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Opening 1

Main Story Season 1 Opening 1.jpg
A New Job

Live house CiRCLE is planning a major event. But how do people join?

Marina: Everything's packed up, all clean... I think we're done for the day!
Marina: You've been working here a while now, huh? How are you finding it?
Marina: Well that's great to hear. It's really been a huge help having you around.
Marina: Still... if we don't start getting more customers in, I don't know what'll happen to the event...
Marina: Hmm? Oh, right, nobody told you about the event yet. I thought the owner was gonna... Oh well. I'll do it.
Marina: I'm sure you know that this live house was created to help support all the girl bands we have in town.
Marina: Well, there's going to be an event here soon where all those girl bands can come and play live.
Marina: The only conditions are being girls, and being a band. Pros, amateurs, everyone's welcome! The only problem is...
Marina: We haven't had a single band sign up yet. I mean, I know we're not the most famous place in the world, but still...
Marina: The owner really believes this is our chance to get our name out there. She's really counting on me, and... I don't know what to do...
Kasumi: Hello!
Marina: Wah! Wh-who are you?!
Kasumi: I'm Kasumi Toyama! Nice to meet you!
Arisa: Ahh.. Phew... Caught her... You just don't listen to anyone, do you?! We were shouting after you back there!
Arisa: ... Ahaha~! I'm sorry for my friend barging in here like this. We'll just be going now...
Marina: No, wait... Kasumi, was it? Is that a guitar you're carrying?
Kasumi: It is! Me and all my friends here are in a band, Poppin'Party!
Marina: A band, huh?
Kasumi: We were on our way back from practice and just happened to pass by this live house! It looked so cool I just had to come in!
Saaya: ... We should introduce ourselves properly, don't you think?
Kasumi: Already done!
Arisa: Very badly!
Saaya: As Kasumi said, the five of us are Poppin'Party. I'm the drummer, Saaya Yamabuki. It's nice to meet you.
Tae: I'm Tae Hanazono. I play lead guitar.
Arisa: Arisa Ichigara, keyboard.
Rimi: I'm Rimi Ushigome! I... I play the bass!
Arisa: Come on Kasumi, you too!
Kasumi: Okay! I'm still Kasumi Toyama and I'm on guitar and vocals. I was looking for a sparkling, heart-pounding sound when I found this Random Star...
Kasumi: I just knew I had to start a band and now every day is more exciting than the last!
Marina: I like your high school energy. I'm Marina Tsukishima. You can call me Marina, or Marina-san. I work here at the live house.
Marina: Well? What about you? Introduce yourself!
Kasumi: BanG Dreamer-san! Nice to meet you!
Marina: Today must be our lucky day, meeting the Poppin'Party girls like this.
Marina: Why? The event, of course! We have to get them to perform!
Marina: I know it's all very sudden, but if we don't sign some bands soon the whole thing will be a disaster.
Marina: Now go on! Get them to join our event!

Kasumi: Live event? Really? Of course we'll do it!
Arisa: Wait just a second, Kasumi. Don't you think we should ear more about it, first?
Saaya: ... Could you tell us more about this event, then?

Kasumi: Okay, I get it! I think...?
Arisa: They want us to perform in this live house's next event, basically. How did you not understand that? It was very simple!
Rimi: Ahaha...
Kasumi: A real live event... We're still just beginners, but we'll do our very best!
Arisa: You're accepting too easily!
Kasumi: Aww, but it sounds like fun!
Saaya: ... I don't think she's going to change her mind. I guess that means we're performing!
Marina: That's great! Thank you! You can use our studio to practice any time you want.
Kasumi: You have a studio here too? Amazing! Thank you so much!
Tae: ... Maybe we should go and try it out. Get practicing already.
Kasumi: Agreed! Can we use the studio now, Marina-san?
Marina: Of course!
Kasumi: Yay! Thank you! Rimi-rin, Saaya, Arisa! Come on! Let's go practice!

Opening 2

Main Story Season 1 Opening 2.jpg
Let's find some girls bands!

Marina asks Poppin'Party to scout girls bands for the event. What happens when they go to look for Roselia?

Arisa: ...So, as it stands right now...

We're the only ones performing?
Marina: Ahaha~...That's why I wanted to ask you guys if you'd help me scout some other bands for me. I can't leave the studio, you see...
Saaya: Do you have any ideas for who to approach?
Marina: Of course! I've had my eye on a few high school bands, recently. Four, to be exact...

Marina: The first band on my radar is Afterglow.
Marina: They're a group of childhood friends who all started a band together. They're a little rough around the edges, but their powerful performances are getting them noticed.

Marina: Another band would be... Pastel*Palettes. They were formed by a talent agency, who selected the members to be a part of a so-called "idol band."
Marina: But unlike regular idols, they can actually perform their music. They're particularly well-known for having a former child star, Shirasagi Chisato, as a member.

Marina: Then there's a bit of a strange group, Hello, Happy World! The vocalist, Tsurumaki Kokoro, formed the band to "make the whole world smile," she says!
Marina: They play a lot at preschools and children's' hospitals, making them very popular with kids, but the high quality of their music really applies to all ages.

Marina: Then of course there's Roselia, undoubtedly the most widely appealing of them all. Their vocalist, Minato Yukina, is a true professional in every sense of the word!
Marina: They're the talk of the entire music industry right now.

Saaya: Huh... It sounds like each band really has its own identity. This should be interesting.
Marina: They really do! And that's exactly what we want from this event, to bring together bands of all different styles and have a big party together~.
Marina: And so~... if we really want to make a success of it, I'll need you guys to get out there and secure Roselia for me, but...
Kasumi: Of course, we'll help you!
Arisa: What?! H-hold on a second...!
Tae: It does sound like fun. I'd like to meet more bands myself.
Kasumi: Right? Right?!
Marina: The thing is.. they are an incredibly talented group, but they're also very stern and serious... They'll never get up onto a stage they don't fully believe in.
Kasumi: Everything's worth a try, Marina-san! We don't know what they'll say until we ask them! Come on, O-Tae, let's go talk to Roselia.
Marina: Ah, Kasumi-chan, Tae-chan...! You should probably go with them.
Marina: I saw the Roselia girls nearby just earlier. I'm sure they haven't gone far. If you run, you should catch up to them! Get going, get going!
Arisa: Sigh... There's no way this'll go well.

Opening 3

Main Story Season 1 Opening 3.jpg
The Perfect High School Band

Kasumi and the girls finally find Roselia. What happens when they invite them to perform?

Kasumi: Roselia, Roselia~♪ Mmm~... I feel like I've heard the name before...
Kasumi: ... Ah! I remember!! They did a joint performance with Glitter*Green, didn't they?!
Tae: Did you really only just realize?
Kasumi: Hehehe... Yeah...
Kasumi: Oh, are you coming to help us, too? Thank you so much!
Tae: Kasumi, look! It's the Roselia girls, over there.
Kasumi: Oh yeah! Let's go and say hello.
Sayo: Toyama-san, Hanazono-san. What are you doing here?
Kasumi: H-Hikawa-senpai! G-g-great to see you again! We actually wanted to speak with you all today~...
Lisa: Really? You girls are from Hanasakigawa, right? You must be Sayo's kouhai, then. Introduce us!
Sayo: Kasumi Toyama-san and Tae Hanazono-san, both one year below me.
Tae: Hey.
Lisa: I'm Lisa, the bassist. This is our singer, Yukina, and that's our drummer, Ako. Rinko here's on keyboards. Nice to meet you all☆
Kasumi: Nice to meet you, too~!
Yukina: So, what did you want to talk to us about? We do have to start rehearsals soon.
Kasumi: R-right! I-I'll try to make it quick!
Tae: I'm sure this person can explain it all...
Ako: A live event? Sounds like fun! I like it, I like it~!
Rinko: There'll be... lots of people there... I... I don't like... crowds...
Ako: Ahh, Rin-rin, calm down~!
Sayo: ... We haven't agreed to anything, yet.
Yukina: I'm not against the idea of taking part in events, but it doesn't sound to me like this one is quite at our level, nor the kind of place we should be aiming to be.
Sayo: Udagawa-san. I believe we explained this all before. We do not perform on any stage that is beneath us.
Ako: B-but that's...
Tae: Please, come and listen to us perform.
Yukina: What...?
Tae: Playing guitar, performing music, it isn't all just about skill. I think anyone who wants to play, should play.
Yukina: And I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not the direction that our band is going in.
Lisa: Y-Yukina! Let's all just take a deep breath, shall we? They did come out here looking specifically for us. I think the least we can do is hear them perform, right?
Yukina: ... Fine. But if we don't approve, we won't be taking part in this event. I just want you to understand that.
Kasumi: O-okay! Thank you!
Ako: I can't wait to hear them play~! ... I-I mean... We shall gladly hear you... play, umm...
Rinko: We shall gladly pass judgment on the music in your souls.
Ako: Yes, judge the music in your souls!
Tae: I look forward to it.

