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Backstage Pass Event Story - Opening
The Usual Five

Poppin'Party is to perform, and standing in contrast to each other are the nervous Rimi and the cool and collected Saaya. What allows her to be so calm...?


Before The Show
Dressing Room
Kasumi: Hmhmm~ ♪ Just a little bit longer until we rock the stage~! Pounding hearts~ ♪ Fun fun fun~ ♪
Arisa: Bouncing off the walls, I see...
Kasumi: Hmhmhmm~ ♪ Ah! Hey, Arisa! Does my hair look weird at all?
Arisa: Huh?
Kasumi: My hair! How is it?
Arisa: I don't know! Find a mirror!
Tae: Me too, Arisa. Look at my head. Anything wrong with it?
Arisa: Your... hair is fine.
Tae: Meaning? Oh, you're saying something up here is warped?
Arisa: ... Sigh...
Saaya: You wouldn't be able to tell we're about to perform with those three going back and forth... But that's how things always are, right?
Rimi: M-mhm... Yeah.
Saaya: You're looking nervous, Rimi-rin. Are you okay?
Rimi: Th-thank you for checking, Saaya-chan. No matter how many times we do this, I just can't get used to this pre-show feeling.
Saaya: But it doesn't make you as anxious as it used to, does it?
Rimi: You might be right about that. Before, I had such a hard time with crowds that I was afraid of even joining our band...
Saaya: Right. And I've been watching you and Kasumi for a while, being behind you during our shows and all. I know you can be counted on to take care of business now!
Rimi: Y-you think so?
Saaya: Yep! You used to seem unsure of yourself, and there were times when you would shy away from things, but these days, you stand tall.
Rimi: I do?! I sure hope so~...
Rimi: Saaya-chan, you've always been relaxed before our shows. What would it take for me to be able to do that?
Saaya: Ahaha, well...
Tae: Hey, Arisa. Do you have an iron?
Arisa: What? I told you, none of your accessories are warped...
Tae: Huh? No, not for that. An iron for my hair.
Arisa: Ughhh~!! Now you're talking about your hair?! Were you not just asking me about the accessories?!
Tae: It's my hair I'm worried about, Arisa. I knew it. There is something wrong with my head...
Kasumi: I'm pretty sure there's something off about the ends of my hair, too~! Ohh~, what do I do?! How much time do we have until the show again?!
Array: Arisa~!!
Arisa: Gah!! You two are so annoying~!!
Saaya: I guess you could say watching those three helps me feel at ease, weirdly enough... Know what I mean?
Rimi: Ahaha... I think I do.
Saaya: Fufu, exactly.
Arisa: Saaya, Rimi! Stop standing around and help me out here~!
Saaya: Ahhahaha! Sorry, I just have so much fun watching you...
Arisa: Well stop doing that!
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, my ends are flipping out more than they normally do, aren't they?
Rimi: Are you sure? Sit there. I'll take a look... No, it looks okay to me. I think it's the same as it always is.
Kasumi: Really? Phew~! Thanks, Rimi-rin!
Saaya: Come, you too, O-Tae. I'll fix your hair for you.
Tae: Okay. Thank you, Saaya.

Saaya: Alright! Is everyone ready to go?
Tae: Mhm! As ready as can be. Thanks.
Arisa: Sigh... Kasumi and O-Tae are completely out of control. This isn't the behavior of people who are about to perform...
Saaya: Look who's talking.
Arisa: Shut it!! They dragged me into that madness!
Rimi: Fufu...!
Saaya: Doesn't look like you're nervous anymore, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: I'm not! And I think I have Arisa to thank for it.
Arisa: It's not like I did anything...
Kasumi: We're about to go on, you guys! Let's make this a show they'll all remember! Ready...?!
Others: Popipa! Pipopa! Popipapapipopa~!

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 1
A Night of Endles Excitement

The show is over, and the girls are looking to celebrate. However, Kasumi seems...?


After The Show
Dressing Room
Tae: Hey, hey, Arisa. That performance was amazing, wasn't it? What do you think? I think STAR BEAT! was especially g-
Arisa: Okay, okay! Yes, it was a good show! C-can you relax?!
Saaya: Yep, I agree! The crowd got really into it too.
Rimi: Sigh... I'm glad that went so well...
Saaya: You were great, Rimi-rin!
Arisa: ... Phew. Well, we're done cleaning. Maybe we should head out. You guys wanna get something to eat on our way home?
Tae: I do. I'm hungry.
Saaya: Okay~. We'll stop by a sit-down restaurant, then?
Kasumi: I... used up all my energy during the show~...
Arisa: Kasumi, do you know what self-control is, by any chance...?
Kasumi: I really, really, really wanna keep talking with you guys about today, but I feel like I'm drifting away in this seat...
Rimi: Ahaha... Then maybe we should call it a day. Make sure you get a lot of rest, Kasumi-chan.
Tae: Good night, Kasumi.
Arisa: Don't you dare fall asleep here!

Kasumi's Room
Kasumi: ...
Kasumi: (Now that I'm finally home, I'm actually wide-awake...)
Kasumi: Wahhh~!! What now?! I suddenly feel all fired up! And I wanted to go out to eat with them~!!
Kasumi: Time to use the group chat...

