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This page contains images from the series. Proceed with the risk of being spoiled.

Go watch these funny little clips at BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Official YouTube channel first if you don't want spoilers!


Episode 1:"Live House "CiRCLE""[]

Episode 2:"Poppin' Pastry"[]

Episode 3:"Lisa Couture"[]

Episode 4:"Himari SOS!"[]

Episode 5:"Pastel*Desert"[]

Episode 6:"Misaki Withdrawal Symptoms"[]

Episode 7:"New Epithets"[]

Episode 8:"Cardfight!! Sister!"[]

Episode 9:"Puzzle☆Pico"[]

Episode 10:"Hanazono Street Live"[]

Episode 11:"Under the Tea"[]

Episode 12:"The Girls Band Times"[]

Episode 13:"CiRCLE Customer Attracting Conference"[]

Episode 14:"Got a Haircut?"[]

Episode 15:"Roselia Online"[]

Episode 16:"n o o d l e e ! j o u r n e y  !"[]

Episode 17:"Magic Morphin' Pastel*Rangers"[]

Episode 18:"Michellebot, Go!"[]

Episode 19:"Mashiro Station"[]

Episode 20:"Tuna"[]

Episode 21:"Kaoru Onstage"[]

Episode 22:"The Toyama Expedition"[]

Episode 23: "Maruyama*Channel"[]

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