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BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia is a two-part film series focusing on Roselia.

The first part is "Yakusoku", which premiered on April 23, 2021. The second part is "Song I am", which will premiere on June 25, 2021.

The two films will be animated by Sanzigen. Kakimoto Kodai, director of BanG Dream! 3rd Season, will be chief director. Mimura Atsushi, CG supervisor for the third season, will be the director.


To reach the stage of "FES.", Yukina Minato decides to form a band. Each holding their own convictions, the members of the band come together. The five girls now begin their journey to the top as Roselia... This is the story of their "promise" made to each other, from the start of the band to their challenge towards FUTURE WORLD FES! (via English site[4])


Original Work Bushiroad
Executive Producer Kidani Takaaki
Original Story Nakamura Kou / Craft Egg
Chief Director Kakimoto Koudai
Director Mimura Atsushi
Series Composition Ayana Yuniko
Screenplay Kakimoto Koudai
Original Character Design hitowa / Craft Egg
Animation Character Design Ueda Kazayuki
Sub-Character Design Yamori Yuka
CG Director Endo Motomu
Sub-CG Director Sasaki Atsuya
Modeling Director Takeuchi Yasuhisa / Yamada Taki / Hasei Mai / Sakakibara Daisei
Rigging Director Yashiro Natsuko / Yamashita Ruri
Color Design Kitagawa Junko
Director of Photography Inoue Mari
Art Director Makino Yuki (KUSANAGI)
Art Setting Narita Iho (KUSANAGI)
Editing Tomomi Umetsu (Editz)
Sound Director Iida Satoki
Music Producer Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden) / Fujita Junpei (Elements Garden)
Animation Production SANZIGEN Animation Studio
Production BanG Dream! Project / Bushiroad / TOKYO MX / Good Smile Company / HoriPro International / Ultra Super Pictures
Distributor Bushiroad



Part I: Yakusoku





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