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BanG Dream! 2nd Season is the sequel to the anime BanG Dream! It started airing on January 3, 2019.[1]

The second and third seasons were both announced on May 14, 2018, during the second day of BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE.

On November 16, 2019, Sentai Filmworks announced that they would be making a dub for the anime.[2] The Blu-ray collection containing this dub was released on April 21, 2020.[3]

This season is available for streaming on Hidive and Roku.


Kasumi and the members of Poppin'Party have been busy with student council works, house chores, school lessons and part-time jobs after becoming second-year students. The time spent together between the five of them starts to decrease that they can hardly gather in the basement which is their base. As they are wondering what to do, a new girl makes her appearance...

A brand new encounter. Unchanging bonds. Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! will also make their appearance; each band member has their own unique personality and they will fascinate a glittering and exciting stage!

"I also want to have a concert with everyone!"

The music is starting to play now!


Original Work Bushiroad
Executive Producer Kidani Takaaki
Original Story Nakamura Kou
Director Kakimoto Kodai
Series Composition Ayana Yuniko
Original Character Hitowa / Craft Egg
Animated Character Design Ueda Kazayuki
Sub-Character Design Chanohara Takuya / Yamori Yuka
CG Supervisor Mimura Atsushi
Modeling Director Takeuchi Yasuhisa
Rigging Director Yashiro Natsuko
Color Design Kitagawa Junko
Photography Director Inoue Mari
Art Setting Narita Iho (Kusanagi)
Art Director Okamoto Ayano (Kusanagi)
Editing Umezo Tomomi (EditZ)
Sound Director Iida Satoki
Music Producer Agematsu Noriyasu / Fujita Junpei
Animation Producer Kazuhiro Saitou / Murakami Ryuusuke
Animation Production SANZIGEN Animation Studio
Animation Work Assistance Passione / Creators in Pack
Producers Bushiroad / TOKYO MX / Good Smile / Horipro / Ultra Super Pictures



Opening Songs
Ending Songs
Insert Songs

Episode List[]

