BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ~Ohmori~, or simply GARUPA☆PICO ~Ohmori~, is the second season of BanG Dream! GARUPA☆PICO. It is a mini-anime series featuring the characters from the smartphone game Girls Band Party! in their chibi form.

It aired every Thursday through the Bandori! TV LIVE 2020. However, televised broadcast will officially start on July 2020.


Set in the hidden popular base among the band girls, live house CiRCLE, the Girls Band Party chibi characters are gathered again!

Familiar members of Poppin'Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! will once again face (or not) CiRCLE crisis!

A girls band comedy overflowing with laughter continues!


Original Work Bushiroad
Executive Producer Kidani Takaaki
Original Story Nakamura Kou
Director Miyajima Seiya
Original Character Hitowa / Craft Egg
Animated Character Miyajima Seiya
Sound Director Hirasawa Hisayoshi
Music Producer Agematsu Noriyasu / Fujita Junpei
Animation Producer Utsumi Hiroshi / Aoki Yasuhiro / Saito Masahiro
Animation Work DMM.Futureworks / Dove Toon Studio / Sanzigen
Animation Work Assistance Passione / Creators in Pack
Assistant Producer Craft Egg
Producer BanG Dream! Project


Other Cast

  1. Tsukishima Marina (CV: Suzaki Aya)
  2. Toyama Asuka (CV: Ozaki Yuka)

Theme Song

Ohmori Icchou! Garupa☆Pico
Ohmori Icchou! Garupa☆Pico
by: Kasumi×Ran×Aya×Yukina×Kokoro
Lyrics by: Oda Asuka
Composed by: Fujita Junpei
Arranged by: Fujita Junpei



「BanG Dream! ガルパ☆ピコ ~大盛り~」web用CM

Episode List

No. Title Air Date
01 "Live House "CiRCLE""
ライブハウス「さーくる」, "Raibu Hausu "Sākuru""
May 07, 2020
Band girls' hidden popular base, live house "CiRCLE". Kasumi and her friends are in good health today. Meanwhile, a mysterious protrusion on the floor was discovered... ?

An everyday bowlful of trouble starts once again!

02 "Poppin'Pastry"
ポッピンパン, "Poppin'Pan"
May 14, 2020
English Bread. German Bread. French Bread. But there is no Poppin'Party Bread, "Poppin'Pastry"! Therefore, I have no choice but to make it!

Toyama Kasumi, the girl who aims to be the star of a band, proud of the world's bread for Poppin'Party by Poppin'Party.

This is the story about the making of the "Poppin'Pastry!"

03 "Lisa Coutre"
リサコレ, "Lisa Kore"
May 21, 2020
Cute no matter what she wears. Looks good no matter what. Always dreaming for that kind of girl. So... walk the runway dressed up like a glittering model. Lisa Collection 2020, Now Open!
04 "Himari SOS!"
ひまりSOS!, "Himari SOS!"
May 28, 2020
Chastise! Your own body!
Squeeze! Until you won't sweat anymore!
Imagine! The ideal figure!

Unto another set! Let's go!
05 "Pastel*Desert"
パステル*砂漠, "Pasuteru*Sabaku"
June 4, 2020
When you hear the word Oasis, you think of a water spring in the middle of the desert! I imagine that, but in general, it is a lush area in a dry environment. The water comes from various sources such as groundwater, rivers, and melting snow. By the way, I heard that oasis water is difficult to drink with hard water, but I wonder if it's true. I've wanted to try it for a while...
06 "Misaki Madness"
美咲禁断症状, "Misaki Kindanshōjō"
June 11, 2020
Take off Michelle. I did my best today. Let's go to sleep.

... I can't calm down. I wonder what to wear again. I want to be Michelle. Shall I wear it for a while? But I just took it off. Let's sleep already. I'm sure it will go away in the morning.

... No good, I can't sleep. Let's wear it now! It feels natural it calms me down. Michelle... yeah, Michelle. I am Michelle.

07 "New Epithets"
アラタナフタツナ, "Aratana Futatsuna"
June 18, 2020
It's cool to have a nickname or two. The opponent's Four Heavenly Kings, that appear in mangas about talented people, similar to that of a Sengoku Warlord. Looking strong, it's easy to know who you are. I think it's nice to have a cute girl.
08 "Cardfight!! Sister!"
カードファイト!! お姉ちゃん!, "Kādofaito!! Onēchan!"
June 25, 2020
Imagine... You both love your older sisters. Close your eyes, you can clearly picture it. Cute, some are missing, but it's reliable... the image of your sisters. Are you ready? Stand up! Sister!
09 "Puzzle☆Pico"
パズル☆ピコ, "Pazuru☆Pico"
July 2, 2020
That's different from the usual CiRCLE...?
This is the world of Puzzle Pico composed of colorful cubes.
Join the same band members together and use the Miracle Jam to do a Feeling Pop!
Everyone seems to enjoy their time having coffee and croquettes.
Rimi-rin, give me one more chocolate cornet~!
10 "Hanazono Street Live"
ハナゾノ路上ライブ, "Hanazono Rojō Raibu"
July 9, 2020
Amplifier, check. Guitar, check. Smile, check.
Hanazono street live starts now!
11 "Under the Tea"
暗晦ティータイム, "Kura miso tītaimu"
July 16, 2020
Darkness. Darkness. Eternal Darkness.