Arisa's Room
Arisa: Hm? What's with all the notifications...? Wait, Kasumi?!
Kasumi: "I feel so awake now that I'm home!! What do I do?!"
Arisa: Jeez, so many stickers... Why is she asking what to do...? "Just go to sleep! And calm down!"

Saaya's Room
Kasumi: "Aww~, c'mon~!! I wanted to talk some more~! Like about the show and stuff~!!!"
Saaya: "You were hitting those long notes really well today, Kasumi."
Kasumi: "I was?! Oh yeah..."
Kasumi: "Your drumming was awesome too, Saaya."
Kasumi: "It sounded like you were having such a good time!"
Arisa: "Stop splitting up your messages!"
Saaya: ... Fufu.

Rimi's Room
Rimi: Let's see... "I had a lot of fun at tod-"
Kasumi: "I wanna do some more performing~!! Ah! And I wanna do something to celebrate today! I'm sure we'll have a blast! Oh, let's do it in Arisa's basement!"
Arisa: "Who said you could decide that?!"
Rimi: Fufu. Kasumi-chan and Arisa-chan type so fast... "A celebration sounds fun. I'd love to."
Saaya: "Yeah, that's a good idea! Let's do it! I guess we'll need to find somewhere besides Arisa's place?"
Arisa: "I... don't really mind..."
Kasumi: "Arisa♡♡♡♡♡"
Saaya: "Hm? I just realized. Where's O-Tae? O-Tae~, you up~?"

Tae's Room
Tae: "Our music sure was booming. Maybe the acoustics were good."
Tae: "The rumble of Rimi's bass was great too. Like when fireworks explode."
Tae: "Boom."
Tae: "Boom."
Arisa: "Hold on, what are you even talking about?"
Tae: "My thoughts on the show."
Tae: "Also..."
Tae: "Same was true for the guitars."
Kasumi: "I'm with you! There was definitely a lot of booming~! I had a ton of fun at today's show."

Arisa's Room
Arisa: ... Sigh, I thought we were talking about celebrating and having 'a blast'...
Kasumi: "Next time, we..."
Arisa: ...?
Saaya: "Kasumi probably fell asleep."
Rimi: "I wonder what she was going to say."
Arisa: "Doesn't matter now... We have to talk about what to do for this celebration, so we'll meet up tomorrow. We can ask her then."
Saaya: "Yeah. Okay, I suppose we can continue this then. Good night~."
Rimi: "Mhm. Good night."

The Next Day
School Path
Kasumi: Arisa~! You guys~! Good morning~!
Arisa: Morning. Kasumi, what was that last thing you sent us yesterday?
Kasumi: Huh? I sent something?
Tae: Take a look at the chat.
Kasumi: "Next time, we..."? What does that mean?
Arisa: That's what we wanna know!
Kasumi: I feel asleep holding my phone last night, so I must have sent it by mistake... Ehehe, sorry.
Kasumi: More importantly though~, the after-party! Let's figure out how we're gonna celebrate~!!
Saaya: Ahaha... That she remembers...

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 2
How to Get Pumped

The members of Afterglow are carrying on as usual, but Tomoe is up to something...


Before The Show
Dressing Room
Moca: Buns~? Doughnuts~? What will we have today~? Place your bet, Ran. Which will it be~?
Ran: Neither. We don't have any today.
Moca: Aww¨. C'mon~, how am I supposed to get into the spirit without your papa's pre-show treats~?
Himari: Actually, I think I was looking forward to what your dad brought today too...
Moca: Look at that~. Everyone's so excited for them. Oh, but don't you think you should ease up on the sweets, Hii-chan?
Himari: Ngh... It's fine~! We move a lot on stage~!
Moca: So, is your papa coming today~?
Ran: H-how should I know?! He always comes without my permission... I wish he would stop.
Himari: Hey now, Ran. Your dad loves you, you know... Oh yeah! I have to find a staff member and give them the new set list we made. I'll be right back!
Moca: See you later, Hii-chan~.
Ran: ... Oh yeah. Tsugumi, I wanted to ask you something about the transition between our second and third song.
Tsugumi: ...
Ran: ... Tsugumi?
Tsugumi: Huh?! Ah, I'm sorry. What was that?
Ran: Are you okay...? Don't you think you're a little too nervous?
Tsugumi: Sorry... My nerves always get to me before the show.
Moca: No need for that, Tsugu~. Join me as I wonder about what snacks we're gonna have today, and just relax~.
Ran: You're too relaxed, Moca.
Tsugumi: Let's see... Today, we're going to have~... Uhm...
Ran: You don't have to think so hard about that, Tsugumi.
Tomoe: ... Alright. Y'all know... What time it is.
Ran: ...?! Again?
Moca: If you're gonna do that, maybe I should stand outside~.
Tomoe: I mean, we're the only band members here at the moment. It's perfect. Don't be like that, you guys. It'll be over before you know it.
Ran: Can you at least face the wall or a window while you do it?
Tomoe: Oh... Cool, I guess I'll just do it over here then...
Moca: It'd be pretty funny if someone walked in the moment she did it.
Ran: Yeah, but... it also sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
Tomoe: ... Alright...!
Himari: You guys~! I gave the set list to th-
Tomoe: Here we go! Soi soi soi soi soi, soi-ya!
Himari: Wahhh~!!
Moca: Wow, the disaster waits no longer.
Tomoe: Himari! I-I'm so sorry! Are you okay?!
Himari: I-I'm fine, but... Ugh~, you scared me~!! Why would you do that in front of the door anyway?!
Tomoe: Ran told me to face a wall...
Ran: Yeah, I never said in front of the door! Pft... Haha...! That was pretty unlucky timing though...!
Moca: Ahaha~. That takes some real skill, Hii-chan~.
Tsugumi: Fufu...! I think you all helped me get over my nervousness.
Tomoe: See?! Look at that! I told you guys that taking a moment to yell before the show can help calm your nerves! There's clearly a reason to do it!
Moca: But when you yell, Tomo-chin, it's like a normal person screaming at the top of their lungs~. Someone could know it was coming and it'd still scare the pants off of 'em.
Tomoe: I can't really do anything about that... Guys, can't you just think of this as something that's "the same as always" and get used to it? For me.
Ran: I don't think you've been doing it long enough for it to be "the same as always"...
Tomoe: But it will be if I keep doing it, won't it?
Moca: Aww~...
Tomoe: Now, the show's about to start! C'mon, everyone! Let's roll!
Himari: I think she just weaseled her way out of that one...
Tsugumi: Fufu. Well, it's no big deal, right?
Ran: Alright, guys. You know what to do. Same as always.

