List of all playable songs. All playable songs can be seen in the Girls Band Party! Songs category page.
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Number of Playable Songs per Server
Server Playable Songs
Japanese 260
Taiwanese 212
Korean 198
International 186
Chinese 151

Playable songs in all versions

Playable songs in JP/EN/TW/KR

Playable songs in JP/EN/KR/CN

Playable songs in JP/TW/EN/CN

Playable songs in JP/TW/KR/CN

Playable songs in JP only

Playable songs in JP & TW only

Playable songs in JP & KR only

Playable songs in JP & CN only

Playable songs in JP/TW/KR

Playable songs in JP/TW/EN

Playable songs in JP/TW/CN


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