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Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Opening
A Sudden Request

Ran receives a message from Hina after rehearsal,
but what's written is completely unexpected...


CiRCLE - Studio

Himari: You'll never believe what Kaoru-senpai did next...
Tomoe: Ahahaha! There's never a dull moment when it comes to Seta-senpai~!
Ran: Oh, I got a text.
Ran: ... What the?!
Himari: Huh?! What's up, Ran? Hey, you weren't even listening, were you~?!
Moca: Don't worry, Moca-chan was doing the listening for her~. You were talking about being a bun-girl or a rice-girl in the morning, right~? Naturally, I'm a... bun-girl!
Himari: Hmph~! That's the last thing I'd talk about!
Tomoe: Ran, is there an emergency or something?
Ran: I'd call it that. I got a text from Hina-san.
Himari: From Hina-senpai?! I didn't know you two even talked.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan and I went stargazing with Hina-senpai that one time!
Ran: Yeah, and since then I get random texts from her. "You're so pointy, but then you kinda smell kinda floaty!" Stuff like that...
Himari: Wow... I have no idea what any of that means...
Moca: So~, what did she send you this time?
Ran: "Ran-chan, write a song for us!" ...
Tomoe: Us... as in Pastel✽Palettes?
Himari: Huh...?
Others: Whaaat?!

Talent Agency

Moca: Ooh~. So this is a talent agency~.
Himari: Wow...! Do you think we'll run into any celebrities while we're here?
Tomoe: We're about to meet some, aren't we? The girls from Pastel*Palettes.
Hina: Ah! Ran-chan, Tsugu-chan! Over here!
Ran: Hina-san! H-hey...
Chisato: I apologize for having you come down here on such short notice.
Tsugumi: I-it's fine!
Chisato: I had Hina-chan show me the text she sent to Ran-chan... No wonder you were surprised.
Hina: Really? I thought it was good how it was simple like that.
Maya: Ahaha... Anyway, one of the staff here will explain things in more detail. Please, come on in!

Talent Agency
Meeting Room

Others: Thank you very much for coming today.
Others: ...
Chisato: Relax, you don't need to be so tense... I suppose it's easier said than done though.
Ran: Umm... Hina-san contacted me about us writing a song...
Others: That's right. We were hoping it would be possible for you to write a song for Pastel✽Palettes!
Others: !!!
Others: We believe there is something special about the larger-than-life lyrics and powerful music that Afterglow writes! But especially the lyrics! The way you capture what can only be written by a high school student is marvelous!
Moca: Hear that~? Nice work, Ran ♪
Ran: U-uh, sure...
Chisato: If you agree to write a song for us, we'd like to give you full freedom with the music and lyrics.
Others: It will definitely get people talking and I believe that playing a song with a different musical direction will help Pastel✽Palettes grow as well.
Others: We are also thinking we could help contribute to Afterglow's popularity... I believe it is a good deal for all parties.
Others: We could love to work together to create something that we can all be proud of... What do you say?
Others: ...
Ran: I don't have anything against Pastel✽Palettes, but the idea of making a song just to get people talking...
Tomoe: I'm with Ran on this one. And besides, our band has never been about being popular or anything...
Himari: T-Tomoe! Ran! Calm down...!
Chisato: This is a big deal for both us and you. We don't expect you to make any decisions on the spot.
Chisato: We don't want you to give an answer that you might regret.
Chisato: Take your time to think about this. We'll wait until you're ready to give an answer that you're happy with... You have no problem with that, right?
Others: I think that's the best way to approach this. We await your answer when you're ready to give it.
Others: ...

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Chapter 1
What is Growth?

The girls of Afterglow receive a surprising request from Pastel✽Palettes.
What will they decide...?