Ran: ...
Ran: ... Okay.
Ran: Here's the first song we prepared for you all.

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 3
Everyone's Good Luck Ritual

The show has wrapped up. After seeing Tomoe's pre-show routine, the girls talk about all of their good luck rituals.


After The Show
Himari: Mmm~, what a great show we had today, you guys! It was a lot of fun~!
Ran: Mhm, I think you can say it was the same as always.
Tomoe: Yup, definitely on the same page as Ran! And on days like this, dinner always seems to taste better than usual, doesn't it~?! Now, what should we get~?
Himari: I'm getting the assorted fried foods set with the bread, salad and the dessert!
Moca: Big eater, aren't you, Hii-chan~?
Himari: Hmph! You're one to talk when you always eat so much after every show~!
Moca: I don't even have an appetite today~... So sad...
Tsugumi: Are you feeling sick, Moca-chan?
Moca: I ate all those treats that Ran's papa brought and now I'm so full. I couldn't eat another bite~. Sniff, sniff...
Ran: ... Sigh. Moca, you're not a child. Think a little bit before you gorge yourself.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... So your dad did come then, Ran.
Himari: He did! I saw him in the crowd! I said hi to him, and he told me that he made sure not to come backstage so that Ran wouldn't get mad at him.
Ran: This is so embarrassing. Please stop...
Tomoe: But he's such a good dad. Not to mention, he actually supports you being in a band now... Though I think if my dad dad came to watch, I might be kinda embarrassed too.
Ran: Exacty! You definitely would be! You all only talk about it in the way you do because it's not your own parents...!
Tomoe: Haha. Okay, chill out. It's fine, dude. We put on a good performance for him every time anyway.
Tomoe: Man~, another great show, and it's all thanks to you-know-what!
Tsugumi: What's that...? You mean that thing where you yell before the show...?
Himari: About that... Your drumming was already cool enough before you started doing it. I'm pretty sure you don't need to do that...
Ran: Mhm, I think so too.
Tomoe: Really? It's kinda like a good luck ritual for me though. You guys don't have anything like that?
Moca: I'd have to say... eating the treats that Ran's papa brings~.
Ran: You rely on my father way too much...
Tsugumi: I always make sure to add the same bath salts to my bath the night before.
Himari: Ohh~, interesting!
Tomoe: You mean the ones you mentioned before that help you relax?
Tsugumi: Mhm, those! Once I get in that bath, I feel so calm. I sleep really well before the show.
Himari: Ooo! You'll have to tell me which ones you're talking about next time~!
Tsugumi: Yeah, of course! We can go to the store together! I know a good one!
Moca: Ran~, any good luck rituals~?
Ran: ... No, not really.
Himari: Meh heh heh~. Ran~, are you sure~?
Ran: Wh-what's with the laugh...? It's creeping me out...
Himari: Ohhh, so that's your answer, huh~?
Ran: Himari, what are you doing?
Himari: Well~, I saw you squeezing the charm I made before the show~.
Tsugumi: I did too! Ran-chan does that before every performance.
Tomoe: Oh, I've seen her do it too. You might be right about her doing it every time.
Ran: Th-that was...!
Moca: Ran, don't tell me you meant to keep that a secret from us...
Ran: ... Yeah...
Moca: Jeez~, you can at least be a little more sly about it~. Everyone already knows~.
Ran: It just... has this weird power or something... At least, it feels that way, so...
Himari: Meh heh heh~. I'm happy to hear you cherish it so much ♪ That means it was totally worth making~.
Himari: While we're on the subject though, I wanna make all of us saying "hey, hey, hoh~" together before our shows into a thing.
Tomoe: That's... Uhm... Hmm~...
Moca: Welp, let's just say we all have our own good luck rituals~.
Ran: I said the charms you made have a weird power, right? Why don't you try making a wish? "I wish for us to say 'hey, hey, hoh~' together"...
Moca: You're right. It might even come true.
Himari: What? Really~? Okay then...
Himari: I wish for use to say "hey, hey, hoh¨" together before our next performance... There. Hey, so this means we're all gonna do it, right?
Tsugumi: Th-that sure would be nice, wouldn't it, Himari-chan?
Tomoe: Haha. I get you're really looking forward to our next show, Himari.
Himari: Yep! I can't wait!

