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The contents of this page is taken from the in-game Beginner's Guide section.
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Watch the Main Story!

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All of the characters in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party appear throughout the game's Main Story,
giving you a new perspective on them outside of their band lives.

Watch the Band Stories!

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Each band has their own Band Story.
To unlock the next chapter,
you must first raise the band's rank to a certain point.
The EXP needed to increase a band's rank can be obtained from Area Conversations.

Enjoy Area Conversations!

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You will see characters talking to each other around the various areas of the game.
You can unlock more of these conversations by placing new Area Items and leveling them up.

Time for a Costume Change!

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Costumes can be received by unlocking ★3 or higher characters.
Try changing the costume your favorite character wears onstage!

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Let's Play Free Live!

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In Free Live mode, you can play any song you like as much as you like.
You will also receive prizes based on your score and combo numbers,
so be sure to try out the full list of songs.

Let's Play Multi Live!

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In Multi Live mode, you can perform together with other players from around the world.
Multi Live also offers greater rewards than Free Live.
Multi Live's Special Rooms give you a chance to receive more of a certain reward item each day of the week.

Get New Cover Songs!

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New songs are always being added to BanG Dream! Girls Band Party.
The latest cover songs can be purchased from the Music Shop.
Head inside CiRCLE and tap the Music Shop icon for a full list.
The Tone Crystals needed to purchase songs can be obtained by watching stories.

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Let's Practice!

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When band members Practice, their levels will increase along with their power.
All of the items needed for Practice can be obtained from live shows or the various Exchanges.
Plus, every Sunday and Monday the Multi Live Special Rooms offer extra Studio Ticket rewards.

Let's Train!

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Members who have reached max level can undergo Training, for a small item cost.
These items can be obtained from live shows or the various Exchanges.

Unlock Episodes!

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Unlocking a member's Episode will allow you to watch a very special scenario featuring that member.
Watching this Episode will greatly increase their stats, and you will also receive Stars as an extra prize, too.
※Some members do not have Episodes.

Let's Skill Practice!

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Skill Practice can be performed using members from the Waiting Room or Skill Tickets.
If the member you want to perform Skill Practice on matches a member you use from the Waiting Room,
they will give extra EXP.

Level Up Skills & Perform Live!

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Leveling up Skills will increase their effects, giving extra Score from notes,
longer miss protection and higher energy regeneration.

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Let's Buy Area Items!

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Area Items can be purchased from Shops in certain area.
The Shops selling Area items are CiRCLE, the Cafeteria, Edogawa Music and Ryuseido.

Set Your Area Items!

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Purchased Area Items can be set up inside CiRCLE and outside at the Cafeteria.
Setting Area Items will increase your band's power.

Level Up Area Items!

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Increasing the level of purchased Area Items will in turn increase their effects.

Use The Right Area Items!

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Area Items provide their affects either to individual members or to bands as a whole.
Make sure that the Area Items you set match the members in your main band to get the maximum possible power increase.

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Try Clearing Missions!

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Marina has a number of different Missions for you to try.
Clearing these Missions will earn you Stars and other items as reward.
If you ever get stuck for what to do next, take a look at Marina's Missions.