Hazawa Coffee

Moca: How was it, Hii-chan~? Your big trip to the travel agency?
Himari: Oh my god, it was amazing! ... Wait, that's not where we're here to talk about!
Tsugumi: That was an amazing turn of events, huh.
Tomoe: I don't think I can accept the idea of someone else performing a song that we've written. I can't find the right words to explain it, but... it just doesn't sit well with me.
Himari: Hrm... It's not like we're just letting them do a cover of one of our own songs either.
Ran: Tomoe said it too, but we didn't start a band just to be famous or anything like that. Honestly, I don't get the angle the agency staff was going for.
Tsugumi: The thing about them helping improve our popularity by writing a song for Pastel*Palettes, right?
Tomoe: All we need is for things to be the same as usual. You guys agree, right?
Himari: Yeah, I guess...
Tsugumi: Hrm...
Others: ...
Moca: If no one's feeling it, then why make ourselves do it?
Tsugumi: But if we do this, we might find a way for us to grow! Maybe it's worth giving a try...
Ran: I get what you're trying to say, Tsugu, but... what kind of growth are you talking about? How are we going to improve by saying yes to this?
Tsugumi: Well... umm...
Moca: But, you know~, we've done a whole bunch of things in the past just because they were a new challenge, right?
Tsugumi: Yeah! Like Girl Jam, and stuff like that!
Himari: Actually, starting a band in the first place was kind of a challenge, when you think about it. Tsugu and Tomoe had some experience, but the rest of us were complete beginners.
Tsugumi: Yeah, that's right! I think we always come back with something when we take on a new challenge! I can't put it into words properly, but...
Tsugumi: Umm, so what I mean is...
Moca: If we think of this as a challenge and give it a shot, we might find something for ourselves~.
Tsugumi: Yeah! That's what I was thinking!
Himari: Moca, you just stole the good part from Tsugu...
Moca: Sorry, my bad. I've got this habit of saying the right thing at the right time~.
Tsugumi: I can't imagine how we'll grow by writing a song for Pastel*Palettes, but...
Tsugumi: I'm sure we'll find something, just like we always do! That's why I think we should do it!
Ran: Tsugumi...
Himari: I agree with Tsugu! I think we can grow! And I think we can find something in all this!
Tsugumi: I know we usually just let you handle the lyrics, Ran-chan, but we can help if you need it! We can all put our heads together.
Tomoe: True... there's no point going on about it before we even give it a try.
Moca: Good old Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Moca, you low key like saying that, don't you...?
Tsugumi: Chisato-san said she wanted us to give an answer that we're happy with. I'd rather try it and regret it, than regret not trying it!
Himari: What do you think, Ran? Why don't we give it a shot?
Ran: ... Okay. Let's do it.
Tsugumi: Yeah...! Let's give it our best!
Moca: Mitake-kun. I expect only the greatest song ever from you~.
Ran: (Growth, huh...?)
Moca: Hey, Ran~, don't ignore me~.
Ran: Tsugumi, could you contact Eve and give her the OK about the song?
Moca: The neglect~!
Tomoe: But it was you who Hina-senpai contacted in the first place, right? Don't you think it should be you who responds to her?
Ran: ... Yeah, but... you know how Hina-san is...
Tsugumi: Ahaha... Okay then! I'll get in touch with Eve-chan.
Ran: That'd be a big help.
Moca: Hii-chan, Ran's ignoring me~.
Ran: Ugh, okay, okay! Enough already!
Others: Ahahaha!
Tsugumi: (A new challenge...! I hope we can get something special from all of this...!)

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Chapter 2
Our Strengths

Writing the new song proves to be a struggle. In order to pick up some hints,
Ran and the others take time to watch a Pastel✽Palettes rehearsal.


A Few Days Later

Ran: ...
Himari: I came up with a bunch of phrases, but none of them hit the spot...
Tomoe: We don't really even have common ground with Pastel*Palettes besides that group performance we did... I don't think we have enough material to work with to write a song.
Tsugumi: Eve-chan works part-time at our café, but we don't exactly have much of a connection in terms of music~...
Tsugumi: Maybe I should tell Eve-chan that we're having some trouble with the song...
Tomoe: ... Yeah. I hate to admit it, but I don't think we're going to get anywhere with this one on our own.

Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Thanks for coming today, everyone!
Himari: It's so amazing that we get to see real idols in rehearsal!
Ran: ... Himari.
Himari: Aww... s-sorry...
Chisato: Fufu, it's okay. We set up some chairs for you. Take a seat.
Tomoe: I'm sorry we're troubling you like this.
Maya: It's fine! We would prefer this not to be too stuffy today, so please, sit back and relax!
Eve: Okay, let's begin our training session!

Hina: Hey~! What did you guys think of our performance?
Himari: It was so nice! You guys even rehearse the thing you say on stage! Idols are really amazing...!
Hina: Ohh, that's just because Aya-chan has to think about what she says before she actually says it! I guess she's kinda unique like that~.
Aya: Ugh... that was blunt...
Tomoe: I-I'm not sure how I should react to that one...
Maya: Ahaha~... I'm sorry about this...
Chisato: So, now that you've seen us perform again, what was your impression this time?
Tsugumi: It was really cute!
Moca: Aya-san looked me in the eyes so many times! Could it be she has a thing for me...?
Aya: Whaaat?! Umm... it's not like that... Err, I know it sounds strange to say that too, but uh...
Tomoe: Ah, feel free to ignore Moca. She's always like this.
Aya: Umm, I'm sorry... We always try to look at every member in the audience when we perform, so I'm glad you noticed!
Himari: Why do you look at everyone when we perform?
Aya: Because a performance isn't a performance with just us standing on the stage. It only becomes that when there's an audience there to see us, so...
Aya: We want them to know that we're seeing them too and that we're glad they came.
Tomoe: So you mean your top priority when you perform is the audience?
Chisato: I suppose so. We bear the name of Pastel*Palettes now. We want the audience to see the best possible performance that they can.
Chisato: We are always conscious of the way the audience sees us.
Tomoe: Bear the name, huh...? Doesn't that kind of thing put pressure on you?
Chisato: Hmm... I guess it does... We belong to a talent agency and as professionals it's only natural we represent it properly.
Himari: Professionals, huh...?
Tsugumi: This professional thing is really amazing~... Eve-chan looked really dependable when she was playing on stage~!
Eve: Did I really? I looked dependable to you?
Tsugumi: Yeah! You were really great! Seeing you perform like that made me feel more motivated.
Ran: ...
Maya: Is something the matter, Mitake-san? If you have any questions about our performance, just let us know!
Ran: It's not a question or anything, but... when we perform we don't look at the audience's faces or think about them at all really.
Ran: This isn't the right way to say it, but... I'm not sure how to feel about it.
Maya: That kind of thing is the appeal of Afterglow if you ask me.
Himari: What kind of thing...?
Maya: The free-spirited way you guys perform! You're not pretentious, but you're also larger than life. Especially with Mitake-san's vocals...
Chisato: We do our thing and you do yours.
Chisato: Every band has its strengths and weaknesses. I think the way each band brings all of that together is what makes them unique and attractive.
Tsugumi: Th-there's something amazing about the way pros see things...! I'd never thought about it like that.
Aya: We weren't always a happy family from the beginning, you know?
Chisato: That's true. We've been through a lot since the band formed.
Ran: Tell me more.
Moca: Ooh, Ran's getting into this~.
Ran: I-it's just to help me write the song.
Chisato: Fufu, I'm happy you've taken interest in us. It's going to take a while, but... I'll tell you the entire story.

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Chapter 3
Great Effort for a Great Song

After hearing everything Aya and the others have been through,
the girls of Afterglow think about how they face their own challenges.


Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: ... I think that's pretty much the entire story.
Others: ...
Hina: Oh, she's stunned. Hey~, Ran-chan~?
Ran: Uh, y-yeah...
Hina: You okay?
Aya: It must be a bit of a surprise, huh? But I think it's because of all those things we experience that we were able to find who we are.
Aya: Also... sticking to what I believed in is what made me realize that I can shine. Now that I look back on it, I'm glad it all happened.
Eve: That's right! A lot of things have happened since we formed the band, but I am glad that we experienced all of them!
Hina: How did you guys end up forming Afterglow, anyway?
Tomoe: We just started the band so that we could always be together... Umm...
Himari: It's almost hard to talk about after hearing what you just told us... It was really uneventful compared to what you went through...
Hina: Isn't it a good thing if nothing went down?
Chisato: I think it is. It's not as if people can't grow without experiencing conflict, after all.
Ran: ...
Moca: Uneventful? Lots of things happened with us too though, right? Tomo-chin and Ran had that mega fight...
Ran: Hey, Moca...!
Tomoe: Even then, that was, well... Compared to Pastel✽Palettes, it was really insignificant...
Chisato: I don't think it matters if it's a big thing or not. What's important is that the five of you are still here even after that fight.
Eve: Which means that you were able to make up with each other! I think that's a really lovely thing!
Chisato: The fact that you were able to overcome something is what's important. The fact that you tried to face the problem...
Moca: ... So mature.
Chisato: Fufu. I've been in this industry for a long time, so I guess I am... a little.
Ran: ... Trying to face something...
Ran: Do you mind if we watch you practice for a little longer?
Hina: Not at all! Let's do that song one more time, you guys!
Aya: Yeah!

Walking Home

Himari: Everyone in Pastel✽Palettes is amazing~.
Tomoe: Yeah. I never would've thought that they'd gone through something as dramatic as that...
Moca: That was crazy, huh?
Tomoe: Yeah... It was so dramatic I can't even find the right words...
Tsugumi: Aww, should we really be writing for people that amazing...?
Ran: ... I want to do it.
Tomoe: Ran, you seem pretty intent on this whole thing. Is there something going on?
Ran: I can't put the something into words, but... I feel like I can almost tell what we'll be able to find for ourselves by writing this song...
Ran: Which is why I want to see it through to the end.
Moca: Ooh~, that was cool, Ran~.
Tsugumi: Yeah... Yeah, you're right! I'm sorry I started doubting us when I was the one to push for it in the beginning.
Ran: So, about my idea for the song...
Tomoe: You've already come up with something? Let's hear it!
Ran: Aya-san said that sticking to what she believed in is what let her shine in her own way, right?
Ran: So, instead of coming up with something that fits Pastel*Palettes, I think it would be better to go all out as Afterglow when writing the song.
Tomoe: True, making an Afterglow-kind-of song would be the most satisfying way for us to do this. And besides...
Tomoe: There's something that just gets me pumped when I think about us going all out on something!
Himari: Okay, then let's write a song that totally shows what we are!
Moca: Hoh~!
Himari: Hmph! The "hoh" part comes later~!
Moca: Hey, hey~!
Himari: You've got the order all wrong~!!
Others: Ahaha!
Ran: ...
Ran: What are we, huh...

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Chapter 4
Our Little World

After Himari's suggestion, the Afterglow members go to the roof so they can write their lyrics.
The discussion of what kind of lyrics they should write begins...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy

Tsugumi: The song itself is starting to feel right, so I guess we should start thinking about the lyrics, shouldn't we?
Ran: Yeah. It's not bad considering we've only had a few days to work on it.
Himari: Mufufu~. Hey, you guys! I've got an idea.
Moca: You know something bad is coming when Hii-chan goes "mufufu". What is it this time?
Himari: Hmph! My ideas are never bad! I've got the perfect place for us to think about the lyrics. Follow me!