Chapter 1

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 1.jpg

Kasumi and Saaya go to scout for Afterglow when they run into someone they know.

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Marina: Hmm~. I guess Roselia were a tough start after all...
Kasumi: I'm sure they'll come around, though! Once they hear our performance, I know they will...! We just need to practice hard. Right, Saaya?
Saaya: Exactly. That's as far as we can get with Roselia for now... Maybe we should get started on some of the other bands.
Marina: Saaya-chan's right, we should continue scouting. I thought we could try asking Afterglow next, which is why I called you down here.
Marina: They're in the same studio they always use. You should go and pay them a visit. That means you too, of course, BanG Dreamer-san!
Kasumi: I wonder what they're like. I can't wait to meet them! Let's go, Saaya!
Saaya: Ah, Kasumi...! That girl, really... Come on, BanG Dreamer-san. Let's go after her.

Favicon.png Studio Favicon.png
Kasumi: Afterglow, Afterglow... Where are they...?
Saaya: Huh? Is that...?
Tomoe: Saaya?
Saaya: It is! Tomoe!
Tomoe: Hey. Surprised to see you here.
Kasumi: Do you two know each other?
Saaya: Yeah, we both live in the shopping district downtown. This is Tomoe Udagawa-san. She's a freshman, like us. Tomoe, this is Kasumi Toyama. We're in a band together.
Tomoe: Huh. Nice to meet you. These are our band members, Ran, Moca, Himari and Tsugumi.
Kasumi: Nice to meet you all!
Saaya: Your band here, Tomoe. It's not called Afterglow, is it?
Tomoe: Yeah, it is. Why do you ask?
Kasumi: Lucky break!! Hey, do you guys wanna join a live event?!
Saaya: Kasumi! That's a little sudden!
Ran: A live event? Tell us more.
Tomoe: Hmm... It does sound interesting. What do you all think?
Himari: I like it! It sounds like fun! I say we join. What about you, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: I want to take part, too! Let's do it!
Moca: Well if Tsugu says we do it, then we do it~. I'm kinda interested in it, too~.
Saaya: Hmm...? Moca-chan... I feel like I know you from somewhere...
Moca: Yeah~, I guess I'm just that famous already~. You'll have to speak to my agent, I'm afraid~. ... You're from the bakery, right?
Saaya: Hahaha... Right, yeah, that's it! You come to our shop a lot, huh. Thanks for all your custom.
Ran: Oh, the girl from Yamabuki Bakery...?
Saaya: Yeah, that's me. Great to meet you all.
Kasumi: Why does Saaya get to know everyone~?!
Saaya: Well, a lot of people do come by the bakery... But anyway, we're off track. Does this mean you'll be able to perform at the event?
Ran: ... Is this person a staff member or something?
Kasumi: Yeah! BanG Dreamer-san!
Ran: BanG Dreamer-san. I want you all to make this decision based on our music. We'll perform for you right here and now, if you'll listen.
Moca: Wow, Ran, that sounded really cool. Really cool~.
Tomoe: Good point. Better that you accept us for our music, than just because we know each other. Sound fair?
Himari: Of course! Let's give them a show to remember!
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Saaya: That was amazing, Tomoe! So incredibly cool!
Kasumi: Amazing, amazing! Just really amazing!
Tomoe: Hahaha, thanks. What did you think of our performance, BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: It was the best? Really? Thank you so much~!
Saaya: I guess this means you can perform at the event, then?
Ran: ... I guess it does.
Kasumi: Hooray! That's another band decided already~! This is going to be so exciting!
Tomoe: We're glad to be taking part.
Saaya: We think we'd like to get everyone together once all the bands have been decided. We'll contact you again then, okay?
Ran: Understood.
Kasumi: Mmm~, it's all going so well already, Saaya! BanG Dreamer-san! Let's keep this pace and go find ourselves some more bands!

Chapter 2

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 2.jpg

Kasumi and Arisa go to the Talent Agency for the first time. What happens when they invite members to perform?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Marina: What?! You got Afterglow already?!
Kasumi: Hehe~. It was easy!
Arisa: All thanks to Saaya, no doubt.
Marina: Such is the power of a high school student. You thought they seemed good too, then?
Marina: ... Oh, so you even heard them perform already? Well this is all getting pretty exciting, huh!
Kasumi: So, which band do we go for next?
Marina: I think we should try Pastel*Palettes. They're a group of idols who actually play their own instruments.
Marina: Plus... I looked into them here, and apparently one of their members goes to Hanasakigawa.
Kasumi: I know her! The keyboardist, Eve-chan, she's in our class! Fufufu~, I think this is gonna be another easy one!
Kasumi: Let's get out and get scouting~!
Arisa: H-hold on...! I never said I was going too...! ... Ugh!

Favicon.png Talent Agency Favicon.png
Kasumi: Wow...! So this is a real talent agency, huh!
Arisa: I think you should probably leave the talking to a real adult, Kasumi. BanG Dreamer-san, over to you. Go on, quick!
Chisato: Umm... Do you have business here today? If you don't have an appointment, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to-
Kasumi: Ah...! Chisato Shirasagi-chan...! I've seen you on TV before!
Arisa: Ack...! Kasumi, way too loud!
Chisato: Are you... a fan, or...?
Eve: Chisato-san, we're about to start rehearsals... Ah! Kasumi-san!
Kasumi: Hey~! Eve-chan!
Eve: What are you doing here? Did you want to become idols, too?
Kasumi: No, it's not that... It's, umm...
Aya: Hmm? Is that Poppin'Party?
Kasumi: Ah! Have you heard of us?
Aya: Heard of you? You go to Hanasakigawa, right? You're famous all around school!
Kasumi: Do you go to Hanasakigawa too?
Aya: I do. Aya Maruyama, sophomore! Same goes for Chisato-chan, too.
Arisa: I did hear a rumor she went to Hanasakigawa... I didn't know it was actually true, though.
Aya: So, what brings you here today?
Arisa: Umm... BanG Dreamer-san, over to you!
Eve: Wow...! This event sounds like a lot of fun!! I really want to take part!
Kasumi: Ah, really?! Thank you!
Arisa: Okay, it's decided! BanG Dreamer-san will handle all the details. We'll just get going, then...
Hina: Hmm? What's going on here?
Aya: Hina-chan, Maya-chan!
Maya: We were getting worried, none of you were showing up to rehearsals. Did something happen?
Aya: These girls invited us to perform at their live event.
Aya: Oh, let me introduce everyone. This is Hina-chan, our guitarist, and Maya-chan, our drummer. These girls are from Poppin'Party, and BanG Dreamer-san is from CiRCLE.
Kasumi: I'm Kasumi Toyama! And this is Arisa Ichigaya! Nice to meet you all.
Hina: A live event, huh...? Sounds good! I was getting bored of performing with professionals all the time anyway~.
Maya: It's true, we haven't played with girls our own age much at all... This sounds like a good chance. I wanna take it!
Aya: I understand how you all feel, but...
Chisato: We belong to an agency, here. It's not up to us to decide where we perform. We'll have to ask the staff what they think first.
Aya: Of course I do want to take part in this event too, though. We just have to go and let our managers know how we all feel!
Kasumi: Okay, then! Thank you!
Aya: I'm sorry, it's probably not the answer you were hoping for, coming all the way here... Oh! Why don't you watch our rehearsal before you go?
Kasumi: Y-you'd really let us?!
Hina: Sounds good. Even a three-person audience might make it all a little more exciting, y'know?
Arisa: I guess that means I'm staying too, then... Sigh...
Chisato: I would love for them to watch, but... don't you think it's a little too risky allowing outsiders to see our performance before the show?
Hina: Nah, it'll be fine~. Don't be such a stickler!
Aya: Just make sure that you keep everything you see here a secret, okay? Come on, I'll take you to the studio!
Arisa: I didn't know what to expect from an "idol band," but you guys really do play your own instruments, huh.
Kasumi: They're like a band, but with all the cuteness and sparkle of an idol group!
Aya: Thank you! We're still learning a lot ourselves, so it really makes me happy to hear you say that.
Aya: Kasumi-chan, Arisa-chan and BanG Dreamer-san, too! We'll ask our agency for permission to perform at your event and let you know the answer.
Chisato: Of course, we'll need to check our own schedule first. But we'll contact you with the results as soon as we can.
Kasumi: We'll be waiting! ... I hope they'll be able to join us!
Arisa: ... Sounds like it might be difficult. Either way, we should try reaching out to other bands while we wait.
Kasumi: Hey, great idea. You're a genius, Arisa!
Arisa: It's just common sense, Kasumi!

