Events generally appear in the game three times per month. Events are announced in the updates a day before the start of the event. During the event period, a small image will appear below in the notifications banner and below the Multi Live Button in the Live menu.

For the event timeline of all versions (JP/TW/KR/EN/CN), see here.

Sakura Blooming Party!

A Song Unfinished
Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise
Rimi's Gift Of Song

Searching For Stars
As Evening Clears
Run Away Rabbits!

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures
The Impromptu Wedding Dress
Don't leave me, Lisa!!!!

Wish Upon a Tanzaku
Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation
When the Flowers Bloom

Happy Summer Vacation!
A Rhythmic Beat: Fireworks Festival
The 6th Afterglow

A Rose's Name in a Transient World
Hello, My Happy World
Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols

Always Halloween For Kokoro!
Umbrella For The Autumn Rain
Tearful Smile Anchor Runner

Cooking Class Craziness!
Welcome To Eve's Home Party
Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas
Azure, Shine Bright
Little Smiley Steps!

New Years! Omikuji Madness
Neo Fantasy Online -Journey-

Hectic Happy Valentine's
First Time!? Winter Sports
What a Wonderful World!

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical
Backstage Pass
Let's Go! Sunset Adventure

Blossoming in Largo
Unwavering Will, Blazing Bushido
A Fair and Fluffy Competition

Double Rainbow (Event)
Girls Anthology
Neo-Aspect (Event)

Beatin' in the Rain
The Cursed Well and the School Spirit
Luminous Once More

Sundays at a Distant Park
Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~
Go! Phantom Thieves of Twilight

Growing Up Sisters!
Summer in the Shining Land of Water

Before the Start of a New Season
Tied to the Skies
A Dreamy Promenade

Trick or Escape!
I Need You!
Arisa's "Not Bad" Day Off

Backstage Methods
Steadfast Pride, Piercing Sunset
Wholehearted Song for Me

Memories of Christmas
Winter Sky Marché
Twin Star Ensemble

We're All Here! New Year's Party!!
My Ideal
A Fleeting Night's Dream

Whom Are the Chocolates for?
A Day Off Downtown
Prelude Replay

The Whitest Day
Message for You
Backstage Pass 2

Cycling Seasons, Fresh Skies
School of Flowers Away in a Corner

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission!
Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride
Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!!

Flowery June Bride
Noble Rose -Bearing Flowers-
Band Girls of the Dead

How to Spend a Special Day
Hopeful Session

Our Own Summer Vacation
Summer, Slow Summer
A Summer's Night, Poems Across the Water

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness-
Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway
Dreams, Reality and A Hundred Poems

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪
Do It Ourselves!!
Separate Paths Under One Sky

Autumnal Heartfelt Letter
Devotedly Toward My Dreams
Blooming in ZERO

Santa's on his way
Shadows of Days Past Remain
Days of Toppings and Fun☆

Happy New-Year Dreams
A Lost Toy's Dream
Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪
Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme-
Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~

Non-Stop! Return Mission!
My Design, My Texture
Backstage Pass 3

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball
Blossoming Symphony
Play act! Challenge*Audition

Let's Perfect Collection!
Latent Heat, Burning Sky

Neo Fantasy Online -Ancient Dragon Bride-
RAISE A SUILEN ~Raise The Curtain~ (Part One)
A Sigh Beyond The Rain

A Certain Band's Sports Festival☆
An Étude for Fluttering
Hello Happy-like Summer Vacation

Summer-Coloured Sunshine Days
The Dignified Fragrant Wind's Melody
Letters from Within The Sea

RAISE A SUILEN ~Raise The Curtain~ (Part Two)
Brighter brighter
The Warmth That Fills This Chest

Have a good HALLOWEEN!!
ONE OF US (Event)
Welcome to Open School!

Happy Lucky! Magic of Smiles!
Einsatz of a New Journey

Prismatic Duo
Red Ignition

Welcome, Come Pray With Us!
Three-Legged Race
Terrible Horror Night

Valentine's Day is Not Just A Single Day
Smiling and Connecting!
From the Past

Dreamy♪Pastel Fan Road
Backstage Pass 4

Cherry Blossom-Colored Stroll
Live Beyond!! (Event)


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