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Band life with... is the theme for the 5th anniversary animation of the game Girls Band Party! The first illustration released also appears as the game's pre-5th anniversary title screen.

Starting from February 28 to March 18, special contents based on certain themes were released consecutively.

Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "Band life with..."
Band life with...
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Miracle"
with Miracle
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Brave"
with Brave
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Effort"
with Effort
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Smile"
with Smile
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Usual"
with Usual
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Confidence"
with Confidence
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Rival"
with Rival
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Friend"
with Friend
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Discovery"
with Discovery
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Exciting"
with Exciting
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Destiny"
with Destiny
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Promise"
with Promise
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Joy"
with Joy
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Belief"
with Belief
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Memories"
with Memories
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "with Change"
with Change
Girls Band Party! 5th Anniversary "Band life with..."
Band life with You


with Miracle[]

For some reason, she pasted the stickers she received here and there.
For some reason, she followed the trail of the stickers she found.

With the arrival of a new season, the two orbits intersect.
It was a miraculous moment, a heart-throbbing chance encounter.

The very first note, that set the world sparkling.
With each passing day, the friendship only deepens.
In her hands is a key to the greatest journey that stretches on forever.

Source: Band life with Miracle.

with Brave[]

A sea of lava that scorches the earth, and the roar of a black dragon.
Though cornered, the necromancer and archmage laughs fearlessly.

Through resonance, the strength of the two is greater than the sum of its parts.
Hand in hand, meeting gazes, they are each other's source of boundless courage.

No mater what trials and difficulties come, they can face them because of the other.
Guide the darkness, lower the curtains, and dive into the abyss.
We are the ones, who direct the path of the Blue Rose.

Source: Band life with Brave.

with Effort[]

The ticking of a clock echoes throughout the quiet hallway.
A restlessly fidgeting girl stares intently at her script.

A calm girl sitting next to her, smiles at the sight.
Effort will surely be rewarded. So long as you do your best, then someday, surely.

She made it this far believing in that. She knows that, sitting here and now.
Now, on a pure white canvas, she will paint her vividly colorful dreams.
Let's walk in the light, towards that distant scenery.

Source: Band life with Effort.

with Smile[]

A deserted amusement park without visitors.
Despite the faded rides, racuous laughter echoes.

Honey, jellyfish, roses in balls. And their fellow band members.
The mural depicting each of their favorite things, seems to carry a message.

Because they want everyone to be happy. Because they want you to smile.
Filled with a magic that resembles a prayer, jam-packed full of fun.
The color of happiness created by these six, will gradually paint the world over.

Source: Band life with Smile.

with Usual[]

The sun sets a little bit earlier than expected this time of the year.
Leaning against the fence for too long makes her back hurt a little.

The smell of dinner is wafting over from the nearby apartment.
Melon bread eaten on the roof, is just a little bit sweeter than usual.

Whenever she looks back, it was always such trivial memories for some reason.
She's sure that come this time next year, there'll surely be more of such.
These countless moments of "Same as always", spent under the crimson sky.

Source: Band life with Usual.

with Confidence[]

A riverbed dyed in gold, two shadows walking side by side.
Although the prelude has concluded, she was still uncertain about singing.

Resonate, ignite, release, shine. Beyond the layers of sound.
What she finally seized at the end, was it a gemstone or mere glass?

It's something she can't judge for herself, but she should still be proud of it.
Nightfall is approaching. This time for sure, she'll be able to spread her wings.

Though small and unreliable, her light certainly still shines, and lights the path forward.

Source: Band life with Confidence.

with Rival[]

Amidst the same old station front, an unusual sound is mixed in.
Overlaying a single guitar's playing are a pair of singing voices.

Passer-bys halt their feet, for a glimpse of the impromptu showtime.
Almost like a time lapse, memories of the past show up vividly.

There were no tears or goodbyes, only entrusting each other with a song.
Guided by the stars and aiming for the stars, the two chose their paths.
Though their wish on that day may not realize, they still stood under the same sky.

Source: Band life with Rival.

with Friend[]

Eyes covered, they viewed the sunset sea together on the count of three.
It was just a little idea at first, and yet they made it all the way here.