This room, where seven girls sit with their knees abutted, is very stuffy. The occasional squeaking metal noises and the smell of petrol filling the nasal cavity makes the atmosphere even more serious.

To change the atmosphere, Kokoro speaks: "Let's have a tea time!"

Darkness TEA TIME starts now!

12 "Girls Band☆Times"
ガールズバンド新聞, "Gāruzubando shinbun"
July 23, 2020
That thing arrives punctually every night.
Who wrote it? Where does it come from?
And why is it always publish the intelligence only the person herself involved knows about?
Everything about this is a mystery.

Well. The night of today is drawing near.
Girls Band☆Times is reaching you.
13 "CiRCLE Customer Attracting Conference"
さーくる集客対策会議, "Sa ̄ kuru shūkyaku taisaku kaigi"
July 30, 2020
CiRCLE, the live house that once flourished!
After being surrounded by a stone-made labyrinth, its glory in the past is nowhere to be seen!
At that moment, the girls from the bands gathered together again!
Next time in Garupa☆Pico!"CiRCLE Customer Attracting Conference"!!

"I'll be saving CiRCLE."
14 "Got a New Haircut?"
髪切った?, "Kamikitta?"
August 6, 2020
"There are no customers today?"
"And it's so dark outside~"
"How can anyone come here?"
"Let's do our best at today's rehearsal, too!"
"Okay, thank you."
15 "Roselia Online"
ロゼリアオンライン, "Rozeria Onrain"
August 13, 2020
There's a rock giant standing in front of you. It has a huge body of 10 meters tall, is about to swing down its big fist, and has a burning-hot body.
You guys can either fight it or run away at a glance.
16 "Noodle! Journey!"
noodlee!journey!, "noodlee!journey!"
August 20, 2020
Don't slurp noodles! Noodle factory's zundo ramen fats and soups. Lasting thick "naruto" steam. Hey, I want more chili oil. Small rice ON, roasted pork fillet, good fortune! Eating everything from all extra servings. noodlee!journey! The assorted noodles slurping. Let's eat one more!
17 "Magic Morphin' Pastel✽Rangers"
魔法戦隊パステル*レンジャー, "Mahōsentai Pasuteru*Renjā"
August 27, 2020
Hatred, envy... Evil nesting in people's heart. "Waruizo", the monster that feeds on them! CiRCLE, the secret organization of justice, entrusted five girls with powers to counter Waruizo who plans on conquering the town! And thus, the idol unit "Pastel*Palettes" formed the group "Pastel*Rangers", a group of girls warriors who fight with the power of magic and music. They will fight today as well...!
18 "Michellebot, Go!"
発進!ミッシェルロボ, "Hasshin! Missherurobo"
September 3, 2020
The future that is about to come. Band girls had welcomed an unprecedented time of prosperity. However, behind the glorious peace, two forces go against each other. "Kitazawa Butcher Shop", a shop loved by the locals with budget-friendly prices. On the other hand, live house "CiRCLE" assembled the band girls of justice, "Tsurumaki Foundation" and controlling the strongest robot "Michellebot" is Kokoro Tsurumaki! "Michellebot, Go!"
19 "Mashiro Station"
ましろステーション, "Mashiro Sutēshon"
September 10, 2020
103: Nameless live house
Nice to meet you! I'd like to ask you something, is that okay?

104: Nameless live house


105: Nameless live house

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

106: Nameless live house

Earlier, I was heading for an appointment by train, but this looks a little strange.

107: Nameless live house


108: Nameless live house

I was a little sleepy, and when I came to, I noticed I stopped at an unmanned station...

109: Nameless live house

20 "Tuna"
マグロ, "Maguro"
September 17, 2020
21 "Kaoru Onstage"
薫オンステージ, "Kaoru onsutēji"
September 24, 2020
22 "The Toyama Expedition"
戸山探検隊, "Toyama Tankentai"
October 1, 2020
23 "Maruyama*Channel"
まるやま*チャンネル, "Maruyama*Channeru"
October 8, 2020
24 "One Lump or Two?"
お砂糖いくついれますか?, "Oshatō Ikutsu Iremasu ka?"
October 15, 2020
25 "She's Missing"
いなくなっちゃった, "Inaku Natchatta"
October 22, 2020
26 "The Star Beat"
惑星(ホシ)の鼓動, "Hoshi no Kodō"
October 29, 2020



Episode Screenshots

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  • Episode 20's wallpaper image, which was released after the episode's airing, caused an outrage from many Korean fans on Twitter due to the background flag's resemblance to the Japanese Rising Sun Flag.[1]



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