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All users are to comply with Wikia's global policies as well as their Terms of Use. In addition, there are some local policies here on BanG Dream! Wikia.


  • Users are not expected to read or memorize any or all policies.
  • Policies are rules of thumb and are here for reference.
  • Users who break one or more local policies will have their actions fixed or undone. Breaking the non site-wide policies are unlikely to get a user in trouble unless it becomes a common and seemingly intentional occurrence.


BanG Dream! Wikia is not a place for:

  • breaking Wikia's Terms of use
  • describing your sexual fantasies with the characters of BanG Dream!
  • a page will be protected (sysop edit only) if it is vandalized rather frequently.
  • do not edit maliciously or insert false information, just for the sake of edit count achievement.

Content Pages

All content pages shall be directly related to BanG Dream! franchise. Unless justified, anything deemed unrelated can be marked with {{delete}} by users and/or be deleted by administrators.

Objective Information

Only facts and confirmed information are accepted on content pages. Opinions, speculations, or assumptions can be talk about in the comment section of a page and in Discussion. Any information that is unconfirmed shall have a notice stating such.

Personal opinions should be placed either on your own user page or in a personal blog post.

Song Titles

For consistency, the romanization will be the page name or article title, with the exception if the Japanese title used either Katakana or Hiragana or a combination of both, e.g., We Can☆Hurray! (JP: うぃーきゃん☆フレフレっ!) which uses both.

If using a title that is the romanization, both the transliteration and official English title maybe added on the infoboxes since they have parameters, which are |translation = and |english = , respectively. A page using the official English title may be created and afterwards redirected to the song page. See here for the code on how to create a redirection.


These rules are for uniform presentation of the romanized transliteration of song lyrics.

  • Romanizations the way kanji are read is also acceptable but graphemes (Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū) are preferred.
  • should be wo, not o.
  • should be e, not he.
  • If in doubt about romanization of event titles and song titles, refer to Bestdori.

Lyrics Color Coding

  • Color code if song is sung by more than one member.
  • Do not color code a song if song is fully sung by vocalist/one member.
  • Color code line if sung by a member.
  • If line is sung by more than one member, by the 4 other members, or all 5 members, use the {{multicc}} template.
  • Do NOT color code the Kanji, or the English translation, or any other translations.


The BanG Dream! Wikia would prefer that you stream the songs in sites like Spotify to support the artists cause Spotify pays them according to how many streams they got. Hence, the Wikia does not aim to provide good quality audios. The audio/s presented on song pages here are only meant to complete the information about the song.

The Wikia does not take responsibility of the quality of your downloaded file/s from here. Download at your own risk.

All audio files must be have the category Song Audio Files and must use either the {{games}} or {{fairuse}} licenses, whichever is necessary. Simply adding {{File Information}} while uploading or thru a subsequent edit of the file page will add both category and Fair Use license.

Song Categories

Here are the current available categories related to songs and when to use said categories:


  • All images shall be used somewhere. If an image has not been used for several days and has no expectation of being used in the future, it may be deleted by an admin.
  • Images used in content pages shall be appropriately named based on the image's content.
  • Should be categorised, as much as possible.
  • Images used elsewhere (comments, blogs, forums, user pages) do not have any naming requirements. However, it is not recommended to use any common names that other users are likely to take such as "Untitled", "Noname", "Profile", "Image", etc.


  • All discussion should be related to the BanG Dream! franchise.
  • It is not a place to break Wikia's Terms of use.