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 4
Butterflies and Boredom

The girls of Pastel✽Palettes are waiting to perform, but Hina says she wants to go outside because she's bored.


Before The Show
Dressing Room
Aya: Let's see... After telling them about the song we performed, I introduce the band... Ah, but maybe it'd be better to introduce everyone beforehand...
Hina: Aya-chan, not that this is different from the usual, but don't you think you're a little too worried about the show? Why plan the order of things? You can just go with the flow.
Aya: B-but...!!
Chisato: Aya-chan, look at this post from one of the attendees.
Aya: Hmm... "It's been a while since I watched them in person. I can't wait to see how much Aya-chan has developed as an MC"... These are-!
Chisato: Posts from people coming to watch us perform today. I was looking it up. They're all expecting big things from you, Aya-chan ♪
Aya: That's nice and all, but that's also a lot of pressure~!!
Hina: "I love watching Aya-chan get flustered as the MC. It's way too cute"... is what this other post says!
Aya: I'm so confused~!!
Maya: Chisato-san, do you always check what people are posting online before our shows?
Chisato: I do. I can't help but wonder what kind of thoughts and expectations they're bringing when they come to watch us perform.
Maya: Ohhehe~. Impressive as always, Chisato-san~.
Chisato: Fufu, I wouldn't really call it that. I think Aya-chan might have had an effect on me. I always see her looking these things up.
Aya: I did? Ehehe... I'm glad to hear that...
Hina: You know, though, there's really nothing to do before the show anyway. Nothing~. Sigh... I think I might die of boredom...
Maya: You don't have a single nervous bone in your body, Hina-san. I can't believe you're bored...
Hina: Of course I am. It's so boring~. I wanna do something~!! Hmm~, I'm just gonna step outside for a bi-
Array: No!
Chisato: The last time you took it upon yourself to 'step outside', one of the audience members spotted you and it became a huge headache. Did you forget?
Maya: Every staff member was all over the place... And it turned into a game of cat and mouse after you decided you were having fun and ran away from them.
Hina: I thought you all might say that, so today, I brought a secret weapon~. Wait here for a sec'!
Eve: I wonder what she brought with her.
Maya: Who knows... I hope she's not up to another one of her weird schemes...
Hina: Ta-da~! Look! It's a disguise!
Aya: Hina-chan, what are you doing?!
Hina: I knew I'd get in trouble for going out as myself, so I transformed into my sister.
Eve: Oh...! You are, as they would say, dressed like a shinobi!
Hina: Well? How do I look?
Aya: Did you bring those clothes without Sayo-chan's permission?
Hina: Mhm. She might find out, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
Chisato: I bet she'd be furious...
Maya: You two are most definitely twins. You look exactly like her...!
Hina: Eh heh heh~ ♪ You think so~?
Chisato: ... You still talk exactly like Hina-chan though.
Aya: Yep...
Hina: Hey, so I can go outside now, right?
Maya: ... Definitely not.
Chisato: Yeah, agreed.
Hina: Aww~!! Why not? Look at me! I've basically become my sister!
Aya: But the way you talk and move and stuff... Anyone could tell you're still Hina-chan!
Eve: Hina-san, you have to completely become Sayo-san, even adopting her mannerisms and her voice. Otherwise, you cannot be called a true shinobi!!
Chisato: Eve-chan, please. We're not shinobi...
Hina: Maruyama-san, you need to practice your singing more... Well? How was that?
Aya: That sounded nothing like her. All you did was say something she might say...
Maya: Ah! I-it's almost time to go on! W-we were so distracted, we didn't realize! Hina-san, change into your stage outfit!
Hina: Aw man~... Welp, I didn't have to be bored the whole time, so whatever~.
Eve: Aya-san, are you ready to go? Do you remember what you're going to say?
Aya: W-well... I've actually forgotten about half of it...
Maya: Wh-what?!
Hina: You can tell them all about what just happened! You know, about the disguise and stuff!
Aya: Ohh... I don't know if I can do that so well without having practiced...
Hina: No biggie, I'm sure it'll work out! 'Kay, to the stage! Let's go~!
Chisato: Hina-chan, don't forget to change first!

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 5
What Changes and What Doesn't

Everything went smoothly and the show comes to an end. The members of Pastel✽Palettes talk about ways in which they've changed.