Haneoka Girls' Academy

Tomoe: Ohh, this is the place you were talking about!
Himari: Yeah! I thought we should write the song in a place that has our kind of vibe. I know it's a little cold up here, but if we have some hot drinks or something it'll be fine!
Tsugumi: Himari-chan, this is amazing!
Moca: You did pretty good, Hii-chan~.
Himari: Ehehe~, right?
Tomoe: Hey, Ran. Do you have an idea in mind for writing the lyrics?
Moca: Gonna try putting "shuwa shuwa" in the lyrics or something~?
Ran: Uh, I don't think so...
Tsugumi: How about putting the things everyone in Pastel*Palettes experienced into the lyrics?
Ran: I suppose we could use what they told us about for the lyrics, but I think that'd still lack something.
Tomoe: True. I think Tsugu's idea of putting their experiences into words is a good one, but they're the ones who actually experienced it all, not us.
Tomoe: We could know everything there is to know about it, but I think it'll still sound a little shallow.
Moca: This is a tough cookie~. I think it's okay to go full Afterglow on the music, but can we do that with the lyrics too?
Tsugumi: Hrm...
Ran: What kind of lyrics show who we are anyway?
Moca: Hmm, lyrics that have an us-kind-of vibe?
Ran: Can't you, like... be more specific?
Moca: It's kind of like our songs are the things that come with the stuff that Ran writes into her notebook when she needs to let something out...
Tomoe: Which means...?
Moca: Umm... that the things Ran and the rest of us experience are what end up in our songs?
Himari: True, the lyrics to our songs are always based on things in our lives, huh?
Ran: I feel like they just won't hit the spot any other way... I guess I just did it unconsciously.
Moca: Isn't that what they mean by "larger than life"? Singing about the things we've seen and felt.
Himari: Hey, I was just thinking...
Himari: Instead of just putting the things that Pastel*Palettes experienced into the lyrics, shouldn't we just write about how hearing those things made us feel?
Tsugumi: Oh...! You're right, if we do that it'll fit with the usual way we write our lyrics!
Tomoe: Yeah, that's it! If we're going to go all out, then let's go all out the same as usual.
Ran: Okay... I might be able to come up with something good.
Moca: Hii-chan, you nailed it. That's why you're our leader.
Himari: Hehe! You're not wrong!
Tsugumi: The things we felt when we heard about what they went through... What did you guys feel? To be honest, it made me feel really tiny...
Tomoe: True, they're toughing it out in a world we can't even imagine. Like everything is on a different level...
Ran: I was thinking the same thing. When I was trying to face the stuff with my dad and you guys, everyone in Pastel*Palettes was going through something so much bigger...
Ran: It made me realize how little the world I've been spending my life in is...
Moca: Well, that little world seems to be one of our strengths. That's what Chisato-san was saying.
Moca: The strengths and weaknesses together make the band attractive. Let's treasure the little world that we have.
Himari: Yeah, you're right! And besides, Chisato-san said it's not about the size of the problem, but the fact that we tried to face it!
Ran: That's not the only thing. Hearing all these things from people who live in a world so much bigger than ours, we realized how small our own world was and...
Ran: I feel like we realized how big the rest of the world is too.
Tsugumi: You're right! You're so perceptive, Ran-chan! I didn't realize that.
Tomoe: I didn't think that far into it either... Just goes to show that Ran is the one thinking most passionately about this one.
Moca: Moca-chan realized all that stuff too, you know~.
Himari: Really~?
Moca: Actually, I arrived at an even deeper mental place. Whoa, this is crazy. Moca-chan's on another level.
Himari: Hmph, would you be serious?
Moca: Hey, I'm being seriously serious~.
Tomoe: Sure about that?
Ran: Enough about Moca. I think I'd like to make what we just talked about the lyrics of the song. Is that okay?
Tsugumi: Definitely! I'll help out as much as I can!
Himari: Me too! I can be on dictionary duty!
Tomoe: I brought the recordings of the phrases we made, so let's listen to them while we work on the lyrics.
Ran: Great, that helps.
Moca: Okay, let's do it. Hey, hey hoh~!

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Chapter 5
The Vast Night Sky

Absorbed in their discussion about lyrics,
the girls look up to find an expansive night sky.