Chapter 3

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 3.jpg
Hello, Happy World!

Kasumi and Rimi continue scouting for bands. But what's this crowd gathered outside the station...?

Favicon.png Station Entrance Favicon.png
Rimi: Oh... So we're just waiting to hear back from Pastel*Palettes, then. I really hope it's good news.
Kasumi: Hey, I'm sure it'll be fine! Right, BanG Dreamer-san?!
Rimi: So then today, we'll need to speak to- Hmm? What is that crowd gathering for?
Kokoro: Let's make the whole world smile! You get a smile! And I get a smile!
Kaoru: Oh, your smile... So beautiful, yet so fleeting...
Kaoru Fan: Kya~~! Kaoru-sama~~!
Kasumi: Isn't that Kokoro Tsurumaki, from school? She sure looks like she's having fun! Come on Rimi-rin, BanG Dreamer-san, let's go check it out!
Rimi: Ah, Kasumi-chan...!
Hagumi: Hmm? Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: Hey, it's Hagu! Hagu Hagu! What are you doing here?
Hagumi: We're performing! Well actually, we just finished. We made a band to put smiles on faces all around the world!
Kasumi: Wow! You're in a band too, Hagu? Is this bear mascot a member, too?
Hagumi: She's no mascot, she's Michelle! She's a DJ!
Rimi: Ahh... Ahh... Kasumi-chan... you're so... fast...!
Kaoru: Running over so quickly you completely lose breath... How adorable you are. Did you really want to see me so badly?
Rimi: ......?!
Kasumi: Wow, Rimi-rin's gone bright red! Are you okay?!
Rimi: I-I have?! I... I wonder why...
Kanon: Y-you don't have a fever, do you...?
Kasumi: Rimi-rin?! A fever?!
Kaoru: Oh, you poor thing... Such a sweet, young girl is surely afflicted by one thing and one thing only... The ache of love.
Rimi: ......!!!
Kanon: A-ahh, what do we do...? S-somebody call an ambulance...!
Misaki: Oh my wow... Just calm down, Kanon-san. ... Wait, Toyama-san and Ushigome-san, from 1A? ... And who's this?
Kasumi: Hey, Misaki-chan! So it's you inside the bear, huh. This is BanG Dreamer-san, from the live house!
Misaki: Oh, hey. So, what're you doing here?
Kokoro: Hmm? Why do I feel like I've seen you before? Right, school! I've seen you around school, that's it.
Misaki: Yeah, they're in the same year as us. ... Actually, it's probably better for all of us right now if you don't talk at all. You'll just confuse things.
Rimi: We actually have something to ask of you...
Rimi: ... And so we're looking for bands to join us and make it a wonderful event. So far we have ourselves, and-
Kokoro: Okay, we'll do it!
Misaki: What? Wait a second! You don't even know who else is performing yet...!
Kokoro: What does it matter who else is going? We're trying to make the whole world smile, aren't we? We would never miss a chance to join a fun event like this.
Kaoru: As the great bard once said... action is eloquence. And so... there you have it.
Rimi: Wonderful, Kaoru-san...
Misaki: Argh, okay, fine! There we have it, sure! I mean... I guess this mysterious staff member seems okay, and I trust Toyama-san and Ushigome-san, so...
Kasumi: Yay! Thank you, everyone! Oh, what is your band called, by the way?
Misaki: Hello-
Kokoro: Hello, Happy World! Make the whole world smile!
Misaki: ... Yes, that really is it. If I could introduce us properly... This one here's Kokoro Tsurumaki, our vocalist. The princely one there is Kaoru Seta-san, on guitar.
Misaki: The bassist is Hagumi Kitazawa, from our school, and Kanon Matsubara-san is on drums. She's a sophomore at Hanaoka. And I'm Michelle, the DJ bear.
Kaoru: In our grand performance of many parts, it is I who plays the prince. How fascinating indeed. I shall do my utmost to do the part its justice.
Hagumi: It's gonna be so much fun playing with other groups! Like a battle of the bands!
Kanon: I feel like having other bands around will make me very nervous, but... I'll do as best as I can!
Misaki: ... So, BanG Dreamer-san, I guess that means... We're in.
Rimi: Thank you, Misaki-chan! We'll have a meeting at some point where all the bands can get together, practice a little, so-
Kokoro: Ooooh~! I just love meeting new people, it's so exciting! Think of all the smiles we'll be able to make with the amazing opportunity!
Kokoro: I can't wait any more! Let's do another performance, right here and now!
Hagumi: Great idea!!
Kasumi: Yeah! I wanna see!
Misaki: Wait, what?! Were you even listening to Ushigome-san?! She was saying there's gonna be a meeting soon where-
Kokoro: Okay, here's our first song of the show! Let's go!
Misaki: Wait wait wait for me~!!

Chapter 4

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 4.jpg
Introduction by Music

All the bands get together and introduce themselves. What does Kasumi suggest?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Music Hall Favicon.png
Marina: Wow~. I feel kind of nervous, having so many high school girls in one small space like this.
Saaya: Haha, what are you talking about, Marina-san? We're still waiting on two more bands... I hope they come...
Aya: Sorry we're late! Pastel*Palettes is here!
Kasumi: Aya-senpai!
Aya: Hi, Kasumi-chan!
Arisa: So... everything was okay with your agency, then?
Chisato: Yes. They understood our desire to perform here. I'm so glad we have the chance to perform with people our same age.
Marina: Now we just need Roselia.
Kasumi: They did say they'd be here, but...
Yukina: I'm sorry. We were rehearsing right up until the last minute. We didn't mean to be late.
Tae: ... Phew.
Lisa: Sorry, guys~. It's true we went a little over in rehearsal, but we did also get lost finding the place. Right, Yukina?
Yukina: ... I can neither confirm nor deny.
Marina: So you must be Roselia! Thanks so much for coming. It looks like we're all here then, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Thank you all for coming here today. You've all been told about the live event already, so I'll try to keep this brief.
Marina: My name is Marina Tsukishima, I work here at CiRCLE. It's great to meet you all.
Others: Nice to meet you, too!
Marina: Whoa... I've never had so many people greet me at once...! I like it.
Marina: Oh, this person here also works here at CiRCLE. If you have any questions or anything, be sure to let us know.
Marina: First things first... Let's start with some introductions, shall we? Starting with you, Kasumi-chan.
Yukina: ... Yukina Minato. Vocalist for Roselia. In this short time I'll be assessing all of your abilities. I hope you show me something good.
Ran: Assessing us...? What do you mean?
Yukina: We do not perform on any stage we feel is beneath us. We have come to see if you all play at the level that we expect.
Tomoe: You mean, if you don't think we're good enough... you're not gonna perform with us?
Sayo: Yes, that's right.
Tomoe: Huh... Interesting. You guys must really be something yourselves then, huh.
Saaya: Okay, Tomoe, let's all just calm down...
Saaya: We are bands, after all. Why don't we introduce ourselves through our music? Let's play one song each, so we can understand each other best.
Sayo: Every band thinks they have good skills. To the point where they all end up sounding the same, if anything.
Yukina: That's true. It makes me think perhaps we shouldn't-
Kasumi: We're up! It's time for Poppin'Party to put on a show!!
Yukina: ......
Ako: Wow...! They really look like they're having fun up there! It's like my body wants to dance along all by itself!
Lisa: Yeah, this song is so much fun! I really want to sing along to it!
Kasumi: So? Did you like our song?!
Sayo: Every band thinks they have good skills, but...
Yukina: You do not meet the level that we expect.
Rimi: But, that means...
Sayo: We always look for the most skilled performers... But we also know it takes more than just skill to make a band.
Yukina: You girls have something, and it's something that we still lack. If only just to find out what that is... it would be worth us performing together.
Rinko: I... I agree. I think it would be wonderful if... we could learn all different things, from all kinds of different bands...
Kasumi: So, wait, that means... you agree to perform at the live event with us, then?
Yukina: Yes. We'll perform.
Kasumi: Yay~! Thank you so much! Hooray, we did it! We got all five bands!
Saaya: Great job, Kasumi!
Marina: Whew~. I'm happy to hear it, too~. I just loved all of your performances today! I caught myself dancing along, too. Looking forward to working with you, Roselia!
Kasumi: Oh! I just had a great idea! We should all put on a smaller show together, before the main event! Wouldn't that be awesome?
Arisa: Another absurd idea from the mind of Kasumi...
Kokoro: I love it! It's an extra chance to make even more people smile!
Ran: I agree, too. I'd like to learn more about all of your sounds.
Marina: Sounds great! It'll help us advertise the main event, and give you all a chance to get to know each other better! I'll go ask the owner right away.
Rimi: Ah, Marina-san! ... She's gone.
Tae: A smaller show first, huh. Sounds like fun.
Saaya: Hahaha... Sounds like we're all gonna be busy again.

