but the power of darkness is important, right?! I did gather that much!
Ako: Ohhh... Again, that's the only part that gets through... There's so much more "cool" to it though.
Marina: Oh, I certainly felt that. It's bursting with your idea of cool, that's for sure.
Ako: Yeah! Actually, everything I think is cool is in this plan!
Ako: There's Roselia, the power of darkness, my sister, NFO! They're all cool in a different way, so I took all of their good parts and put them together!
Marina: So to you, there's a lot of different types of "cool," right? I bet if we knew how they differed, we might have a better chance of seeing the picture you're painting.
Ako: Ah, okay! So I have to share what makes them unique, got it!
Ako: Hmmm~... How do I do that...? Nghhh, it's all so clear in my head~! It's so hard to put into words though~!
Ako: But I won't give up! I can't! I want everyone to understand what I mean when I say something is cool!
Ako: Once I can get my ideas across like "boom," I can be super, ultra cool!
Marina: Mhm! It's important that you try!
Ako: Thanks for listening, you guys! By the time we talk next time, I'll reach the coolest of the cool and I'll have something that goes "ka-bam" to share with you!!