BanG Dream! Wikia
BanG Dream! Wikia

Hello everyone!

BanG Dream! Wikia has now its own Discord server!

About the Server

The main purpose of this server is to bring together Bandori Wikia's editors/contributors and to easily facilitate communication between them should the need arise. Hence, main topic is about the wiki and maintaining and editing it.

Of course, anyone can also use the server to talk about the whole BanG Dream! universe, the Girls Band Party! game, all the bands and characters, and other related topics, so non-editors may also join.

Server Rules

The three main rules:

  1. Be open-minded and have a common sense.
  2. Post in appropriate channel.
  3. If posting in non-NSFW marked channels, suppress link or use spoiler for image.

The first rule explicitly covers the following:

  • Keep a level head when engaged in a debate with another member/s.
  • If a fight is to break out in between members, they are expected to take it to DM. Otherwise, all parties involved will be server muted for a certain amount of time.
  • No taunting or no starting of any fights.

However, Discord's ToS & Guidelines will always take precedence.

Anyone found to be breaking them will be warned first. Subsequent violations will result to a kick/ban, whichever is applicable.

Also, if you received any unsolicited DMs from any member, feel free to inform the admins/moderators and they will be dealt with accordingly.

What the Server Offers

As already mentioned, it is way of getting Bandori wiki editors/contributors together in one place for easy communication with each other.

It is also a way for wiki users who notice irregularities or errors on the wiki pages but cannot or doesn't want to edit them themselves. Drop by the #wiki channel to identify them. With the wiki having close to 3000 pages, mentioning on which page the error was found from and, if applicable, which section, is very much appreciated.

It offers dedicated channels for non-bandori wiki related topics, such as:

  • seiyuu/voice actors
  • D4DJ
  • Project Sekai
  • Osu
  • Genshin Impact

It also offers multiple colored roles based on the band colors and characters' image colors which you can assign by yourself thru the #role-reactions channel.

Another set of colored roles are based on the Band Power needed to enter Multi-Live Rooms. These roles are hoisted. And to advance to the next level, gain enough points by simply being active in chats. Getting the Regular role gives someone the privilege of requesting their own custom role with a color of their own choosing. After getting to Grand role, the person may request for it to be hoisted.

How to Get in the Server

Bandori Wiki Permanent Invite Link:

You can also join by clicking on the Connect on the Discord widget above.

Upon joining, you will need to verify your account first before you are given the access role to be able to chat in most of the channels. This step is just to prevent alt-accounts from accessing the rest of the server. Rest assured that we do not collate your provided data.


The Discord Server is looking for discord moderators and admins!

Moderators are expected:

  1. Mediate and be neutral if there is ongoing debate/fight. However, if involved in said debate/fight, you are not to be the mediator and if there will be any subsequent moderation actions, it will also applicable to you.
  2. Provide non-self assignable roles to members. Will only provide self-assignable roles to members if the bot used for it is down.
  3. Create new roles as necessary. However, abuse of this will lead to the Mod role being taken away from you.
  4. Kick rule violating members. (For second and so on offence as warning only for first offence.)

Admins, in addition to the above, are expected to:

  1. Help manage the server.
  2. Ban rule violating members.
  3. Keep the moderators in check.