Chapter 5

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 5.jpg
First Joint Practice

After Poppin'Party puts on a performance for Pastel*Palettes, what kind of feedback do they get?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Arisa: ... Tch, why is Kasumi always coming up with ridiculous ideas like this? Making us all practice together, it's just a pain... Sigh...
Rimi: I think I'm starting to feel nervous...
Aya: Good morning, everyone! Pastel*Palettes is here!
Saaya: Good morning, Aya-senpai. Great to see you today.
Aya: And you, too! So, where should we start with this joint practice today?
Kasumi: Hmm~... Well we already introduced ourselves last time round, so... I guess we could... have a sweets party?
Arisa: This whole thing was your idea, you know! ... A-ha-ha, I mean... Always with the jokes, Kasumi~...
Tae: Was that really a joke?
Rimi: I didn't even bring any sweets~...
Saaya: A-ha-ha... I'm sorry. We're always straying off topic like this...
Chisato: It's fine. It's nice to see you're all so close. Do you think you could give us a performance?
Saaya: You mean, us...?
Chisato: Yes. It's not often we get the chance to observe other bands. I'd like to study you.
Rimi: B-being asked by a professional idol like this... I'm starting to get all nervous...
Kasumi: Don't worry yourself, Rimi-rin~! We just need to be ourselves, y'know? Okay! Is everyone ready?
Rimi: Yes... Okay...! I'm ready!
Saaya: Then let's put on a show!
Kasumi: Ahh~, that was so much fun!
Arisa: You were going too fast, Kasumi!
Rimi: It's nice to see her so filled with energy, I thought!
Kasumi: You're so sweet, Rimi-rin~.
Eve: That was a really great performance!
Hina: I had the same thought when we got together the other day, but... it's not like you're that good at playing, but for some reason your music is just so fun, you know?
Chisato: What is it you focus on most when you're performing?
Kasumi: Hmm... I don't think I'm really focused on anything...
Kasumi: I just always give it everything I've got!
Arisa: That... is a terrible answer!
Aya: You don't think about things you should be doing to ensure you don't fail?
Kasumi: Mmm... Not really, no. I mean, you can worry about making mistakes all you want, but when it happens it happens, right?
Kasumi: It's okay to make mistakes. That's what rock is all about.
Arisa: What are you even...?
Aya: I become so useless when I'm nervous, it takes all of my energy to make sure I don't make mistakes up on stage...
Aya: But the more I think about not failing, the more nervous I become.
Saaya: Performing on professional stages like yours, though, must really raise the bar for what you consider a failure. That's something to be respected, I think.
Tae: Still... I think bands should just play. It'll bring out the most authentic sound of all.
Maya: Yeah... I think that might be something that's missing from our performance right now.
Kasumi: Yeah! We can't all be tsundere like Arisa all the time, it would be boring!
Arisa: I... You... Enough with the snide remarks already! ... A-ha-ha~... I'll remember this, Kasumi...
Rimi: Fufu, Arisa-chan never changes.
Chisato: Fufu. You really are great friends, aren't you. I think it really shows through in the way you play together, too.
Kasumi: We are! If any of us make a mistake, there'll always be someone there to help us out.
Kasumi: When we're playing together, it's almost like we all know what the others are thinking.
Kasumi: Ah~, so that's what Saaya's thinking about, and "Arisa's worried about her bonsai trees, huh~," and stuff.
Arisa: I-I don't think about bonsai on stage!
Rimi: You're right, it does feel like we can all understand each other through the music...
Tae: That's right. It helps us each see our own sounds, too. If we can understand each other, and know our own sound... we're not afraid of making mistakes.
Chisato: ... I see. I think I'm starting to understand what it is that we're missing as a band.
Hina: Really? What is it? I wanna know!
Eve: Having no fear of making mistakes! Right?
Aya: We need to work harder to build a better trust between one another.
Maya: If we can do that, we won't be scared to make mistakes, either.
Hina: Hmm, okay, I get it~. So let's all get friendlier, then.
Eve: Group hug! If we all have a big group hug, we'll be closer than ever before!
Aya: C-calm down there, Eve-chan~! Thank you, Poppin'Party. You've helped us realize something important today!
Aya: Since the day we formed the band, we've faced so many challenges... We ended up putting all of our energy into making our performances just go well.
Maya: We've overcome so much together, it's got to have brought us together. We just need to focus on making that bond stronger.
Eve: Yeah! How about we go for a walk somewhere together after practice, then?
Kasumi: Ooh, great idea~! Where should we go?!
Arisa: You're not in Pastel*Palettes, Kasumi!!

Chapter 6

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 6.jpg
Our Music is the Best

Roselia and Afterglow practice together. Will they fight over their musical differences?!

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Marina: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Got a minute? How are the event preparations going?
Marina: Yeah? Sounds good! It looks like the bands are starting joint practices already, on Kasumi-chan's recommendation.
Marina: Today we have... Roselia and Afterglow rehearsing together, I think it was.
Marina: They already clashed once the very first time they met... I hope they'll be okay today...
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Ran: I keep telling you, there's degrees to this whole merit system of yours.
Yukina: ... And I keep telling you, I'm not saying you are not good performers. I don't know how many times...
Lisa: Ahh~... It's only been 10 minutes and they're fighting...
Moca: They're already on round three by my count~...
Tsugumi: Wh-what should we do~? We have to stop them...
Tomoe: Calm down, both of you. We're supposed to be practicing together today...
Sayo: We're completely calm. If your vocalist would just relax and listen to what we're saying, it wouldn't come to this...
Tomoe: ... So you're saying this is all Ran's fault?
Himari: Uh-oh...
Moca: No way Tomo-chin lets this one go~.
Ran: We have the best sound, no matter what anyone else says. Anyone caught up on "skill" just doesn't understand rock...
Sayo: It all sounds to me like you're jealous you don't have the skill in the first place.
Lisa: Okay okay okay! That's enough! Yukina, Ran, just stop it! You too, Sayo! Tomoe!
Tomoe: ... Sorry.
Lisa: Roselia and Afterglow have completely different goals, it's true. But what good does it do anyone fighting over it?
Ran: Yeah, well, they started-
Lisa: None of that either, thank you! They started it, he said she said, enough!
Lisa: I mean, we haven't even all performed for each other yet. We should at least properly introduce ourselves first!
Sayo: ... She's right. Things would be a lot easier if you just heard us play.
Tomoe: I agree. Music doesn't lie. Let's hear a song, then.
Tsugumi: Amazing...
Himari: Yeah... It really was, just... amazing...
Yukina: Well? How was our performance?
Moca: It was crazy cool~. I got goosebumps. Right, Ran?
Ran: ... It wasn't bad, I guess.
Moca: Let me translate~. She said, "it was incredible! I think I'm going to cry^!"
Ran: Hey! I did not say that at all.
Lisa: Ahaha~, Ran's not one for showing her feelings then, huh. Just like our Yukina, I guess. We might actually have more in common than we thought.
Yukina: That's... I'm not...
Ako: Sis~! How was my drumming?
Tomoe: It was great, Ako! You've gotten a lot better again, huh? Good job.
Ako: Really?! Hehehe... By the divine melodic power of the musical god that resides within me, it... it was, erm... it was easy!
Tomoe: Hahaha. I'm sure it was. Shirokane-san, is it? Thanks for always hanging out with Ako.
Rinko: ... Ah... I... Umm...
Ako: Rin-rin's always helping me out with stuff! I can count on her for anything and everything!
Tomoe: Is that so? Well aren't you glad you found such great band members, then.
Sayo: ... So that's Udagawa-san's sister.
Tsugumi: O-oh, yeah! They're really close, too. I'm kind of envious, really, being an only child...
Tsugumi: Sometimes I wish I had an older sister like Tomoe-chan.
Sayo: ... I suppose the sibling ideal is to look out for each other, support each other, help each other.
Sayo: (If only Hina and I were more like that...)
Yukina: We are only aiming for the very top. We'll do whatever it takes to-
Ran: How many times have I got to say it? Our music is the best already, bar none.
Moca: What are you getting all angry for, Ran~? You just heard them play, it was cool, right? Let them be them, and us be us.
Ran: ... I suppose...
Lisa: Ahaha. I guess we really are similar after all, huh.
Himari: Do you think?
Lisa: We all take pride in our music being the very best. We won't let anyone else change our minds. Right?
Lisa: I guess it's like a belief, almost? We're all performing music on our own beliefs, aren't we?
Tomoe: That would explain why we keep getting into fights.
Sayo: I suppose it would...
Lisa: People who share that same way of thinking are always going to rub each other up the wrong way.
Lisa: So I think this joint practice is the perfect chance for us to get over all that.
Tsugumi: Yeah... she's right! I already feel like you've all made such an impact on me...!
Ran: They sure are impactful. ... Anyway, we can't keep going on like this only having heard Roselia perform. It's time for us to play.
Tomoe: Okay. Minato-san, I want you to really listen to our performance here. Please?
Yukina: ... Oh I will.
Lisa: Y'know, I think we're all gonna be okay after all! ... With the fighting kept to a minimum, of course.

