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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO, or simply GARUPA☆PICO, is a mini-anime series featuring the characters from the smartphone game Girls Band Party!

It was aired every Thursday with Bandori! TV at 23:00 in Tokyo MX and at 24:30 (or Friday at 00:30) in Sun TV with an advanced release in GBP JP's YouTube channel on every Wednesday at 21:00. An English-subtitled video of the episode was subsequently made available on GBP EN's YouTube channel. (All times indicated are in JST.)

Paid viewing is also available at NicoNico, with the exception of the first episode being permanently free.[1][2]


Using the hidden popular base among the band girls, live house "CiRCLE" as the stage of the story, a few of the girls from Girls Band Party are greatly flourishing!

Let's get excited and rampage in the live house!

Comes with laughter and tears, heart-warming(?) girls band comedy is airing now![3]


Original Work Bushiroad
Executive Producer Kidani Takaaki
Original Story Nakamura Kou
Chief Director Morii Kenshiro
Original Character Design Hitowa / Craft Egg
Director Miyajima Seiya
Animation Character Design Miyajima Seiya
Sound Director Hirasawa Hisayoshi
Music Producer Agematsu Noriyasu / Fujita Junpei
Animation Producer Utsumi Hiroshi / Watanabe Tasuku / Hatanaka Taichi
Animation Work DMM.Futureworks / W-Toon Studio / Sanzigen
Animation Work Assistance Passione / Creators in Pack
Producer BanG Dream! Project


Poppin'Party logo.png
PICO Kasumi.png Name: Toyama Kasumi

CV: Aimi

Starry Charisma
Fully energetic. Always looking for something shining and heart-beating.
PICO Tae.png Name: Hanazono Tae

CV: Otsuka Sae

Chasing Rabbits in the Garden
Looks slender and gorgeous, but actually a natural airhead. Plays guitar very well.
PICO Rimi.png Name: Ushigome Rimi

CV: Nishimoto Rimi

Cornet at First Sight
Likes cute things and chocolate cornets. Her elder sister is also in a band.
PICO Saaya.png Name: Yamabuki Saaya

CV: Ohashi Ayaka

Fermentation Girl
Understood Kasumi very well. Was in another band when she was in junior high school. Her family runs a bakery. She calms the other members of Poppin'Party when necessary.
PICO Arisa.png Name: Ichigaya Arisa

CV: Itou Ayasa

Sweet and Spicy Personality
She stays indoors and her main pace tends to be swayed by Kasumi and Tae. Cannot be straightforward.
Afterglow logo white outline.png
PICO Ran.png Name: Mitake Ran

CV: Sakura Ayane

Defiant Red Mesh
Hates to lose. Loves everyone from Afterglow, and loved by everyone from Afterglow.
PICO Moca.png Name: Aoba Moca

CV: Misawa Sachika

Go My Way
Easygoing as how she seems, which tends to involve the ones around her into her own pace. Has a "Going My Way" personality.
PICO Himari.png Name: Uehara Himari

CV: Katou Emiri

Misfires Commands
The leader of Afterglow. Although she has a bright and caring personality, she tends to run idle. A girl who follows trends.
PICO Tomoe.png Name: Udagawa Tomoe

CV: Hikasa Yoko

Ramen Broth Caring Sister
Due to her refreshing personality, she is highly trusted by her friends. Very cool. Ako's elder sister.
PICO Tsugumi.png Name: Hazawa Tsugumi

CV: Kanemoto Hisako

Great Ordinary
A normal hardworking girl. Her family runs a cafe. She is good at finding the first star.
Pastel*Palettes logo.png
PICO Aya.png Name: Maruyama Aya

CV: Maeshima Ami

Bouncy Ego Search
An idol who adores idols. Tends to do ego-surfing. A crybaby who works with all her might.
PICO Hina.png Name: Hikawa Hina

CV: Ozawa Ari

Genius Next Door
A genius girl. Aya is her target to understand the feeling of "Cannot understand".
PICO Chisato.png Name: Shirasagi Chisato

CV: Uesaka Sumire

Smiling Iron Mask
A young actress who is already active since her childhood. She is strict to herself and to the others but goes easy towards Kanon.
PICO Maya.png Name: Yamato Maya

CV: Nakagami Ikumi

Out-of-control Machine Nerd
An equipment otaku who is formerly a studio musician. She becomes a quick-mouth when it comes to something she likes.
PICO Eve.png Name: Wakamiya Eve

CV: Hata Sawako

Samurai from Europe
A girl who comes from Finland. She loves Japanese cultures. The word she likes the most is "Bushido!".
Roselia logo white outline.png
PICO Yukina.png Name: Minato Yukina

CV: Aiba Aina

Blooming Rose of Purple Flames
Her heart is strong that she does not give in. She is the type which is so pure that she cannot make a single joke.
PICO Sayo.png Name: Hikawa Sayo