After The Show
Hazawa Coffee
Eve: Great performance today, everyone! I think we did really well!
Maya: Yeah! Of the shows we've had recently, it was probably the best one.
Hina: Aya-chan, you're looking yourself up already?
Aya: Ehehe, sorry. I think we put on a good show too, sho I just wanted to know what the audience thought.
Chisato: There are certainly a lot of posts from people who enjoyed the event.
Aya: Right?! That's good to see~! 'Kay... Time to take a screenshot... There!
Eve: Aya-san, what are you doing?
Aya: Whenever I find positive feedback, I take a screenshot of it and save it. I can look back at it every now and then for encouragement.
Maya: Wow~! Really? You're so on top of this stuff, Aya-san.
Chisato: Aya-chan, you can't just look at the opinions you like. It's important to hear what the fans who are tough on you have to say too.
Hina: "There are still times when Aya's voice cracks. It's especially a problem with the intro to Shuwarin☆Dreaming. I do think she's gotten better though"... Wow, look at this. These people are so passionate.
Eve: "Agreed. That's 'cause she's not very good with high notes. Still, she seems to be trying hard and practicing a lot, so I'll continue to watch and support her"... That's a comment from under the last post.
Chisato: Fufu. You have so many fans who want to watch over you. They're like protective guardians.
Aya: Ngh... These are harsh... but I can't deny what they're saying. I'll have to work even harder then...
Aya: I've actually had a hard time with that part since I first started singing it.. I thought things had changed a bit since we formed Pastel✽Pallettes though...
Maya: I personally think you've gotten a lot better. And the fans are writing about how you've improved, too.
Hina: That's right! Think about it! Back then, if something took you by surprise, you would freeze up and choke on your words.
Aya: Ohh, can you stop bringing that up~...?
Eve: Your singing was great, but I thought the MC parts were really good too! Everyone was really into the story about Hina-san being a shinobi.
Chisato: Yes, I certainly agree with that. There were parts where you stumbled a bit, but you were able to communicate what you were trying to say very well, despite not having practiced it.
Aya: I-I was?!
Eve: Aya-san, you're always talking about how you forget what you're going to say during the show, but you overcome it every time!
Hina: Yep, I think that's true! I still don't really understand growth and stuff like that, but since joining Pastel✽Palettes, I've become more interested in Aya-chan and other people, and...
Hina: Oh, maybe that's why? That could be the reason that my sister and I are getting along so much better now! So joining this band might have been a good thing for me.
Eve: Yeah! I, too, was able to make lots of friends... Friends with you all, friends with the girls from the other bands... So I'm glad I joined Pastel✽Palettes!
Eve: I don't think I would even be able to play my keyboard if I didn't have Aya-san and Hina-san standing in front of me!
Maya: Being put in the spotlight makes me anxious about a lot of things. That hasn't changed yet... And there are still times when I consider myself to be inferior.
Maya: But there are people out there who accept me for who I am. Not only was I invited to be on that game show, but I've also been getting more and more used to being in pictures too...
Aya: This may not mean much coming from me, but... I think you've changed too, Maya-chan!
Maya: Aya-san...! I-I appreciate you s-saying that!!
Hina: Ahaha! You were starting to remind me of Aya-chan for a second there, Maya-chan.
Maya: Huhehe, are you sure about that?
Chisato: Fufu, that 'huhehe' hasn't changed though.
Maya: Sorry...
Hina: But that's okay, right? It's pretty boring when people just keep on changing.
Chisato: Is it? Wouldn't it be good to continue to improve ourselves?
Hina: Hmm~, I guess that might be true, but... I was thinking...
Hina: Let's say Aya-chan improved a whole lot. Let's say she got way better at improvising and singing...
Aya: Okay...?
Hina: That'd be kinda boring!
Aya: What~?!
Chisato: ... I... can't say you're completely wrong about that.
Aya: Y-you too, Chisato-chan~?!
Eve: But no matter how good you get, you'll never give less than your 100 percent, correct? You'll always be extremely hardworking. Isn't that right?
Aya: M-mhm... I think so.
Eve: In that case, you'll always be Aya-san. I think giving your best effort is part of what it means to be you!
Eve: And I love you for it!
Aya: Eve-chan~!!
Maya: I agree! So you stop saying that kind of stuff to her, Hina-san~!
Hina: Well, I guess it's fine if I can keep watching you try so hard. Unlike me, you always give your best effort, and that's part of what makes you so interesting.
Aya: Y-yeah! But I actually want to improve too, you know~!
Hina: Aww~, I'd like it better if you stayed like this for a while~.
Aya: Ugh~!!
Chisato: Fufu. But you see how we're able to joke around with each other like this? That could be a positive change, don't you think?
Aya: Y-yeah, but still~!!
Array: Ahahaha!

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 6
The Calm Before the Show?

The members of Roselia are awfully quiet before their performance. However, it seems that they all have something different on their mind.


