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Hello, Happy World! 6th Single Cover
Nico x Nico = Hyper Smile Power!
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Release Date: March 18, 2020

  1. Nico x Nico = Hyper Smile Power!
  2. Omoide Illumination
  3. Nico x Nico = Hyper Smile Power! -instrumental-
  4. Omoide Illumination -instrumental-

Latest Playable Songs
Jp En Tw Kr Cn

Latest Cards
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Number 4, Pitcher T icon
Number 4, Pitcher
Number 1, Center Fielder T icon
Number 1, Center Fielder
Number 5, Second Base T icon
Number 5, Second Base
Number 8, Catcher T icon
Number 8, Catcher
Number 7, Right Fielder icon
Number 7, Right Fielder
There, Perfect! T icon
There, Perfect!
Hearts in Full Bloom T icon
Hearts in Full Bloom
Last-Minute Viewing T icon
Last-Minute Viewing
Relaxing Sakura Party T icon
Relaxing Sakura Party
Moved by the Sakura icon
Moved by the Sakura
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