Straight through the best dream!

BanG Dream! 3rd Season is the sequel to the anime BanG Dream! 2nd Season. It started airing in Japan on January 23, 2020[1], however the first episode was added to HIDIVE already on January 7, 2020 (due to the limited Blu-ray edition for Initial).

The second and third seasons were both announced on May 14, 2018, during the second day of BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE.

The season was originally announced to debut in October 2019, however, it got delayed (with BanG Dream! FILM LIVE released on September 13, 2019 instead).

RAISE A SUILEN's part of the story was later adapted into two events (RAISE A SUILEN ~Raise the Curtain~ Pt. 1 and RAISE A SUILEN ~Raise the Curtain~ Pt. 2, with some new scenes as well) in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!


4 months have passed ever since Poppin'Party's self-sponsored Live show. After their fun summer vacation, the season has changed into autumn.

The Poppin'Party members spend their everyday lives doing their usual things - practicing at the basement, working part-time jobs, and student council work.

Then one day, Kasumi finds a certain poster at Live House Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Rokka receives an invitation from a certain girl to join her band while looking for a fateful encounter...

The sparkling and heart-pounding stage starts again! As long as we're with everyone, we can shoot through any and all dreams!


Original Work Bushiroad
Executive Producer Kidani Takaaki
Original Story Nakamura Kou
Director Kakimoto Kodai
Series Composition Ayana Yuniko
Original Character Hitowa / Craft Egg
Animated Character Design Ueda Kazayuki
Sub-Character Design Chanohara Takuya / Yamori Yuka
CG Supervisor Mimura Atsushi
Modeling Director Takeuchi Yasuhisa
Rigging Director Yashiro Natsuko
Color Design Kitagawa Junko
Photography Director Inoue Mari
Art Setting Narita Iho (Kusanagi)
Art Director Okamoto Ayano (Kusanagi)
Assistant Art Director Makino Yuuki (Kusanagi)
Editing Umezo Tomomi (EditZ)
Sound Director Iida Satoki
Music Producer Agematsu Noriyasu / Fujita Junpei
Animation Producer Kazuhiro Saitou / Murakami Ryuusuke
Animation Production SANZIGEN Animation Studio
Animation Work Assistance Passione
Producers Bushiroad / TOKYO MX / Good Smile Company / Horipro / Ultra Super Pictures


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Opening Songs
  • Initial by Poppin'Party (Episode 1-12)
Ending Songs
Insert Songs

Episode List

No. Title Air Date (HIDIVE) Air Date (Official)
01 "It’s the Ultimate Dream, Don’t you Think?!"
最高の夢一一ですよね! "Saikō no yume - desu yo ne!"
January 7, 2020 January 23, 2020
Three months after Poppin’Party's self-sponsored live show, the local live house owners, including CiRCLE's Marina Tsukishima, organize the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge, a tournament with the final taking place at the Nippon Budokan. Poppin'Party and Afterglow express their interest in participating, and although Kasumi invites Rokka to join them, she declines as she is still searching for a band. Meanwhile, CHU2 struggles to find a new guitarist for RAISE A SUILEN until she watches Rokka's performance at the cultural festival. CHU2 invites Poppin'Party, Roselia, and Rokka to RAS' latest concert, where she proclaims the band's entry into the Girls Band Challenge and openly offers Rokka an audition, much to her dismay.
02 "Scared to Death"
おびえてるじゃない "Obieteru janai"
January 14, 2020 January 30, 2020
After not performing in RAS' encore, Rokka is chased by CHU2 and PAREO in school and around town the next day, wanting to scout her for RAS. In the meantime, CHU2 meets with Yukina, reiterating her challenge to Roselia. Seeing similarities in the bands' philosophies, Yukina decides to have Roselia enter in the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge competition. Later in the night, after seeing Rokka practice her guitar in the Galaxy live house, Masking takes Rokka to CHU2's studio, where she performs alongside RAS. Unimpressed with Rokka's lackluster performance, CHU2 decides not to include her in RAS, explaining she cannot accept those withholding their skills to satisfy her.
03 "I'm Not Leaving!"
帰らん! "Kaeran!"
January 14, 2020 February 6, 2020
The preliminaries for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge begin with the top two teams in vote count going to the finals at the Budokan. Roselia and RAS begin performing their live shows while a zoned-out Rokka comes to terms with her failed RAS audition. Meanwhile, Poppin'Party write a new song for their first live show in the preliminaries which they perform in front of a live audience and Rokka. Motivated by Poppin'Party's new song, Rokka quickly rushes to RAS' studio where she is given one last chance to audition. Impressed by Rokka's passionate performance, CHU2 adds her as a (temporary) guitarist, ordering Rokka to become a guitarist worthy of RAS.
04 "Them Lil' Octopus Sausages"
タコさんウインナーだぎやあ "Tako-san uin'nāda giya a"
January 21, 2020 February 20, 2020
With Rokka joining as the (temporary) guitarist of RAISE A SUILEN, the band heads to a film studio to shoot a music video (MV) of their new song. Afterwards, they return to the studio to play their new song, but Rokka struggles to play together with the other band members. After a chat with Masking in a ramen shop, Rokka keeps playing until the song is perfect. The next day, the band is impressed by the PV they put together. During lunchtime, CHU2 inducts Rokka as a permanent member of RAS with the moniker LOCK.
05 "PoPi-V!"
ポピブイ "Popibui"
January 21, 2020 February 27, 2020
Inspired by RAISE A SUILEN's music video (MV), Poppin'Party decide to make a MV of their own (dubbed PoPi-V). Taking cues from Pastel*Palettes' MV and Rokka's ideas, Poppin'Party take random photos and videos with Rimi and Arisa putting the video together. After many sleepless days and nights, Poppin'Party are amazed by the MV they produced. They nervously upload the MV on the competition website but are excited by the likes they receive straight away. Later in the night, CHU2 confronts Roselia and proposes a band battle with RAS, which Yukina accepts.
06 "This is it." March 3, 2020 March 5, 2020
RAS and Roselia prepare for the band battle that is held at Dub Live House. Despite Roselia preparing for the "Over the Future" concert, a precursor event to FUTURE WORLD FES, Yukina still wants to perform with RAS as soon as possible. Sayo leaves, believing that Roselia are overloading themselves practicing for two events at once. However, after talking to CHU2 and finding out why she wanted to set up RAS, Sayo comes back, intent on beating them. On the night of the band battle, RAS and Roselia perform. Announcing the verdict after the performances, RAS wins the band battle with CHU2 exclaiming that RAS is better than Roselia.
07 "Save Them In The Music"