Before The Show
Dressing Room
Lisa: ...
Ako: ...
Rinko: ...
Ako: ... Ohh~, everyone's always so quiet before performances... I know it should be calming, but it does the exact opposite for me~...
Lisa: Ahaha... Well, this is normal for our band.
Sayo: ...
Ako: Sayo-san's sitting there playing her guitar with her headphones on... Rin-rin always keeps to herself while she reads a book...
Yukina: ...
Lisa: (Ah... Are you doing what I think you're doing, Yukina...?)
Ako: Yukina-san is the quietest out of all three of them.She's got a really calm look on her face...
Ako: I may not be very good at staying silent, but it makes her look really cool~!
Lisa: Ahaha... If you say so, sure.
Ako: ...?
Yukina: ...
Yukina: (... Norwegian Forest Cat... Toyger... Colorpoint Shorthair...)
Yukina: (...! What am I doing?! I shouldn't be letting my mind wander. Today's set list is a little different from usual. I have to double check to make sure I remember it.)
Lisa: (She was most definitely thinking about cats for a second there... Yukina~, it's written all over your face~!)
Rinko: (Ngh... I'm so... nervous... If I just think about... something unrelated... I can relax... Uhm... Oh, I know...)
Rinko: (The boss for the event I'm on... is really strong... Maybe I'll think about... what strategy to use...)

Rinko: (The enemies have... the power down status ailment nullified when attacked... Don't want that, so... uhm... what I should do is...)

Rinko: ...
Lisa: (This is Rinko we're talking about. I'm sure she's thinking about video games. It looks like she's reading, but when was the last time she even turned a page~?!)
Lisa: Fufu...!
Ako: What happened, Lisa-nee?
Lisa: Nothing! Nothing at all! Hey, Ako. Wanna talk?!
Ako: Huh? Is that okay? The other three are so quiet and focused...
Lisa: Yeah, that's true. But they're all doing the thing they wanna do, so I figured we should do the same. If they get mad at us, we can just apologize together.
Ako: Lisa-nee...! Thanks!
Rinko: (Ah... Ako-chan and Imai-san are... having a conversation... They look like they're enjoying themselves... I should join...)
Rinko: (But... if they ask me... what I was reading... then what...? All I was thinking about was video games... And right before a show too...)
Rinko: (Hikawa-san is playing her guitar... and Yukina-san is quiet and focused... Yet I'm just...)
Sayo: Excuse me, Minato-san?
Yukina: Something wrong, Sayo?
Sayo: Uhm... I wanted to confirm something about this phrase... Is now a good time?
Yukina: Huh...? Yes, of course.
Sayo: Sorry I ruined your concentration...
Yukina: No, don't worry about it. So, which phrase did you want to ask about?
Yukina: (Sigh... Sayo is sitting here and working on a phrase before the concert, and I'm... listing breeds of cat. Unbelievable...)
Yukina: (I'm getting a little bit too lax. I have to be careful...)
Array: Sigh...
Ako: Hm? Yukina-san, Rin-rin, what's with the sighing? Is something wrong...?
Array: N-no! Ah...
Lisa: ... Pft! F-fufu...!
Ako: I knew you were being weird, Lisa-nee~! Ugh! What's happening to you guys? We're about to perform, you know...
Sayo: I-I'm being normal!
Ako: You're right, you're doing what you usually do, but everyone else is being so odd!
Yukina: I-I'm being normal too!
Lisa: Ahhahahaha! Mhm, everyone's being normal! This is just us. Mhm!
Sayo: Imai-san! Why are you lauging? If there's something that needs to be addressed, please tell us what it is!
Ako: I wanna know too~! C'mon, Lisa-nee~!

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 7
Reflection with a Side of Fries

Roselia's members gather to reflect on their performance. That's when Ako asks Sayo the forbidden question.


After The Show
Lisa: Nice work with today's show, you guys~! Now, what should we order~ 8
Ako: I decided that I'm getting the hamburg steak~!
Yukina: ... Coming here to reflect on our performances has become routine, hasn't it...?
Sayo: It has. But it's not a bad one to have. We think about how we can improve our performance and keep that in mind for next time.
Rinko: Hikawa-san... What are you going to get...?
Sayo: I'll be ordering the BLT and the large fries.
Lisa: Sayo, the BLT already comes with fries. You're still gonna order more?
Sayo: Huh?! Uhm, yes. That is correct...
Ako: Hey, Sayo-san... I've been wondering about something for a while now...
Sayo: Wh-what is it?
Ako: Why do you always order the large fries?
Lisa: (W-wow~... She finally did it! She asked it...!)
Sayo: Well... I figured it's something everyone likes... Especially you, Udagawa-san. Don't you really like them? The order of large fries is for everyone to share.
Ako: I do, but the hamburg steak comes with fries too...
Sayo: I-I see... Okay, what about you, Shirokane-san?
Rinko: I... like them too, but... n-not quite that much...
Lisa: (Goodness... Those are not the people to ask, Sayo.)
Sayo: A-and you, Imai-san?
Lisa: I love 'em~. I always have some when you order them, Sayo 8
Sayo: I figured as much. Fufu, great.
Yukina: I also have some every now and then.
Sayo: I thought so!
Ako: Okay, but still... don't you usually eat most of them on your own?
Sayo: ...?!
Lisa: (Whoa~!! What is up with Ako today?! She is being totally ruthless!)
Yukina: You might be right. However, she is the one who orders it, so that's not actually strange, is it?
Ako: Well, no... But I was just thinking, Sayo-san must really like french fries.
Lisa: A-and now she's funally said it...
Yukina: Oh, right. Sayo, at first you said you didn't like them. Maybe things have changed since you started coming to restaurants like this.
Lisa: (Yukina is only realizing this now...?!)
Sayo: Y-yes... You're right. I thought that these places couldn't be trusted because they overload their food with additives, but many stores recently have been more cautious about their use of them...
Rinko: That's true... Knowing that means you don't have to worry...
Lisa: (Wait, did Rinko not notice this either...?!)
Ako: I see...! So you started liking them over time then! I thought maybe you always did!
Sayo: N-no! That's certainly not the case.
Lisa: Fufu.
Sayo: Wh-what is it, Imai-san?
Lisa: Nothing. But it makes sense. Fried are pretty tasty. It just made me think about how Hina likes junk food too.
Rinko: Oh, she does...? I didn't know that...
Yukina: I'm sure since you're sisters, you have similar tastes. Not that I would know much about that, being an only child and all...
Ako: Ah, you might be right! My sister and I both love pork ramen!
Rinko: You do...? That means, you and Tomoe-san... can go out and have some together.
Yukina: Sayo, would you do that? I mean, come to this kind of restaurant together with Hina?
Sayo: ... Are we actually going to continue talking about this...?
Lisa: (Jeez~, does anyone have a sense of awareness around here?!)
Lisa: Guys, don't you think we should call the waiter over already? We got so distracted talking, we haven't even put in our order.
Ako: Ah! Oh yeah!
Yukina: You're right. Let's take care of that before anything else.
Sayo: I-Imai-san...
Sayo: I appreciate that. Thank you...

