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Bands Really Are... Card Story - Episode

What to Possess


Budokan - Dressing Room

LOCK: Th-that was so much fun~! Bands really are the best!
LAYER: Yeah, the crowd was going wild. My heart's still pounding.
MASKING: That was so intense! All of your performances were awesome too!
PAREO: I felt like I truly became one with the audience~! I do believe this was our best concert yet!
CHU2: Hmph, what are you saying? This is the band I produced! Of course we're going to keep growing and outdoing ourselves with our amazing performance!
PAREO: Exactly~♪ You took the words right out of my mouth, CHU²-sama.
CHU2: That being said, I will agree that today's show was our best yet. An impeccable and stupendous show!
CHU2: Still, I am disappointed that we didn't win...
LOCK: CHU²-san...
CHU2: However, that doesn't matter! RAS is the greatest band ever! We'll continue to enhance our sound, and then we'll have the whole world raving about our music!
MASKING: That's the spirit, Producer!
CHU2: And in order to do that, we all have work to do. First up, LOCK! You-
Marina: I'm coming in~.
LOCK: Marina-san, great work out there today.
Marina: Yeah, you guys were amazing too. I was told by a fan to bring these flowers to you, so here you go.
LOCK: Th-thank you very much!
PAREO: Wow... What a humongous bouquet! How delightful~♪
LAYER: No kidding. Who are they from?
LOCK: ...
LOCK: Urgh... Ohhh... Sniff.
CHU2: Wh-what's gotten into you?!
MASKING: What's wrong?
LOCK: Ah, I'm sorry. Nothing's wrong. I'm just so happy...
PAREO: So these are tears of joy?
LOCK: These flowers are from my former bandmates in my hometown...
MASKING: Oh, there's a card with it... "That was amazing, LOCK!"
CHU2: Jeez, I thought something bad happened.
LOCK: I-I'm sorry. I was so surprised and happy that I just teared up without realizing it. Ahaha...
LOCK: But that means... They came to see me play!
LOCK: They told me they wouldn't make it, too... Jeez...
PAREO: It sounds like their surprise worked!
MASKING: You've got some real thoughtful bandmates there. You should go say hi.
PAREO: Absolutely~♪ They came all this way just to see you.
LOCK: B-but... What about our meeting?
CHU2: It's fine. Leaving the stage and attending to our precious fans is also important. Go ahead, LOCK.
LOCK: Okay... Thank you very much!
LAYER: LOCK? Why'd you stop?
LOCK: Um... CHU²-san. Thank you for letting me join RAS!
CHU2: Where'd that come from?
LOCK: I came to Tokyo alone with the idea that I wanted to join a band, but things weren't going as planned. I started to wonder if I was ever going to find one...
LOCK: Back then... I never would have guessed that I'd get to stand on such an incredible stage with the best bandmates ever.
LOCK: Thank you so much for inviting me to join RAS.
CHU2: Nonsense. There's no reason for you to thank me. It just shows that my judgement was spot on.
LOCK: CHU²-san...
CHU2: ... Wh-what? Just hurry up and go see your friends!
LOCK: Alright! I'll be back soon!
PAREO: Have fun~♪
CHU2: What now?!
LOCK: Could I bring my friends here? I'd love to introduce them to you all!
CHU2: Why?!
PAREO: Awww~, I'd like to meet LOCK-san's friends, though~.
LAYER: Same here. I also want to know what LOCK was like in the past.
MASKING: What's the big deal? Don't be a spoilsport, CHU².
LOCK: CHU²-san...
CHU2: Fine, but only for ten minutes. Hurry up and bring them here.
LOCK: Okay! Thank you very much!

Bands Really Are... Card Story - Special Episode

Fun Bathtime


Station Entrance

LOCK: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
LOCK: Are you working at CiRCLE today? Thank you for always helping us.
LOCK: I'm done with school, so I'm on my way home. I need to help out as Asahi Bathhouse.
LOCK: There's a lot of things to keep track of in a bathhouse, but it certainly is a job worth doing.
LOCK: Cleaning the big bathtub is hard work, but the feeling you get when you finish is so refreshing...
LOCK: Please stop by Asahi Bathhouse! Our freshly drawn baths are the best.
LOCK: Ah, that reminds me. RAS also stopped by the bathhouse the other day!
LOCK: It was our first bath together, so it was a little embarrassing.
LOCK: We all sunk down to our shoulders and counted to one hundred...
LOCK: CHU²-san wanted to get out of the bath as soon as possible, but Masuki-san kept miscounting on purpose.
LOCK: Fufufu, just thinking about it makes me laugh.
LOCK: It also seemed like CHU²-san liked the coffee milk.
LOCK: LAYER-san seemed to enjoy the massage machine, since she was using it for quite a while. She thought it was funny how it made her voice shake.
LOCK: Ah, and the day before the finale, CHU²-san let us use the bath at her home. It was humongous~!
LOCK: There was so much space. Rather than a bath, it seemed more like a pool..
LOCK: CHU²-san ended up staying in the water a little too long that time as well. She looked like a boiled octopus...
LOCK: I don't know what would have happened if PAREO-san hadn't jumped in to save her...
LOCK: Ah, my apologies. I was rambling, wasn't I?!
LOCK: Ahaha... I suppose baths don't really have anything to do with music, but... Those kinds of activities make us feel more like a band...
LOCK: It's like we're all eating from the same plate. That's what makes it so fun. Ah, you could say we're bathing in the same water! Oh, no, never mind me... Ahaha.
LOCK: In any case, I'm sure spending time together will lead back to our music. I have a feeling RAS is getting stronger as well.
LOCK: I hope we continue to experience both good times and bad. That way, we can become even stronger...
LOCK: Ah, I should head back soon. I need to get cleaning!
LOCK: I'll see you later! And feel free to stop by the bathhouse any time!