Chapter 7

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 7.jpg
You know each other?

Pastel*Palettes and Hello, Happy World! practice together. What is revealed?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Aya: Oh no! I can't be late, not for our joint practice... I have to hurry...!
Aya: Hya~?! Was that noise... from the studio...?! What is going on in there?!
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Aya: I heard a noise, what's going-
Maya: A-Aya-san~! It's not going great...
Aya: Wh-what happened?!
Kanon: I... I-I'm sorry~~!!
Kanon: I thought... maybe the Pastel*Palettes girls could teach us about... performing professionally, but...
Kokoro: Look, look! I can move a lot better than that~!
Kaoru: Fufu... Kokoro, your movements are as fluid and beautiful as ever. Just like the butterfly... how fleeting.
Hina: Ahaha! You're amazing, Kokoro-chan! I wonder if I can do cartwheels, too.
Eve: Ooh! Those moves... Kokoro-san, are you... a ninja?!
Kanon: I'm sorry, I know I should stop them, but... I-I just can't get back control~...
Chisato: You don't need to apologize, Kanon. Fufu, you Hello, Happy World! girls are very energetic.
Kaoru: Oh...? Is this Chisato I see before me? You are looking as radiant as ever, my dear princess. Have you been well?
Misaki: Huh? Do you two know each other?
Chisato: ... I suppose we do, yes.
Kaoru: Our parents are great friends, you see. But dear Chisato has always been so cold... The two of us are performers, we should be seeking to better one another!
Chisato: I've been on TV and in movies. You're a stage actor. I'm not quite sure we exactly the same, are we?
Misaki: Kaoru-san just got very politely served, and I'll bet anything she didn't even notice.
Hagumi: So when are we gonna start rehearsing? I just can't wait to get started!
Misaki: Grr... I guess there's only one thing for it...
Michelle: Okay everyone, gather up~!
Kokoro: Ah! Michelle! You finally came!
Michelle: We're here to learn all about professionalism from Pastel*Palettes today, so let's all be on our best behavior~.
Kokoro: She's right! We should hear what these Palette People or whatever have to say.
Maya: Wait... What exactly is going on right now?
Aya: I have no idea...
Chisato: Leaving aside this incredibly bizarre situation for a moment...
Chisato: Could you tell us first what specifically about professional performances you want us to teach you?
Kokoro: You're all idols, right? I want to know what it's like to perform as professionals like that! Big, booming performances!
Aya: B-booming...? I get the feeling you're a lot like our Hina-chan, Kokoro-chan.
Michelle: I'm sorry, I don't think we're explaining it well. Watching you play at the meeting the other day, I think it hit us how well put-together your performance is.
Kanon: So, umh... We'd like to know what we can do to reach that level...
Maya: I remember our instructor always used to tell us to "have an image in mind" in classes.
Hagumi: An image?
Maya: Picture yourself, or the whole band, up on stage. What are you doing? How are you performing? What is everyone around you thinking?
Maya: You always keep an image of the best possible you. If you hold on to that ideal, you'll find yourself getting closer and closer to it as you practice.
Hagumi: My softball coach told me the same kinda thing once! He called it visualization, I think?
Aya: That's it! They use the same techniques in sports. Picture the main event as you go through practice, and you'll naturally start to close in on it.
Chisato: The most important thing is to always keep the stage somewhere in your mind.
Michelle: I see... We never know exactly how or when our blonde bomb here's gonna go off on stage, so I guess it would be good to get an image of it ahead of time...
Kokoro: A bomb...?! Someone call the authorities! We have to get rid of it!
Michelle: Trust me, I know.
Hagumi: So music and sports do have something in common after all! I've always been pretty good at this visualization stuff, y'know!
Chisato: But when I watch you all play, that element of not knowing what'll happen next feels like part of the appeal, to be honest. Our way isn't necessarily the right one.
Eve: Your show was like one big jack-in-the-box! Full of surprises and so much fun!
Hina: Yeah, I really, really loved it too!
Kanon: B-but hearing about this visualization has really helped, I think...! It's definitely a very professional piece of advice...
Kaoru: How very like dear Chisato.
Chisato: Thanks. I'm sure as a "fellow performer" you're always visualizing the stage too, right?
Kaoru: Y-yes, I mean... Of course...
Michelle: I don't think I've ever seen Kaoru-san flustered before...
Aya: I know! I could help you all think of your own special poses, if you'd like! Something to use when you introduce yourselves on stage!
Kokoro: A special pose? Like what? I want to know!
Aya: We are... Hello, Happy World! Nice to see you all♪
Others: ......
Chisato: ... Like I say, every band has its own personality. Not everything we do is necessarily correct.
Aya: Aww~, Chisato-chan! Don't be so mean~!!
Aya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello. We just had a joint rehearsal together with Hello, Happy World! At one point, Kokoro-chan said...
Aya: ... Isn't that funny~? But I think we all got a little bit closer today, and the Hello, Happy World! girls said they learned a lot from us, too! I was so happy!
Aya: Being able to be a role model for someone, having an influence on their lives... It's something I would love to do.... Hehehe.
Aya: Anyway, what is it you're doing here, BanG Dreamer-san? Ah! Are they the posters for our event? Wow~, they're amazing!
Aya: I'll help you put them up! I'm actually very good at this kind of thing, you know! We all have to work together to make this event go perfectly well!

Chapter 8

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 8.jpg
You guys are out of control~!

Afterglow and Hello, Happy World! practice together. What does an impressed Afterglow do?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Himari: Hey, you know the band we're jamming with today? Hello, Happy World! Don't you think their guitarist is just amazingly cool?
Ran: I forget what she's like.
Himari: Hmph~! How could you forget? We go to the same school! She's tall, has a ponytail...
Kaoru: Greetings. You must be the members of Afterglow.
Himari: Yes! Umm... You're Kaoru-san, from Hello, Happy World! aren't you?
Kaoru: That's right. It is an honor to have my name remembered by such a pretty little lady like yourself.
Kaoru: By the way, I don't suppose you could open the door that leads to the studio?
Kaoru: I pushed on it time and time again, yet it will not open. It stands between the studio and I, like the milky way...
Ran: The sign on the door says "pull."
Others: ...
Tsugumi: Th-the door opened! What a relief! Okay, let's head inside, everyone!
Tomoe: ... It's times like this I'm really glad we have Tsugu.
Moca: Tell me about it~.
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Hagumi: Ah! It's Kaoru-kun! And the people from Afterglow!
Tomoe: Thanks for making the time for this session today, everyone.
Kanon: Th-thank you, too!
Kokoro: Kaoru! You're here!! Okay, time to play a song!
Kaoru: It is natural for the leading role to arrive late...! Now then, let us bring our song to life!
Misaki: Th-that's it?! C-come guys...!
Himari: Kaoru-senpai is so amazing~!!
Tomoe: I still can't get over how free-spirited they perform... It's still a mystery how they can get through a song.
Moca: It's like there's five of me~.
Tsugumi: But... there's something really fun about it!
Tomoe: Thanks for the red carpet. I thought it might be interesting to practice in pairs of the same instruments, but you don't have a keyboard player in Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: Ah, it's a long name, so just call us Hello Happy.
Kokoro: Oh. Is it really that strange that we don't have a keyboard player?
Himari: Not at all. It's probably rarer for a band to have a DJ, than not have a keyboard.
Kokoro: But there's no rules about a band line-up, right? It's just too restricting to stick inside the same mold all the time! I can't do the things I want to do like that!
Tomoe: Hmm, that's an interesting way to look at it. True enough, it wouldn't be rock if we just stuck to the mold.
Misaki: The truth is it just ended up this way after all kinds of twists and turns.
Kaoru: As the great Goethe said, one sees in the world what they carries in their heart...
Himari: Kaoru-senpai, that's so cool...
Moca: Huh...?
Misaki: Ohh, don't pay attention to Kaoru-san. She doesn't actually understand half the things she quotes.
Kokoro: We aren't trying to be a rock band. We just want to make the whole world smile! That's it!
Himari: Ahaha. If you're gonna dream, then dream big, right?
Hagumi: Yeah! I don't really understand the difficult stuff, but... I think if everyone's smiling, then that's good enough! That's the number one thing for us!
Ran: Nice. I kind of like that way of thinking.
Moca: Me too~. Nothing beats being free~. It's kind of like being a pirate~. Ahoy there~!
Tomoe: We've been doing our own thing since we started, but it's always been within the rock mold. I've gotta admit, it feels good to see style that isn't bound by anything!
Hagumi: I don't really get it, but I think we're being praised. Thanks!
Misaki: Honestly, it's one troublesome thing after another with these guys, but I can't deny it feels pretty good to be praised by another band.
Himari: Everyone is so free-spirited, but you all share the same goal of making people smile. That's probably how your music comes together.
Kanon: Yeah! I think so too! Wanting to make the whole world smile is the reason we are all in the band...
Misaki: Who would've thought the day would come when our band gets praised in such a proper way...
Tsugumi: Umm! I've got an idea I want to talk about...
Moca: Ooh~. Tsugu's had a moment of enlightenment~.
Tsugumi: Breaking away from the mold is important, so... I think I'm going to quit the keyboard!
Himari: Whaaat?!
Kokoro: Oh, that's a good mindset! I don't think any of us should stick to playing the one instrument and nothing else!
Moca: In that case, maybe I'll take this occasion to change instruments too~.
Hagumi: I'll lend you my bass if you like!
Kaoru: Allow me to share the words of the great Goethe once more. Man always wavers. While he wavers, he is always looking for something.
Misaki: Argh, gimme a break! I knew this was going to happen! Are you sure we don't need a little bit of a mold to work from~?!
Himari: I-I'm thinking the same thing~! Everyone, stop being so free-spirited~!!

