This contains a list of cards currently included in BanG Dream!. Each link contains 50 cards.

To see the list of cards grouped per band, see Bands.

Card List Starting Card Ending Card Card List Starting Card Ending Card
1-50 Reckless! icon.png Reckless! Michelle's Secret icon.png Michelle's Secret 51-100 Pretty In Pink☆ icon.png Pretty In Pink☆ Five-Person Sleepover icon.png Five-Person Sleepover
101-150 Proof I'm Here icon.png Proof I'm Here Evening Primping icon.png Evening Primping 151-200 If We Just Hold Hands icon.png If We Just Hold Hands The Smile of Competition icon.png The Smile of Competition
201-250 Bread-Carrying Race! icon.png Bread-Carrying Race! Poppin' Colors! (Yamabuki Saaya) icon.png Poppin' Colors! (Yamabuki Saaya) 251-300 Poppin' Colors! (Ichigaya Arisa) icon.png Poppin' Colors! (Ichigaya Arisa) Dance Lesson icon.png Dance Lesson
301-350 Cured By a Prince icon.png Cured By a Prince Ample Shouts icon.png Ample Shouts 351-400 This Way and that Way icon.png This Way and that Way By Your Side icon.png By Your Side
401-450 Our Sunset icon.png Our Sunset GOGO WEGO! (Hanazono Tae) icon.png GOGO WEGO! (Hanazono Tae) 451-500 Song-Writing Time icon.png Song-Writing Time Taking on Something New icon.png Taking on Something New
501-550 Spiraling Concern icon.png Spiraling Concern Hearts in Full Bloom icon.png Hearts in Full Bloom 551-600 There, Perfect! icon.png There, Perfect! Special Memories icon.png Special Memories
601-650 Surprise Present icon.png Surprise Present Hugging Jiangshi icon.png Hugging Jiangshi 651-700 Not Scary at All icon.png Not Scary at All The Fruit of Dreams icon.png The Fruit of Dreams
701-750 Confetti Dance icon.png Confetti Dance Peaceful Jump! (Ushigome Rimi) icon.png Peaceful Jump! (Ushigome Rimi) 751-800 Peaceful Jump! (Yamabuki Saaya) icon.png Peaceful Jump! (Yamabuki Saaya) Number 4, Pitcher icon.png Number 4, Pitcher
801-850 Number 1, Center Field icon.png Number 1, Center Field Girl's Cooking icon.png Girl's Cooking 851-900 Recruit, Guitarist! icon.png Recruit, Guitarist! Closet Tears icon.png Closet Tears
901-950 Enjoy Yourself icon.png Enjoy Yourself Tone Image icon.png Tone Image 951-1000 Searching Gaze icon.png Searching Gaze I'll Always Love You icon.png I'll Always Love You
1001-1050 Please, This Voice is icon.png Please, This Voice is


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