A Few Hours Later
Haneoka Girls' Academy

Himari: A-a-a-choo! Ugh, it's so cold...
Tsugumi: We've been up here for a while. Are you okay, Himari-chan? Do you need my jacket?
Himari: Aww, Tsugu, thanks. I'll be okay...
Tomoe: It's getting pretty dark out here though... Maybe we should wrap things up soon?
Ran: That might be a good idea. It's so dark I can barely see what I'm doing...
Moca: Ugh. So cold...
Ran: You okay, Moca? Don't go and catch a cold. Let's pack up and get out of here.
Tomoe: That about does it, right? Let's get...
Tsugumi: ... Ah!
Himari: Hm? What's up, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Look! The sky! The first star of the night!
Moca: Huh? Where?
Tsugumi: Over there on the right...
Himari: Ah, I see it!
Tomoe: Oh, there it is! Man, you always spot the first star the moment it pops up, Tsugu~.
Tsugumi: There's only one shining spot in the dark night sky. It's easy to find!
Moca: Who looks up at the pitch-black sky anyway~? Hey, I still can't find it...
Tomoe: True... You might have a weird streak, Tsugu.
Tsugumi: You think so? Oh, but! I don't think I ever used to pay attention to it until I went stargazing with Ran-chan and Kasumi-chan.
Tsugumi: I got interested in the stars after that! Telescopes are too expensive to just go and buy though, but... I sometimes go out onto my veranda and look at the stars before I go to sleep.
Himari: Wow~, I didn't know you made a hobby of it, Tsugu.
Moca: I might have to take a look from my veranda sometime too~.
Tsugumi: Yeah! Give it a try! It's a little cold these days, but it feels really nice and helps clear your head!
Ran: That sounds refreshing.
Tsugumi: Even if the sky isn't completely dark, sometimes it's fun to look at it in a different way and try to find a star.
Ran: Look at things in a different way, huh...
Tomoe: Hey, I like that way of thinking, Tsugu! You went stargazing too, right Ran? Do you...
Ran: ...
Tomoe: Ran?
Ran: What Tsugumi said just now got me thinking.
Ran: We ended up in different classes in second grade of middle school... and I started hanging out on the roof by myself.
Ran: At the time, the roof was a place I'd run away to. It was only a negative place for me.
Himari: Ran...
Ran: But after starting the band with everyone, it's become like our base... And now it's an important place to all of us.
Ran: Just by resetting how I feel, a place that I used to only see in a negative way is now something really special. Isn't this kind of like what Tsugumi's saying about the night sky?
Tsugumi: Ah...!
Ran: My feelings towards the roof, and how Tsugumi now looks up at the sky. Now that I think about it, these are both things we see with a broader perspective.
Moca: We just didn't realize it, but I guess we're all growing at our own pace then~?
Moca: Hey, Hii-chan, do you think I might've grown taller~?
Himari: Hmph, Moca's at it again! Even if you have grown taller, we see each other too much for me to notice!
Tomoe: But, you know... We might be growing in these little ways here and there like that.
Tomoe: There's just no way for us to tell since we're always together.
Moca: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about~.
Ran: Now you're just pushing it.
Tomoe: Tsugu opened our eyes this time, huh?
Tsugumi: Huh, what? I wasn't trying to do that, but I'm kind of happy I did.
Himari: Tsugu always brings up these important kinda thing at just the right time, huh~?
Ran: And Moca's the one who just jumps on board.
Moca: What~? I wish you'd realize just how important Moca-chan is~.
Others: Ahaha!
Ran: ... We only looked at the sunset up until now, but after the sunset comes the night sky.
Ran: Today I realized the night sky isn't a bad thing.
Himari: Yeah! Let's make a thing out of finding the first star of the night!
Tomoe: We might discover other new things if we keep looking at the sky on different days.
Tsugumi: Yeah! I think we will!
Tomoe: Part of the reason we saw the sky tonight is Pastel*Palettes. We owe them our thanks.
Ran: ... We sure do.

Azure, Shine Bright Event Story - Ending
A New "Same as Always"

The members of Afterglow make it through the song-making process without any mishaps.
What do Ran and the others feel after going through this experience...?


A Few Days Later
Talent Agency

Himari: S-so this is it, huh...? We're gonna play our new song for Pastel✽Palettes...
Ran: ...
Tsugumi: ...
Moca: ... You guys, I think I caught a cold when we were on the roof writing the lyrics.
Himari: You bring that up now?!
Tomoe: Ahaha... I think that just eased the tension for me.
Aya: Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone!
Himari: Oh, Aya-san!
Hina: You guys finished the song~? C'mon, play it for us~!
Chisato: Yes, I'd love to hear it too.
Ran: Okay, here it is...