CV: Kudou Haruka

Sadness Metronome
A girl who is actually clumsy. She is a member of student council which takes care of the discipline of the school. Hina's twin elder sister.
PICO Lisa.png Name: Imai Lisa

CV: Nakashima Yuki

Goddess of Kindness
In contrast to her flashy appearance, she is everyone's elder sister which takes care of them. Yukina's childhood friend.
PICO Ako.png Name: Udagawa Ako

CV: Sakuragawa Megu

Blackish Fallen Angel Something Something
Junior high school student. Likes to use difficult words, who is always helped by Rinko.
PICO Rinko.png Name: Shirokane Rinko

CV: Akesaka Satomi

Unmovable Master
Has a quiet and retracting personality. Good at playing piano and online games.
Hello happy world English logo.png
PICO Kokoro.png Name: Tsurumaki Kokoro

CV: Itou Miku

Endless Wave of Smiles
A rich girl curious towards anything. Always in a happy mood. Loves to make people smiles. One of the 3 idiots.
PICO Kaoru.png Name: Seta Kaoru

CV: Tadokoro Azusa

Nonsensical One-man Show
Everyone's prince. She is tall, gorgeous and has a beautiful appearance, one of the 3 idiots. She is afraid of high places.
PICO Hagumi.png Name: Kitazawa Hagumi

CV: Yoshida Yuri

Kitazawa Mark is the Mark of Vitality
She is good at sports and rich in susceptibility. She likes the croquette made by her family's shop, "Kitazawa Butcher Shop". One of the 3 idiots.
PICO Kanon.png Name: Matsubara Kanon

CV: Toyota Moe

Labyrinth of Jellyfishes
She loves sweets and cute things, especially jellyfish. Lacks the sense of direction.
PICO Misaki.png Name: Okusawa Misaki / Michelle

CV: Kurosawa Tomoyo

One with Common Sense in a Bear
Michelle: The DJ of "Hello, Happy World". Showing up in that costume during events.
Misaki: The girl inside the Michelle costume. Although she looks sluggish, she does not seems dissatisfied to be with Kokoro and the others.

The colored descriptions are from Episode 1 of Garupa PICO.[4]

Other Cast

  1. Tsukishima Marina (CV: Suzaki Aya)
  2. Toyama Asuka (CV: Ozaki Yuka)

Theme Song

Picotto! Papitto!! GARUPA☆PICO!!! by Kasumi × Ran × Aya × Yukina × Kokoro
Picotto! Papitto!! GARUPA☆PICO!!!
by: Kasumi × Ran × Aya × Yukina × Kokoro
Lyrics by: Oda Asuka
Composed by: Suemasu Ryota
Arranged by: Suemasu Ryota


Episode List

No. Title Air Date
01 "Live House CiRCLE"
ライブハウス「さーくる」, "Raibu Hausu 「Sākuru」"
July 05, 2018
In the hidden base of the band girls, live house "CiRCLE", which is used by several small bands, a storm is getting blown away!
02 "Think Tank"
くらトーーーーク, "Kuratō̄̄̄ku"
July 12, 2018
The number of customers is less than the number of members of Poppin'Party. Is this the crisis of disband?! They somehow managed to fire up the stage, but all the ideas are messy. Is something shining there?
03 "Revolution"
革命-revolution-, "Kakumei-revolution"
July 19, 2018
The girls were seen flying in the sky. "Is it okay to look up?" The blue rose that blooms in the ground pierces through the darkness and then searches for a pair of black wings, which is the new possibilities of Roselia. That, is "revolution".
04 "Rock n' Roll Baby"
ロックンロールベイベェ, "Rokku n Rōru Beibeー"
July 26, 2018
Let's introduce these amazing members! Sisterly drummer! Udagawa Tomoe! Crybaby bassist! Uehara Himari! Self-pace guitarist! Aoba Moca! Cool vocalist! Mitake Ran! Ay! And I am~...!
05 "Pastel*Palettes' Swimsuit Commercial"
パスパレ・水着deコマーシャル, "PasuPare Mizugi de Komāsharu"
August 2, 2018
Newbie Idols ・ Commercial in Swimsuits! The girls who will be taking the challenge is the 5 girls from the topical idol band, "Pastel*Palettes"! Can these fresh and charming girls break through the difficult games and get their time to appeal?! The shocking moments can be anticipated too!
06 "Welcome to Michelle Land!"
ミッシェル ランド ヘ ようこそ!, "Missheru Lando e Yōkoso!"
August 9, 2018
Michelle Land~♪ Kokoro is also happy with the cheerful music~~♪ It's lucky to see lots of different Michelle~♪ Everyone is smiling because of the attraction~♪ Come on! Everyone, hold your hands! (Yay~!) Come together~ To the paradise of music and smile~♪ Michelle~♪ Michelle~♪ Miche~lle~ La~nd~~↑↑♪
07 "CiRCLE Joint Concert Conference"
さーくる合同ライブ対策会議, "Sa-kuru Go-do- Raibu Taisaku Kaigi"
August 16, 2018
A plan that was decided beforehand has finally starting to advance. The warriors have passed through all sorts of things to enter the conference room for the meeting. The joint concert is what they wanted to discuss, and all the bands are demanding their own desires. How does Kasumi think about it? Next episode, "CiRCLE Joint Concert Measures Meeting", everyone is going to project their own heart on the board.
08 "Drummers Gotta Drum"
ドラマーっていつも何かしらリズム刻んでるよね, "Doramu- tte Itsumo Nankashira Rizumu Kizan deru yo ne"
August 23, 2018
The last episode of GaRuPa Pico is about....? Finally a joint concert is about to happen... Although nothing has been decided, Kokoro also thinks that it is fun, so we have to work harder during the practice! Ah, this episode will be about the drummers go to family restaurant....What! Fuee... So nervous...
09 "For the Love of Chocolate Cornets"
チョココロネだいすき, "Chokokorone Daisuki"
August 30, 2018
--the chance was trivial. I do not remember exactly how it was. Did I stay at home or went out and bought it? It was just delicious. I loved it. I thought it was like that. When I noticed about it, it had gradually become a habit. From 1 in a week to 1 in a day, and 1 in a day to 5 in a day. When I am eating Choco cornet, everything I can see became so beautiful! It makes me so happy!
10 "What About the Garlic?"
ニンニクどうします?, "Ninniku Dō Shimasu?"
September 6, 2018
"Saburo is one of the most powerful food that can appeal into people's mind." We went to that place called Saburo Ramen. Eat. Eat. Eat. We eat the ramen in a speed of 180BPM high-speed dance rock. There is only me and ramen. In a world of only ramen and me.