Backstage Pass Event Story - Chapter 8
The Conspicuous Club

All eyes are on the members of Hello, Happy World! on their way to the performance venue. However...


Before The Show
Station Entrance
Kokoro: Hagumi! Kaoru! Over here~!
Hagumi: Ah! Kokoron, Kano-chan-senpai! Morning~!
Kanon: Good morning. Let's put on the best show we can today, okay?
Kokoro: Of course! We have to make this another day of lots and lots and lots of people smiling!
Kaoru: Well? Shall we advance to the performance portion of the day?
Hagumi: Wait a sec'! Where's Mii-kun?
Kokoro: Hm? Yeah, now that you mention it, she's not here yet.
Kanon: This isn't like her. Misaki-chan always shows up early to meet with us. I wonder if she ran into trouble...
Michelle: Thanks for waiting, everyone~.
Hagumi: Wow... It's Michelle!! Michelle~!!
Kanon: Huh?! Wh-why...?!
Kokoro: So you're the one meeting up with us today, Michelle! What a pleasure!
Kaoru: Michelle, what has happened to Misaki?
Michelle: So, uhh~... M-Misaki-chan is getting some rest today~. She told me to tell you all, "Good luck with the performance". Now let's give it our all~.
Kokoro: So that's what happened! Yep, Misaki is always working so hard. She needs herself a good break every now and then.
Michelle: Mhm, you said it. Thank you~. Alright, to the live house~.
Others: Wh-what is that...?
Others: Some sort of advertisement, maybe...?
Kaoru: Ahh... The folks around town stare at us as we walk...! Is it my beauty that is responsible for this...? It feels... fleeting... and like it's brimming with sin...!
Michelle: (Kaoru-san definitely stands out, but I'm gonna have to guess that it's my fault that it's my fault that we're drawing more attention than usual...)
Kanon: H-hey, Misaki-chan... Why'd you come dressed as Michelle today?
Michelle: Ahh, about that... You know how the dressing room at the live house is super small? Especially with all the sharing between bands?
Michelle: Well, it seemed kinda like a hassle to try and change into Michelle in there without Kokoro and the others realizing.
Kanon: Ahaha~... That makes sense.
Michelle: Not to mention how annoying it is to try to explain Michelle to them... If you wanna put a positive spin on it, I'm trying not to crush their dreams, I guess?
Michelle: So I decided to talk to the suits, and I figured I could just be Michelle while we walked there. It works out, too, since it stops me from being cold.
Kanon: Fufu. That's a very Misaki-chan way of thinking about it.
Michelle: Hahaha, you think? It doesn't look like they mind this whole thing, but I feel like I should apologize to you, Kanon-san. We can't even walk a few steps without everyone staring at us...
Kanon: I-I'm okay! There was that time... you know... when Kokoro-chan made me do a street performance with her, so...
Michelle: H-haha... Oh yeah... Well I plan to be like this all day, so I'll just thank you for your help and understanding now.