Talent Agency
Meeting Room

Maya: This song is wonderful! Hard rock with the telltale Afterglow kind of speed! This is great!
Others: As Maya-san says, this is a wonderful song! Allow me to thank you again for accepting our proposal.
Chisato: I am impressed that you could make such an amazing song in such a short time. You must've worked hard.
Others: We are truly glad that we opened a dialogue with you about this! Thank you very much!
Himari: Wh-what a relief~...! I'm so happy you liked it!
Aya: You wrote about us in the lyrics, didn't you?
Ran: Yeah. The things you told us and how we interpreted them... That's what the lyrics are about.
Eve: This part about "azure" and "the color of the sky showed us the way"... Is this about us too?
Hina: Our band name has the word "pastel" in it, but none of our outfits or themes have an "azure" feel to them. Why'd you go with that~?
Ran: W-well...
Moca: Ran, give 'em the facts~.
Ran: Umm... After hearing what you told us, we kind of realized that our world and the way we see it is really small and narrow.
Ran: Our band name comes from the sunset we saw together, but I guess everything you shared with us made me realize that the sky has other colors besides the ones when it sets...
Ran: ... You know, this is really embarrassing...!
Chisato: Fufu, don't worry, I can appreciate what you're trying to say. Ran-chan, and everyone else, thank you for writing such a wonderful song for us.
Aya: I'll sing the lyrics you wrote with all my heart...!
Himari: Okay! I can't wait to hear it!
Hina: I'm gonna make the guitar parts really boppin' too~♪ I can't wait to play it~!
Moca: Make sure there's a hint of Mocatastic in there too~.
Hina: Mocatastic? What's that like? C'mon, tell me~!
Tomoe: Those two are just... wow.
Himari: Yeah...
Eve: Tsugumi-san, could you give me some advice about how to practice your part?
Eve: Afterglow made a painstaking effort to write this song! I want to make sure I understand what you felt when you performed it!
Tsugumi: Okay! If you think I can help, then sure!
Aya: Ran-chan, Tomoe-chan. How did you feel when writing the song?
Tomoe: Umm, well...
Aya: I was kind of wondering because both of you seemed a little uneasy when we first talked about it.
Ran: Will you get angry if I am honest with you...?
Chisato: No, it's okay. Don't worry ♪
Ran: ... I might sound scary saying this, but... to be honest, I wasn't happy about it in the beginning. I feel that our songs are ours and no one else's...
Ran: We just want to do our thing the same as usual, so to be honest I just didn't get why the staff here was talking about raising our popularity and stuff like that.
Ran: But after we actually started making the song, I realized things like how insignificant we are, and how fun it can be to look at the sky at night. So, um... I guess it can be good when things aren't always the same as usual.
Tomoe: So basically what we want to say is that it was fun writing the song. I felt the same way as Ran in the beginning, but I learned a lot from this.
Ran: H-hey...!
Aya: Ahaha! I'm glad to hear that! I was kind of worried.
Chisato: It can be good when things aren't always the same as usual... Realizing this mmust be a big thing for you as well, I imagine.
Ran: Yeah, I think so.
Chisato: I'm glad. It sounds like all of you found a way to grow from this.
Ran: Yeah, so, umm...
Ran: Th...
Tomoe: Thank you for this!
Ran: Tomoe!
Tomoe: Ahaha! You really aren't honest with yourself, you know that, Ran? At least learn how to thank people~!
Ran: Hey... it's not like I can't say it!
Himari: Huh? What's going on?
Tomoe: Hm? Oh, we were just talking about how Ran isn't honest with herself!
Ran: Quit it, okay?
Chisato: ... I guess this is what they meant by "the same as always".
Aya: Yep, I think so. Fufu, they look like they're having so much fun!
Himari: Aya-san, Chisato-san! Would you mind if we take a group photo?
Aya: Ooh! Let's do it! I'm in! C'mon, Chisato-chan, you too!
Chisato: Yes, of course ♪

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