"Oto ni nokoshite okitakute "Nakanai Nakanai"

March 3, 2020 March 12, 2020
Reeling after their defeat to RAS in the band battle, Roselia reflect upon their performance and prepare for the "Over the Future" concert. Sayo practices intensely for the concert but collapses during a break from practice due to overwork and fever. Sayo recuperates in her bedroom with Hina and the other Roselia members visiting and preparing a meal for her. Yukina chats with Sayo about why she accepted CHU2's band battle challenge: to learn something from other bands such as RAS in order to grow as a band. After Sayo recovers and doing one last practice session, Roselia performs in the "Over the Future" concert. Yukina thanks the fans for their ongoing support before starting their performance.
08 "Should We Be Lounging Around Right Now?"
のんびクしていてよいのでしょラか "Non biku shite ite yoi nodesho raka"
March 10, 2020 March 19, 2020
All the old shopkeepers from the Jizo-dori shopping district break their backs just before their trip to the hot springs, so everyone (except PAREO and CHU2) go in their place. After settling into their rooms, the characters from different bands interact and socialize with each other. In particular, Rei and Kasumi meet, where they praise each other's performances as RAS and Poppin'Party respectively. Some of the characters also rest in the hot springs with some staying on for too long, resulting in them overheating. In the end, Afterglow inform Kasumi and the others that Poppin'Party's music video gained over 10,000 views which they celebrate before tending to the overheated characters.
09 "Let's Go, PoPiPa"
いくぞポピパ "Iku zo PoPiPa"
March 10, 2020 March 26, 2020
Hoping to gain more votes, Poppin'Party plan a three-week schedule of live performances. In addition to Galaxy, they play at CiRCLE and Dub alongside Roselia and RAS respectively. Despite having fewer votes than both bands, they enjoy their newly-gained momentum as they reach sixth in the polls. Although RAS offer their support to Poppin'Party, including baking a cake for Tae's birthday, they fall behind Roselia in the voting. In response, CHU2 calls an impromptu meeting in which she announces that RAS will play in other venues to force other bands to withdraw. She also takes control of everyone's calendars and instructs the band members to follow her orders and to not socialize with other bands. After an argument where CHU2 questions everyone's commitment to RAS, an incensed Masking walks away. PAREO attempts to console CHU2 but is harshly criticized as being useless.
10 "Vocalists are... Like Stars..."
ポーカルは……星… "Pōkaru wa…… hoshi…"
March 17, 2020 April 2, 2020
After Masking leaves the impromptu RAS meeting, Rokka looks for her but to no avail. The next day, after receiving advice from Kasumi, Rokka searches for Masking again, finally finding her in her school. Meeting in front of the Budokan, Rokka praises Masking for helping her and tells her to meet with CHU2 to make up which Masking initially becomes hesitant before agreeing. Meanwhile, Rei meets Tae where she talks to her whether she still cares about RAS; Tae tells her that as the vocalist of RAS, she has the power to change what RAS will do in the future. RAS (sans PAREO) reunite as a band to perform, but feel anxious and distracted due to PAREO's absence and do not perform well. While Rokka and Masking head to Chiba to find PAREO, Rei talks to CHU2 about needing to work together in the best interests of the band. After finding out that CHU2 wrote off PAREO for being useless, Rei and CHU2 also head out together to find her.
11 "PAREO No Longer Exists"
パレオはもういません "PAREO wa mō imasen"
March 17, 2020 April 9, 2020
In Chiba, Masking and Rokka search for PAREO by visiting her school. When they show her classmates a photo of her, they learn of PAREO's true identity as Reona Nyūbara. The two spot Reona as she is walking home, prompting her to run away and them to give chase. Upon catching up to her, they learn of her background as an academically successful but meek girl who regularly posts keyboard covers of Pastel*Palettes songs online. Despite Rokka and Masking's efforts, a disillusioned Reona proclaims PAREO no longer exists until she spots CHU2 and Rei running up to them. After CHU2 asks for forgiveness and is accepted, the band performs a song for her birthday back in the studio. Eventually, the Girls Band Challenge voting closes with Roselia leading, while Poppin'Party and RAS are tied for second.
12 "A Concert with Popipa!"
ポピパさんと共演や一一一一一一! "Popipa-san to kyōen'ya"
April 7, 2020 April 16, 2020
13 "This... This Right Here is the Girl Band Generation!"
これが……これこそが、大ガールズバンド時代や! "Kore ga…… Kore ga koso ga, daigāruzu bando jidai ya"
April 23, 2020 April 7, 2020




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