"Rock and Saburo, what makes them together?"

There is a moment that I thought like that. "Thank you for the treat." It is something important. With such a sense of satisfaction. We bowed to the shopkeeper lightly and left the shop. That's all for the report.

11 "Hello, Happy Sky Jam"
ハロハピ スカイ ライブ, "HaroHapi Sukai Raibu"
September 13, 2018
The sky is so blue and the clouds are so white. The ultramarine blue has filled your vision. So thirsty. Due to the noise of the wind, I cannot hear anything. The things are scattering out from the bag. This is so throbbing. The sunshine is so dazzling. Those water that is not good for body. Those smiles. With the counts from the drumsticks, Hello Happy Sky Jam, start!
12 "Babanbo, Hear My Prayers"
ババンボ様にお願い☆, "Babanbo-sama Ni Onegai☆"
September 20, 2018
Unbobo, Babanbo. Unbobo, Babanbo. Ungaro, Hoganga. Babanbo, Nnbobo. Bobon, Babanbo. Nnbo, Nnbaba. Unbobo, Babanbo! Unbobo, Babanbo!
13 "Twinkling Joyful Shopping District Frenzy Bushido Party"
キラキラ愉快な商店街狂乱のブシドーパーティ, "Kirakira Yukaina Shouten-gai Kyouran no Bushido- Pa-ti"
September 27, 2018
"Twinkle Twinkle☆Party"... "Michelle and Her Merry Friends"... Shopping District Naming Right... "The Dark Abyss Frenzied Party"... "Bushido"... Uhm... We'll decide the title later...![5]

No. Title Air Date
14 "Hello, Happy's Winter Mountain Hike"
ハロハピ厳冬期雪山縦走, "HaroHapi Gentōki Yukiyama Jūsō"
October 04, 2018
"BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO" is receiving very good comments so we are releasing the 2nd season! This time they will get out from CiRCLE and have a grand adventure?! Although this time everyone from Hello, Happy World! go for a hiking at a mountain, the brisk wind is so strong and everyone is very hungry!?

Although Michelle's fur is so soft, fluffy and warm, Fuee... We will be frozen if we continue like this~

15 "Part Time Job"
バイトの時間, "Baito no Jikan"
October 11, 2018
Speaking of the basic for working in a convenience store, it is about giving a pleasant greeting!

Welcome! Summer sale~
Do you want to warm it? Chura Sea~
It will be 850 yen! Eight hundred and fifty~
Thank you very much! Sunshine~
...Isn't it impossible? Right~
T/L Note: Basically Moca is simplifying what Lisa said in Japanese.