Concert Venue
Live House Staff: Oh! You're here to perform, correct? Hello, Happy World! is it?
Kanon: Y-yes! That's right...!
Kokoro: We've come to make the world smile!
Live House Staff: What a unique band you have... Uhhh, and the big bear...?
Hagumi: That's Michelle! Michelle is our DJ!
Live House Staff: DJ? Uhhh... A band member, then? Whenever it needs to be taken off, we have another changing room in addition to the dressing room...
Kokoro: Take what off? It's just Michelle! There's nothing to take off! Ah, you must mean her stage outfit.
Michelle: (Gah, this is bad. And so, so annoying.)
Kanon: Uhm, Kokoro-chan! About Michelle-
Hagumi: She's a girl, so whenever she has to change, she can just use the same room as us!
Kaoru: Now, Michelle. Take my hand. I shall escort you.
Others: ...?
Michelle: Y-you guys, just relax. Let's try to keep quiet so that we don't make everything so hard for the staff members here~. I apologize about this, our band mamb-
Others: Wah!! The costume talks?
Michelle: (Wow, that made her more confused...?! Ugh, time for drastic measures...!)
Kokoro: Oh? Michelle ran off somewhere. I wonder where she's going.
Misaki: Huff, huff... Sigh... Excuse me. Sorry about that... I'll take care of everything regarding the show... You can talk to me...!
Kanon: Misaki-chan?!
Kokoro: Misaki! Michelle told us you were taking a day to rest. What happened?
Misaki: What do you mean, 'what happened'?! Michelle told me you guys were having trouble and needed help, so I rushed over...!
Kaoru: To think you'd ocme all the way here. On this, the day of your break... Misaki, you are an unbelievably wonderful girl... Ahh, so fleeting!
Misaki: Yes, yes, I know. I'm fleeting, I get it. You guys go on ahead to the dressing room. I'll do the signing in and stuff...
Kokoro: Thanks, Misaki...! But where's Michelle? She went to call you, right? Did she go to the dressing room?
Misaki: ...
Kanon: ... Misaki-chan, you go change. Things are a lot calmer. I can take care of this.
Misaki: Thank you, Kanon-san... Sigh...

Backstage Pass Event Story - Ending
Who's That in the Crowd?

The performance goes as planned for Hello, Happy World! But then, Hagumi comes along and says something bizarre.


After The Show
Live House - Reception
Misaki: Sigh... Well, that could have been less chaotic. Everything turned out okay though. That's good... Uhm, excuse me. Just came to let you know that Hello, Happy World! finished cleaning up and that we're leaving.
Others: Okay, thank you! Your show was great, by the way.
Misaki: Thanks.
Others: Which reminds me... So that costume...
Misaki: Ahh, ahaha... Yeah, that's me. Sorry, I know the members of our band are a bit strange...
Others: No, not at all... I-it's nice to have such a special group, isn't it...?
Others: Your performance was unique as well, and I thought it was wonderful. We would love for you all to do a show here again.
Misaki: You would? Thank goodness... We would love to do another show here too.
Misaki: (I thought they'd try to push us away, but to actually have our performance complimented... Phew...)
Misaki: Yes, tes, I know~. Nice show.
Kanon: You did well too, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Kanon-san, thanks. Same to you. I just finished with the receptionist. Everything is taken care of.
Kanon: Thank you for doing that. I'm sorry you had to do so much as Misaki-chan today when you were planning to be Michelle the whole time.
Misaki: Nah, it's not something you need to apologize about. It was just silly of me to think II could stay as Michelle tha entire day...
Kanon: Ahaha...
Kaoru: Mii-kun! I saw that you were watching us from the audience today. Thanks!
Array: What...?!
Kaoru: What's this? Is that so, Misaki?
Misaki: It's definitely not so...
Misaki: Hagumi, I wasn't in the audience...
Kanon: M-mhm... I don't think she was there either.
Misaki: Yeah, especially since I was on stage with you guys.
Kaoru: Huh~? I totally saw you though, Mii-kun! You waved at Michelle, right?
Misaki: ... This person is sounding less like me by the second.
Kanon: Hagumi-chan, are you sure it was Misaki-chan? Maybe you made a mistake...
Kaoru: Uhhh~, I was pretty sure it was her... Kokoron, you saw her, right?
Kokoro: Hmm~... I don't think Misaki was in the audience.
Kaoru: What makes you say that?
Kokoro: Think about it. She's a member of the band, isn't she? So...
Array: ...!
Kanon: (I-is it possible...?!)
Misaki: H-hold it! Stop! Time out!
Kokoro: ...? What's wrong, Misaki?
Misaki: I-I'm just not emotionally prepared for this, I guess...
Misaki: (K-Kokoro finally realizes the truth about me and Michelle...)
Kokoro: Is there something you need to prepare for? If so, I'll wait! I'll keep talking after you're ready.
Kanon: E-even I'm getting nervous...!
Misaki: S-sorry, was feeling a bit panicky there... Okay, you can continue.
Kokoro: Oh, already? 'Kay, you wanted to know why I don't think Misaki was in the crowd. Well...
Kokoro: I just know!
Misaki: ... Huh?
Kokoro: How do I put this? Don't you think it would be weird for a band member to be watching their own show from the crowd?
Kokoro: If she was gonna watch, then she would be doing it from backstage or something, not the crowd, right?
Misaki: ... I follow your reasoning. I do, but... no... Just... so close...
Kaoru: Ah, that's her...!
Kaoru: Oh...? Her attire is quite similar to Misaki's.
Kanon: And her hair looks exactly the same.
Kaoru: Maybe I confused her for you, Mii-kun... I'm sorry...
Misaki: Oh, no. Don't worry about it, it's fine...
Kokoro: So Misaki wasn't in the crowd, right? Of course not! She's Misaki!
Kanon: Almost, huh, Misaki-chan...?
Misaki: H-hahaha... I'm kinda embarrassed to say I had my hopes up...

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