Chapter 9

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 9.jpg
Yukina's Lesson

Roselia and Poppin'Party practice together. What does Kasumi do after receiving a fiery instruction from Yukina?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Yukina: The bass was little behind in the last part.
Rimi: S-sorry...!
Kasumi: Let's try it one more time!
Ako: Th-this is... wow...
Rinko: Y-yes... Yukina-san is so strict...
Lisa: This kinda feels more like a boot camp than a group practice session...
Lisa: Yukina~! Giving them an intensive is good and all, but go easy on them, okay~?
Yukina: That's not what I was trying to do...
Saaya: Why don't we take a quick break? I feel bad for having you teach us nonstop.
Sayo: It's fine. It is wonderful that you have the will to improve yourselves.
Tae: I have to say though, you are really good at the guitar.
Sayo: ... Thank you. In my opinion I still have a long way to go, mind you.
Lisa: Oh, c'mon~. These cute little 1st graders are being sweet. You could just say thanks, you know?
Sayo: I'm not being obstinate. I honestly feel that way, which is why I said it...
Kasumi: You're amazing, Sayo-senpai. What made you want to practice so hard?
Sayo: Technique is everything... That's why.
Rimi: It's everything...?
Yukina: We only believe in the absolute. And technique is an absolute standard in which one can be evaluated. That's why refine our skills.
Kasumi: Hrm, this is kinda hard to follow~.
Arisa: *sigh* I knew you were gonna say that.
Kasumi: Did you get what they meant, Arisa?
Arisa: O-of course I did!
Sayo: You can decide if someone is good at their instrument or not regardless of your musical preferences, right?
Sayo: We want to mark our place with absolute technical skills, regardless of who it is that listens to us. And in order to be evaluated that way, we must continue to heighten our technical ability.
Rimi: That's true, I think everyone who hears Roselia would agree they have amazing technique.
Arisa: It's a rationalized way of looking at it.
Tae: Is music really meant to be such a rational thing...? Skilled or not, I feel like the desire to play makes your body move on it's own.
Sayo: We have a goal. And this approach is the most optimal way to achieve that goal.
Kasumi: What's the goal that Roselia's aiming towards?
Yukina: It's... not something that needs to be said here.
Lisa: Ahh, let's just say we have our reasons, yeah?
Rinko: Umm... does Poppin' Party have... a goal or anything like that?
Kasumi: There's a certain place where we want to perform.
Saaya: Yeah, that's right.
Kasumi: It might still be a long way away for us, but we want to get there someday no matter what.
Kasumi: And to do that we have get better and better at our instruments!
Tae: Yeah. We'll get there, no matter what.
Yukina: A stage that you want to stand upon... Your goal isn't so different to ours.
Sayo: I'm glad we could learn what your intentions are.
Ako: Fu fu fu~. Brethren who play the melody of eternal darkness! Let us enjoy our passage to our final destination together! ... How was that, Rin-rin? Was it cool?
Rinko: Yes... it was really cool...
Rimi: M-melody of eternal darkness...?
Saaya: Ahaha. Tomoe told me Ako was like this, I guess nothing's changed.
Yukina: We won't force you on your path to reach your goal, but since we want to achieve something similar, we can at least help you.
Lisa: That's a nice thing to say, Yukina. The old you would never have said that!
Yukina: Is that so...?
Kasumi: So that means you'll teach us more, right? Right?! Yay~!
Arisa: Don't tell me we're going back to bootcamp...
Sayo: I will use our lessons together as a process to refine my technique even more.
Arisa: Oh man...
Rinko: L-let's... do our best on... our keyboards...
Kasumi: Okay~!! Let's do it, guys!! Yeah~!

Chapter 10

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 10.jpg
The Much-Awaited Show

On the day of a short live show, all band members are incredibly excited. But what will the audiences think...?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Music Hall Favicon.png
Saaya: Rimi-rin, could you grab that cable for me?
Rimi: Sure! ... Ah, eek!
Kasumi: Oh no... Are you okay, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Oww... Yeah, I'm fine...
Arisa: It's almost time for the real thing! Pull it together.
Rimi: Ehehe... I'm sorry.
Marina: Are you okay, Rimi-chan? Rehearsals all went smoothly, so I think it's about time we opened the doors. Is everyone ready?
Kasumi: Yes ma'am!
Marina: Okay, then let's do it! You're all set to go, right? Could you get the doors for me?
Favicon.png Dressing Room Favicon.png
Tsugumi: The doors are open!!
Tomoe: Ahh, it's finally happening!
Lisa: This it is! Our first gig!
Kokoro: This is so exciting! I want to start singing right now!
Hina: Right? I'm getting really pumped! I don't think I can keep my hands off my guitar!
Sayo: ... Hina, settle down. There's still 30 minutes until the first band. You still have an hour until you're on.
Hina: Fine~.
Ran: ... It's so noisy in here. Moca, let's go get some fresh air.
Moca: Okay~. Let's eat some buns and chill out~.
Favicon.png 30 Minutes Later Favicon.png
Marina: It's almost time, everyone! The first band up is Afterglow. Good luck!
Himari: We've got this! Let's go do it, everyone!!
Tomoe: Yeah. Let's go turn up the heat out there!
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Marina: That was amazing! Every single band was really cool out there~... I felt just as excited as the people in the audience.
Marina: Ah, I think everyone's just about finished cleaning up. Could you ask everyone to come here?
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Marina: Great job everyone! Your shows were awesome! Check this out! You're already getting great reviews on the website~!
Aya: Wow...! Look at how many comments there are!
Hagumi: You're right! "Hagumi-chan was so cute on the bass" ...? Ehehe~, I'm so happy♪
Marina: You guys all worked so hard today, so we've organized some snacks and juice for everyone! Let's have a little celebration!
Lisa: Ooh, nice idea! That sounds fun♪ ... Okay, Yukina, Sayo. No saying "we can't afford to be wasting time like this" today, got it?
Sayo: ... Fine.
Marina: Okay, does everyone have a glass~? Without further ado.. Here's to everyone's first successful show...
Others: Cheers!
Kasumi: The shows today were so amazing, huh?! It made my heart pound!!
Arisa: Everything makes your heart pound.
Aya: It made my heart pound too! Like... in a different way to being nervous. Something from today made me feel like we'll be able to do even better shows in the future.
Kokoro: I agree!! It felt like we were looking at the universe from the stage!!
Ran: The universe...?
Aya: Ahaha... I knew there was something similar about Kokoro-chan and Hina-chan. A-anyway, let's make the next event we do a success too!
Yukina: Naturally.
Ran: Agreed.
Marina: This worked out well. I think we made the right choice in having this smaller show. I think it's really motivated everyone!
Marina: With how things are, I'm starting to think it might be okay to give the girls more say in how we go about doing the event. What do you think?
Marina: Right? I knew you'd agree. Of course, we'll have to handle a lot of the little things, but why don't we trust in their potential?
Marina: ... So, why don't we get some more food to raise their spirits? Your treat, of course~!