No. Title Air Date
01 "Happy Party!" January 3, 2019
The episode starts nine months after the end of the first season as Kasumi and her friends start their second year of high school. After school, Poppin'Party and the other girl bands (except Pastel*Palettes) perform at the Galaxy Live House where Rokka works. At the conclusion of the live show, Poppin'Party and Roselia announce that they will perform their self-sponsored live shows.
黒き咆哮 "Kuroki Hōkō"
January 10, 2019
Kasumi and her friends start planning their self-sponsored live show, but become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of planning behind a live event. They are eventually invited by Roselia to perform as a guest band at their self-sponsored live show which Asuka and Rokka attend. After the show, when Roselia and Poppin'Party come together, Yukina judges that Poppin'Party are not ready to put together their own self-sponsored live show.
03 "Sing Girls" January 17, 2019
Kasumi and her friends initially feel doubtful about self-sponsoring their own live show after playing at Roselia's show. Later, Kasumi meets Rokka in town and they visit Rokka's room before they attend Poppin'Party's band practice. Rokka's recount of her life so far prompts Poppin'Party to play a song. This motivates both Rokka to form her own band and Poppin'Party to plan and play at their own self-sponsored show.
04 "Magnificent! Dynamic!! A Carefree World!"
ゴーカ!ごーかい!?のっびのびワールド! "Gōka! Gokai!? Nobbinobi Wārudo!"
January 24, 2019
Kokoro and Hello, Happy World! put on a live show on a cruise ship for Kasumi and Poppin'Party in order to cheer them up. Hello, Happy World! initially perform in the cruise ship before going on a hot air balloon, where Kokoro and Michelle jump off the balloon to fly in the sky after some initial mishaps. The show motivates Poppin'Party to do their best in planning their live show.
05 "Rainy Ring-Dong-Dance"
雨のRing-Dong-Dance "Ame no Ring-Dong-Dance"
January 31, 2019
Pastel*Palettes prepare to perform at the World Idol Festival. However, Chisato has to attend to other commitments, making practicing together difficult. On top of that, Chisato feels doubtful about singing and playing the bass at the same time for a duet song, but is motivated by Tae, and especially by Aya and the other members of Pastel*Palettes to practice together. In the end, Pastel*Palettes' performance goes smoothly with both Aya and Chisato singing their duet song.
06 "You Only Live Once" February 07, 2019
Afterglow are invited to perform an outdoor live show in the market street for an elderly group. Poppin'Party also tag along to perform at the outdoor live show. However, the live show gets delayed due to heavy rain. During the rain, Afterglow recount how they formed the band to Rokka. In the end, both Afterglow and Poppin'Party perform at the live show. Then, much to Rokka's surprise, Poppin'Party announce they will hold their self-sponsored live show at the Galaxy Live House.
07 "I Won't Cry, I Won't Cry"
ナカナ イナ カナイ "Nakanai Nakanai"
February 14, 2019
The students of Haneoka Girls' High School and Hanasakigawa Girls' High School prepare for a joint cultural festival which was initially proposed by Hina. Hina also forms a mixed band of students from both schools (made up of Aya, Moca, Lisa, Kanon and Tsugumi) to perform at the joint cultural festival. Poppin'Party prepare for their performances at both the cultural festival and their live show. Tae also does additional preparation by doing impromptu outdoor performances, where she meets her childhood friend LAYER. LAYER later proposes to Tae to form a band together, of which Tae becomes hesitant.
08 "You're Not Alone"
ひとりじゃないんだから "Hitori Janain Dakara"
February 21, 2019
Tae talks to the Poppin'Party members that she wants to be a support guitarist for LAYER's new band in order to improve her skills. Kasumi and the others give their blessings to Tae, and she practises with the new band in preparation for their first live show. Meanwhile, the culture festival band write a song and do an open rehearsal in front of students from both schools.
09 "School Festival Symphony"
スクール・フェスティバル・シンフォニー "Sukūru Fesutibaru Shinfonī"
February 28, 2019
The students at Haneoka Girls' High School and Hanasakigawa Girls' High School hold their joint cultural festival with each class running their own booths. Meanwhile, Tae continues practicing with RAISE A SUILEN in preparation for their first live shows, forgoing the joint cultural festival. As a result, Poppin'Party have to delay their school cultural festival show, supposedly performing in the last act of the festival. However, with RAISE A SUILEN having to perform a three-song encore just before Poppin'Party's performance, Tae runs to the school but to no avail as Roselia plays in place of Poppin'Party who do not perform at the festival. Tae, out of breath, arrives when everyone aside from the other Poppin'Party members has left.
10 "R·I·O·T" March 07, 2019
Getting back together after the joint cultural festival, Poppin'Party go around and thank the other bands and Rokka for covering them during the concert. Tae then goes to RAISE A SUILEN's practice session where she announcesher intention to step down as support guitarist. CHU² gets mad and tells Tae she doesn't approve of her decision, meanwhile LAYER accepts Tae's intentions. Tae practices and plays with RAISE A SUILEN in her last live with the band. At the end of the episode, CHU² meets with Poppin'Party and voices her intentions to take Tae from Poppin'Party.
11 "Star Tears"
ホシノナミダ "Hoshi no Namida"
March 14, 2019
CHU² meets up with everyone in Poppin'Party and reiterates her desire to have Tae join her "ultimate band". After CHU² leaves, Tae and the others feel doubtful on whether they would still be together after the live show. The next day, Kasumi meets Tae after finishing preparations for the day, playing a song for her which brings her to tears. This inspires Tae to write the lyrics for a new song which she plays in front of Kasumi and the others. After that, Tae reaffirms her desire to play with Poppin'Party which makes the others happy.
12 "Returns" March 21, 2019
Poppin'Party practice and prepare for their live show at the Galaxy live house, also continuing to refine Tae's new song. All the other bands (except RAISE A SUILEN) accept Poppin'Party's invitation to perform at the Galaxy Live House, providing their set lists. The bands have their dress rehearsals the day before the live show, where Poppin'Party perform their new song in front of the other bands.
13 "Kizuna Music♪"
キズナミュージック♪ "Kizuna Myūjikku♪"
March 28, 2019
The five bands set up and prepare at the Galaxy Live House for Poppin'Party's live show. Later, Poppin'Party opens the live show in front of their audience with their new song. The other four bands follow suit, starting with their new songs. At the end of the live show, Kasumi thanks the audience and the band for supporting the band before performing a new song that Kasumi wrote. Afterwards, Poppin'Party return for an encore to sing one last song.