Such bonds and mobility are possible only because they are childhood friends.
As a commemoration and memory of today, she'd take as many pictures as she can.

Different angles, different filters, different subjects, over and over again.
And as for what's left uncaptured, it'll just have to be burned into the heart's film.
Yet another new scene, held within the infinite memory.

Source: Band life with Friend.

with Discovery[]

The brief time just before the sun sets is known as the magic hour.
A time where both sky and earth are dyed as though by magic.

In such a fairy-tale like scenery, there is one girl who stands out undyed.
Where she stands, direct, dazzling sunlight pours down upon her.

She's come to cheer you up. She'll teach you the secret of magic.
Joy, happiness, smiles, and fun.
Only with everyone, can she find them all. Without you, nothing can start.

Source: Band life with Discovery.

with Exciting[]

Unstoppable passion and cheers, turbulent breaths amidst the spotlights.
Putting the stage of wild instincts behind them, they laugh and join their shoulders.

To them, live performances are where they can enjoy with all their heart and soul.
The greatest performance is the greatest sustenance.

But even that isn't enough to ease their ravenous hunger.
Hearing the calls for an encore, the beasts exchange glances.
How will they play next?

Source: Band life with Exciting.

with Destiny[]

Unlike the city, the stars shine clearly in the night sky here.
Only the sparse street lights illuminate the girls.

Ugly and full of scars, this was the true self she didn't want to show.
Drowned in powerlessness and regret, she's fallen to her knees countless times.

Eve so, this part of her fate was one she would never wish had never happened.
After clashing head-on and running around, they've finally grasped something real.
Everything starts here, once again. Let's raise the curtains on a brand new world.

Source: Band life with Destiny.

with Promise[]

Even now, the scenery of their beginning still remains in her heart.
Even though they can't return to that point, it's something she can't lose.

Embarking on the difficult path of the blue rose, finally reaching these heights.
If you look ahead, you'll be swallowed by the light and the heat.

If you look to your side, the promise you exchanged is right there.
From here on, and beyond. These moments will only continue to multiply.
Now let's sing this song louder, and fill it with even more pride and love.

Source: Band life with Promise.

with Joy[]

One day after school, during the free time before practice.
The girls have been set free, upon stepping out of the garden of learning.

At their usual seat in their usual cafe, they order as they please.
First off a picture, *snap*. Great satisfaction with how cute it turned out.

Tasting it brings a different joy. She's curious about the other's flavor too.
Sweet and bitter side by side, they begin chatting naturally like flowers in bloom.
Even butterflies need to rest their wings like this, in order to fly.

Source: Band life with Joy.

with Belief[]

Standing in the wings, they face the stage.
The last few meters of transformation, from a girl into an idol.

What's necessary is a perfect costume, and an unadorned heart.
An idol shows dreams, not mere illusions.

They shape their overflowing inner light into the form of a dream.
Cute and sparkling, just as they are. That is the path they believe in.
To shine brighter than anyone else, they tighten their headpieces' cords.

Source: Band life with Belief.

with Memories[]

Relaxing in the garden, basking in the sunlight filtering through the trees.
With a full belly of happiness, and newborn melodies.

Wondering how it sounds, and what sort of phrases they should add to it.
Taking off her earphones, the two meet their eyes, and she raises a big thumbs up.

A smile blossoms on her face, even as a breath of relief escapes.
For now, she'll set aside those notes welling up in her heart.
Now is the time to enjoy some sweet bread, and continue their leisurely chat.

Source: Band life with Memories.

with Change[]

It was always raining.
A storm so intense and heavy, that an umbrella made no difference.

It blurred out all sound and vision, making it impossible to advance.
After a while it lightened, and it seemed like she could finally see something.

Fearfully, she lowered her umbrella.
The sky she hadn't glimpsed in quite a while, wasn't as dark as she had expected.
Rather, it was dazzling sunlight, that was peeking through the clouds.

Source: Band life with Change.

with You[]

Because you were there supporting us in those moments,
That we overcame so many difficulties.

Because you were with us in those moments,
That we had so many encounters.

All these unforgettable moments,
Together with our gratitude一

The moments we spent together with "You",
Will only continue from here on...

Source: Band life with You.

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