Chapter 11

Main Story Season 1 Chapter 11.jpg
Such a diverse party!

After the short live show, all band members are happy about the performances. What will they do next?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Lisa: Hey guys~♪ Great job today!
Kanon: Eek! U-um... you too...
Lisa: You were so cool on the drums, Kanon! I got so pumped just listening to you!
Kanon: Th-thank you!
Chisato: Seeing Kanon perform properly alongside such a unique collection of people makes her look so mature and dependable.
Lisa: Ahaha, I totally know what you mean~!
Kaoru: Aoba-san, was it? Your prowess on the guitar was lovely. So fleeting...
Moca: Really? Yay~. That's great.
Michelle: She can practically ignore Kaoru-san. This is amazing...
Moca: Seriously? Yay~.
Himari: I'm pretty sure Moca just isn't paying attention...
Saaya: I honestly didn't know how things were going to turn out when we first met up, but it feels like we're all friends now. I'm really glad.
Rimi: Yeah! I'm so happy the shows went well.
Kasumi: I still wanna keep playing~!!
Hina: Me too!! I think this is the first time I've done something in such a big group like this! Other people are just so much fun!
Kokoro: I'm still overflowing with energy too! Mmm~! I feel like I could do ten laps of the downtown area!
Arisa: ... I'm calling it right now. Those three are trouble.
Tae: There's something similar about them, but...
Eve: The outfit everyone in Roselia wears... It has so many layers! Is it dark black so that you can hide in the darkness?!
Rinko: U-umm... I don't think that's... the reason...
Hagumi: Ooh~! Hide in the darkness! That's kinda cool~! I think I've heard stuff like that in movies before!
Rinko: ... U-uhh... th-that's not why we...
Tae: Those three are completely different.
Saaya: Yeah. But even then, we all played our music on the same stage. Kind of a wonder, isn't it?
Rimi: Now that you mention it, I guess it is kind of amazing.
Tae: I like it, though. So many different people, and so many different types of music... It's like a big party.
Kasumi: That's it, O-Tae! That's it!!
Arisa: Whoa!! Could you not appear out of nowhere like that?!
Kasumi: Let's have a party with everyone!
Rimi: A-a party...?
Saaya: Looks like Kasumi is up to something again, huh?
Kasumi: After playing on stage today, I kinda felt that calling it a group performance or something like that is just too stuffy. Like, it should be more lively and colorful, you know?
Kasumi: Party! This is the perfect word for what we should do!
Arisa: I guess I can understand what Kasumi is trying to say.
Kasumi: Right? Right?! So let's make the next event more colorful and exciting like a party!
Rimi: But what can we do to make it into a party like that?
Kasumi: We can think about that later! Let's just enjoy the moment for now!
Arisa: You're not even using your brain, are you?!
Saaya: Ahaha. But it's not like we get to do this every day, so I'd like to talk to the others more. There's some people I didn't even get to meet during the practice session.
Arisa: I just wanna go home...
Saaya: Fufu. You're shy around new people, huh? Okay, let's go around and say hi to everyone together then.
Arisa: Ugh, lemme go~!!
Rimi: Um, can I go with you too...?
Saaya: Of course! Kasumi and O-Tae...
Tae: You have beautiful hands.
Sayo: Huh?! Wh-what are you doing...?
Kasumi: Party! Party~!
Hina: Yay~!
Saaya: ... I think those two will be just fine. Okay, let's go enjoy the party!

Chapter 12

Main Story Chapter 12.jpg
Girls Band Party!

The girls all go to a restaurant to talk. What happens when their opinions don't match up?

Favicon.png Restaurant Favicon.png
Kasumi: Thanks for coming today, everyone! It's a beautiful day today, and...
Arisa: No one cares about that. We're here to discuss the details of the event, aren't we?
Kasumi: Ehehe... First up is the event name. What does everyone think of "Girls Band Party"?
Tomoe: Party, huh... Sounds good to me!
Sayo: Besides the common meaning of a social gathering, a party can also refer to a group of people with a shared purpose. Considering both of these meanings, it may be the most appropriate name to use.
Misaki: I see. The ol' double meaning.
Kasumi: That's right! It has a double meaning!
Arisa: I bet my keyboard this is just a coincidence.
Saaya: A-anyway! If no one has any objections, then I think we should go with this name. Agreed?
Others: Agreed!
Kasumi: Yay! It's decided then!
Ran: Okay, so what about the actual event itself? We have to think about what we're going to do.
Kokoro: A party that makes the whole world smile! I can't see any other options!
Eve: How about a bushido party? We could cut straw dummies in half on stage, or...
Ran: ... Hey. It's supposed to be a music party, isn't it? I want to try a session with other bands.
Yukina: I like that idea. But if we are going to play sessions together, everyone will need to raise their skills to our standard.
Ran: I don't think skill should matter...!
Hina: I want to perform with you, sis♪
Sayo: ... I'd rather not. You need to focus more on your affinity with the rest of Pastel*Palettes.
Kaoru: Why don't we set it up like a musical, and have various performances one after another?
Chisato: ... I think you're the only person who would enjoy that.
Himari: Oh boy... I kind of expected it, but this is getting messy...
Misaki: It was definitely to be expected...
Ran: I think it would be a good idea for two bands to have a session between performances, and have each one link into the next.
Maya: What does everyone think about the idea of each band doing a cover of another band's song?
Aya: That could be good too, but I think we should have some talking time as well, so the audience can get to know us and the live house better.
Yukina: Nothing speaks louder than music. We don't need to spend time talking. I for one won't do it.
Chisato: As an idol band, we believe talking time with the audience is indispensable. Being able to liven the audience up like that is an important skill for a band, you know?
Ran: ... We're not trying to be idols.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan! Try to calm down...
Kasumi: Urgh, we had so much fun during the last party. Why is this happening~?
Saaya: I guess it just goes to show how strongly everyone feels about their music.
Hagumi: Don't fight, guys~! Kasumi-chan, what should we do?!
Kasumi: C-calm down, everyone! For now, let's decide on whether we should talk between performances...
Others: No. We don't need to.
Others: Yes! Of course, we should.
Kokoro: A talk? As in have a chat to the audience? If people will smile, then count me in!
Kasumi: ... A-ahaha~... Um, how about the idea of doing covers of each other's songs...?
Others: Yes! No!
Arisa: Hey... this is just getting worse! What are we gonna do...?
Ran: There's no point talking about this anymore... Let's get out of here.
Yukina: Agreed.
Himari: Huh? H-hey, wait a minute, Ran!
Lisa: Yukina!
Chisato: ... We have work after this, so we should be probably be going as well.
Kokoro: Oh? That's it for today? Then let's head off!
Rimi: Huh? W-wait...!
Tae: ... They're gone.
Kasumi: Oh no... what are we gonna do about this...?

Chapter 13

Main Story Chapter 13.jpg
In Common

The bands all disagree with each other and decide to stop practicing together. How can Poppin'Party get them back together?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Marina: What?! You guys ended up arguing?!
Saaya: We kind of didn't see eye to eye on a few things...
Marina: I guess that's not surprising. You're all in this for different reasons, after all. It's good that you have things you believe strongly in, but…
Kasumi: The Girls Band Party isn't gonna happen at this rate~! Wah~! Arisa~!
Arisa: S-settle down! In any case, we don't have any choice but to try and find a solution to the problem at hand!
Marina: That's true. Even if we mediate for you, it probably won't resolve the fundamental problem here... I don't suppose you have any bright ideas?
Rimi: Find something we all have in common...? Between the five bands?
Saaya: But isn't the fact we don't have anything in common part of the reason this all happened in the first place...?
Tae: The thing we have in common is that we want to play music. Even if our reasons are different, that one thing is the same.
Kasumi: We might have other things in common too! If only we knew more about the others...!
Arisa: That makes sense, but... how are we going to find out what those things are?
Marina: Hrm... that's a tough one.
Arisa: Ahh, is this another one of those "we just have to come up with something" moments? ... You mean you've got nothing?
Tae: Ooh, Arisa. You're being yourself again.
Kasumi: You're kinda tough when things get difficult, huh~?
Arisa: Huh?! I-I'm not doing anything special!
Marina: I don't know exactly how to go about it, but I'm sure that you'll be able to get through this if you work together! We'll support you however we can, of course.
Kasumi: Okay!
Favicon.png The Next Day Favicon.png
Favicon.png School Path Favicon.png
Lisa: Yukina~. Don't you think went a little too far at the meeting yesterday?
Yukina: Our band has its convictions. Just because we are taking part in an event, it doesn't mean we should bend them.
Lisa: I get where you're coming from, but... Kasumi-chan and the other's were pretty shocked when you walked out like that, you know? If we're going to be part of this event, we're gonna have to talk things out.
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're the only one at fault. Everyone got a bit too excited yesterday. I wonder what we're gonna have to do to get everyone on the same page again... This isn't going to be easy...
Favicon.png Haneoka Girls' Academy-School Gate Favicon.png
Tomoe: We're supposed to be having a group practice session tomorrow for the event... What do you think we should do?
Himari: To be honest, with the way things are, I think we're just going to end up arguing again...
Ran: What are you two looking at me for?
Himari: N-no reason~? Ahaha~! D-don't mind me~.
Tomoe: Himari has a point. We should at least decide on our stance before we do anything else. But having said that, it's not just something we can come up with on the spot...
Himari: That's true... Tomoe, do you think you could text Saaya-chan and tell her we can't make it tomorrow?
Tomoe: Yeah, sure thing. And on a different note, Ran~? I hope you're reflecting on what you did yesterday. You're definitely in the wrong for walking out like that, got it?
Ran: ...
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Saaya: Okay! Let's pinpoint the features of each band, and try to find any common points between them!
Rimi: Sure!
Saaya: Hm? I just got a text from Tomoe... She says they can't make it to the practice session tomorrow...
Kasumi: Lisa-senpai said they aren't coming too...
Rimi: I guess no one can make it...
Tae: I thought we had something good going after our last show...
Kasumi: Oh no, everyone's so divided~