16 "Poppin' Shuffle"
ポッピン'シャッフル, "Poppin' Shaffuru"
October 18, 2018
I am Toyama Kasumi, class 1-A from Hanasakigawa Girls' High School! Today, members of Poppin' Party are having training in the basement! But, something happened when we fell down from the stairs-

"Ehhhhh! Our bodies, were switched!!"
This is unbelievable, but surely this is also a trial for us to let us shine! Let's do our best, Arisa♪

17 "Pastel*Stroll"
パステル*散歩, "Pasuteru*Sanpo"
October 25, 2018
Always vibrant with shining colors♪ Today's Pastel*Stroll will be at the Shopping Street. We also go to some popular shops to try out the exquisite cake and the famous bun ♪ The girl which is active in CiRCLE also appear unexpectedly! Alright! Let's go for the walk!
18 "Basement Maze"
蔵迷宮, "Zō Meikyū"
November 1, 2018
You wander into the rift of the basement. This is a maze where adventurers gather for wealth and fame, known as "Basement maze". You must proceed by your will and unravel the mystery of the world. Now, believe in your friends, believe in yourself, and walk the road. There is no turning back. Now your adventure has already begun!
19 "CiRCLE's Collapse"
さーくるの崩壊, "Sa-kuru no Hōkai"
November 8, 2018
"CiRCLE will be closed this year." ---Several weeks after the announcement. The time for the shop closing is gradually, but definitely approaching. However, the girls will not get convinced by it. Grab your hand, combine our power, and raise the voice.
With our power... We will stop the closing of CiRCLE!
20 "Truth-Seeing Demon Eye"
真実を映す魔眼, "Shinjitsu wo Utsusu Mame"
November 15, 2018
To spend our holidays, I went to ski with everyone and stayed overnight. I got tired at skiing at the slopes and the wind was strong. By the time I got back to the pension the snow grew stronger, and I can hardly wait for the warm soup and delicious rice~! I am sure everyone will have a nice chat tonight! However, I never thought that such a thing would happened.
21 "That Performance Sure Would Be Exciting"
あの演出ってワクワクするよね, "Ano Enshutsutte Wakuwaku Suru yo ne""
November 22, 2018
There is only little time left until the joint concert. Not even a second should be wasted to do a perfect performance. Today's practice will be more severe than usual. Oh, the little thing over there is...
22 "Welcome to Michelle Cafe!"
ミッシェルカフェヘようこそ!, "Missheru Kafe e Yōkoso!"
November 29, 2018
"Munch" "Uun, tasty!" I see, it is the croquette from Kitazawa's butcher shop. Do not despise it as a collaboration menu, please. the breads used are also in good quality. I felt hungry and have a try on it, but this is not as quality as I thought. "Sips" Uun, the coffee is delicious too. Are you sure this is not instant coffee? So that is why the price is like that, heh.
23 "Pastel's Pajama Party"
パステルパジャマパーティー, "Pasuteru Pajama Pātī"
December 6, 2018
It is almost party season for this year♪ Speaking of grouping together to have fun, a karaoke party is also one of the solid choices, but I wanted to be with my close friends and have a pajama party once! Stay around the sweets, unlike usual, play until late or haveing girls' talk... I am really looking forward to it♪ There is no doubt that it will become one of the memories! I hope so♪ Ok, let's go~!
24 "Twin Rhythm"
フタゴリズム, "Futago Rizumu"
December 13, 2018
Twins. Known as two children born at the same time in the same mother's womb, which is one of the phenomena that multiple fetus were born. It has been said that there is a scientifically unexplainable phenomenon between twins since ancient times. Sharing the same mind even though they were far away from each other, synchronization of physical actions... The mystery of the twins is remains unknown, and we are getting nearer to the mystery.
25 "Christmas Eve Surprise"
聖夜のサプライズ, "Seiya no Sapuraizu"
December 20, 2018
Prior to the closing live concert, the member's spirit are growing. As the repairing of the live house carried out by Marina is going well, the members come out with a fantastic idea. Episode 25, "Christmas Eve Surprise". This time as well, CiRCLE CiRCLE!
26 "Reconstructed"
再建しちゃった, "Saiken Shichatta"
December 27, 2018
Due to the collapse of CiRCLE, there is no hope for the joint live anymore. The band members are grieving and Marina has lost her job. Staying in the heavy air, Kasumi heard the "Star Beat" again. "I don't want to give up..." CiRCLE's final sparkling and exciting live starts now!



Official Screen Caps


  • A Twitter icon for every character was made available during the initial broadcast.[6]
  • There is a gift wallpaper for mobiles and desktops for every episodes.[7]
  • A tie-up with Aeon Cinema was decided which is the showing of GARUPA☆PICO Manner Movie[8] Pastel*Palettes edition[9] starting from October 5, 2018. In return, Aeon Cinema sells GBP limited items (miniature illustrations of the vocalists).[10]


  5. Refer to Episode 7 for the titles/phrases used here.
  8. Manner movie is a short clip shown before the actual movie and contains what to do and whatnots during the movie.
  9. There will also be manner movies for the other 4 bands.