Chapter 14

Main Story Chapter 14.jpg
Won't Give Up

With the joint band practice done for, Kasumi is feeling down. What will she do?

Favicon.png The Next Day Favicon.png
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Rimi: We were supposed to have a group practice session today...
Saaya: I guess none of the others are going to be joining us...
Tae: ...
Saaya: Come on, guys! Everyone else is still probably practicing with their own bands! We should be doing the same... you know?
Arisa: That's true. We'll really be screwed if we let ourselves lose momentum here. Right, Kasumi?
Kasumi: Yeah...
Rimi: Kasumi-chan seems kind of down...
Saaya: Why don't we take a little break?
Favicon.png CiRCLE - Lobby Favicon.png
Saaya: Kasumi~. You okay?
Kasumi: ...
Arisa: Whoa, seriously, are you okay?
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, try not to think about it too much...
Kasumi: Nrgh~!!! It's no good~!! I can't come up with a single thing that any of the bands have in common!!
Kasumi: Everyone's apart on practice day, maybe we just don't have anything in common...
Arisa: *sigh*... And here we were worried that you're depressed or something... Hey! We're still practicing, you know? Focus!
Kasumi: But~!! At this rate, the event isn't gonna happen...
Saaya: I've got the feeling none of the bands are going to be willing to compromise...
Tae: Is compromise really necessary...?
Rimi: Huh...?
Tae: Marina-san said we should find something we all have in common, but I don't think it has to be something we compromise on.
Tae: The first time we all got together and heard each other play... there were so many different kinds of music, not a single thing was the same, and it was really fun.
Tae: I like the music every band played. I think that's because each band is strong at the core.
Arisa: Well, I suppose I get what O-Tae is saying. Even for us, it probably wouldn't be easy to just give up something if someone told us to.
Saaya: Hrm~... We want to make it an event that shows why each band is special. We don't want to take anything away from anyone, but because of that, we can't agree on anything... This just keeps going around in circles~.
Kasumi: Argh~ I have no idea what to do~! I'm not good at using my head like this... Ah, that's it!!
Saaya: ... I have a seriously bad feeling about this.
Kasumi: I'm not gonna use my head!!
Others: Huh? What?!
Kasumi: I mean, it's not like thinking about it is gonna help! Which means we just have to take action!
Rimi: What exactly are you going to do?
Kasumi: Umm, well... uh... erm...
Arisa: I knew we were gonna end up here.
Saaya: I think it's a really nice Kasumi-kind-of answer though.
Kasumi: Ehehe, right? So umm, we just have to... you know?
Tae: Play.
Kasumi: Th-that's right! Let's just play!! ... Wait, what?!
Tae: Let's perform one more time. Let's remember the things we felt when we heard everyone play.
Rimi: Oh...! We just need to go back to what we felt that day.
Arisa: So how are we gonna get everyone to come to the studio?
Kasumi: There's only one way to do it at a time like this!
Others: We drag them here!

Chapter 15

Main Story Chapter 15.jpg
Sharing is Caring

Poppin'Party finally manages to get all the bands back in the studio. What will Kasumi ask of them?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Yukina: Ah, Hanazono-san...! You can't just pull me out like this, I have to get back to- Ah…
Ran: ... Ah.
Chisato: I'm sorry, I have another appointment after- Oh.
Kanon: Chisato-chan...!
Arisa: Okay... I think that's everyone...
Saaya: So this is why you dragged us all here.
Kasumi: Yes, this is why!!
Rimi: U-umm, hello everyone! I'm sorry we called on you out of the blue like this...
Ran: I'm pretty sure I was forced to come, not called on.
Rimi: Ahh... I'm sorry...
Tomoe: Don't scare the girl, Ran. They must have some reason for all this. Mind telling us what it is?
Kasumi: Okay, everyone!! You all brought your instruments, right? We're all gonna try playing for each other again!
Sayo: Excuse me?
Kasumi: I mean, just one song is enough! Please!
Sayo: But...
Lisa: I'm sure Kasumi-chan has a good reason for it. Come on, we might as well give it a go.
Sayo: ... Fine. But once we've all finished performing, I want to hear exactly why you're making us do this.
Kasumi: Of course! Thanks, Lisa-senpai. Come on then everyone, let's play!
Ran: That's everyone finished, then...
Kasumi: Yup. So, Ran-chan! And everyone! What did you all feel just now?
Others: Hmm...?
Kasumi: I really really enjoyed it! My heart was racing! Hearing all you guys perform, and feeling our own performance, too...
Hagumi: I thought it was super fun, too!! I just love playing together in a band like this!
Hina: Me too!
Tsugumi: Yeah! I really enjoyed playing today. It's so much fun when we all perform together! Right, Ran-chan?
Ran: I mean... It wasn't terrible, I guess...
Kasumi: Right?! I bet we all felt the same heart-pounding excitement when we play together like this!
Kasumi: We all have our own different sounds. But we all share the same feelings when we perform.
Kasumi: What I mean is, erm...
Tomoe: If we all focus on that same shared feeling, our event is sure to go well... Is that it?
Moca: Whoa...
Tomoe: Haha, I just love ideas like that. Many instruments, one heart. Now that's intense.
Aya: Yeah! If we ever start to lose our thoughts, or stray from our path, we can always come back to this same shared feeling and know it'll all be okay.
Chisato: The stage doesn't just belong to us. It only stands because of the fans that come to see us. It's not enough that we just enjoy ourselves up there...
Chisato: What we need to do is use this event to share this feeling of ours with all the people watching in the audience.
Saaya: It would be a shame to keep this amazing feeling all to ourselves, when we could be letting others experience it, too.
Kokoro: Like sharing a smile! I think that's a great idea!
Sayo: We are not here to just share feelings...!
Lisa: Sayo... and Yukina, too. We might well be the most skilled here. But there are still other areas we have a lot to learn about.
Lisa: We don't have to understand the importance of this yet. We'll get there in time, working together.
Yukina: Lisa...
Tae: ... Good. It sounds like we're all on board.
Rimi: Phew...
Kasumi: O-Tae's right, we just all need to work together! Thank you, O-Tae~!!
Arisa: Are you crying already, Kasumi?! At least we're all on the same page, now. Time to look forward, to the main event!
Kasumi: Yeah!! We are gonna make this the greatest show ever~!!

Chapter 16

Main Story Chapter 16.jpg
Make it yourselves!

Poppin'Party discusses the event. What will Kasumi do with Marina's advice?

Favicon.png CiRCLE - Studio Favicon.png
Marina: Like sharing a smile, huh... Yeah! Sounds like a great idea to me!
Kasumi: We tried to think of something we all have in common, just like you said. And guess what? We found it! It's-
Arisa: The feeling we all share when we perform together. The enjoyment of playing music. We each have it in us.
Kasumi: Hey~, I was gonna say that, Arisa~.
Arisa: Definitely not that big a deal.
Rimi: We think we should take that feeling of togetherness and use it to connect with the people who come to watch our shows.
Marina: Okay, all right, I like it. Looks like you gave some advice, huh? Good job.
Kasumi: Hahaha. Looking proud, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: I guess it's our turn to start preparing for this event now!
Marina: We've already got the theme decided, so next we'll need to start getting the posters and flyers made.
Saaya: I think Moca-chan's mother